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Initiative Chart and overview for future combats.
Okay to determine your base Initiative.
Average Your Intuition and Quickness Bonus and add +1 per level.

Joe Fighter has a +5 Int and +10 Quickness and is level 3 so he has a Base initiative of +10.5

This is your Base Initiative and will help to determine Surprise reactions or any action that isn't based off of a skill, such as movement)

If the action your is Based off of a skill, then add +2 per Rank purchased in that Skill.

IF the skill being used is a Weapon or attack Add the weapons Init Modifier.

Joe Fighter Has 5 Ranks in His Dagger skill giving his a bonus of +10 to his Base Init for a total of +20.5 Plus a dagger has a Init modifier of +40 giving him a total Init of +60.5 or 60

Determining Action Time

You use this formula to determine the amount of time it takes to complete an action.
{100/[100 + (Initiative Value)]} * Base Action Time.

I have a Macro program that helps calculate the actions time. If you need an action calculated, you can ask me and I will give you the time. The time can change if you sacrifice skill to make an action quicker.

You take the total Init score (+60 in Joe Fighters case) and a melee attack action of 10.
{100/[100 + 60} * 10 = 6.250 or the Action will take 6 seconds to complete.

Joe Fighter has a Init with Melee Attacks of 60, Referencing the formula gives him an attack speed of 6.250. this Means Joe Fighter can make an attack roll once every 6 Seconds.

Now We will address First swings.

Characters May make a Free first melee attack when coming within reach of an opponent, if both opponents have basically weapons of the same reach, (two men using daggers) If they already have a weapon ready in hand. If they have to Draw a weapon, then they do not get this first swing without a successful Iai skill check.

You next attack would then Follow at full speed in counts/seconds after your initial swing.

Joe Fighter can attack with his Dagger every 6 seconds. He engages his opponent on count 3 and attacks. He will be able to attack again on count 9.

Missile weapons and Firearms work only slightly differently.
An archer with an bow and arrow in hand, or a dagger in hand to throw, or a gun to fire, Will still be required to take Half their action time to complete the action. This accounts for the time it takes to bring the weapon to bear and fire. (or drawing the bow string in the case of a bow).

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Initiative Chart and overview for future combats.

It takes 3 counts base time to begin to respond to a situation. This is Modified, as above, by your base initiative value. Some people react quicker, some slower.

At the Beginning of Combat, you will roll your perception check. If you Succeed in the roll, you will increase you base initiative by an amount equal to the amount you failed by.
(if your base initiative is 15 and you fail by 30, you new initiative is -15. If you had succeeded by 30, your base initiative would go up to 45.

Plus these values into the formula to get the amount of time before you can begin to take action.

Those initiating an ambush get to act on count 1 regardless.

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Initiative Chart and overview for future combats.
{100/[100 + (Initiative Value)]} * Base 0 Initiative

Okay Here is a List of Base Times for actions for use with the Initiative macro.

Surprise = 5

Spell Prep = 10
Spell Casting Non Instantaneous spells = 10

Attunement = 5

Drawing a Weapon = 4
Melee Attack = 10
Shift Weapon  = 1

Throw Weapon = 2
Missile attacks (this is the Aim and fire time) = 6
Load Sling = 5
Load Composite Bow = 5
Load Short Bow = 6
Load Long Bow = 7
Restring Short bow  = 20
Restring long/Composite bow = 30

Rapid Observation (-40 to the skill) = 3
Half Observation (-20 ) = 5
Observation full  = 7

Prone to knees  = 3
Knees/crouch to stand = 2
Stand from a seated position = 1

Drop to ground rapid = 1
Careful drop to ground = 2
pick something up from ground = 3

Rapid dismount = 2
Normal dismount = 5
Mounting  = 8

First aid, stop bleeding = 60 per point of bleeding.

(When dealing with guns, Remember that these values include taking the time to Aim. You can sacrifice OB to speed up your attack at a 1 to 1 value from OB to Initiative.)

Firearm Base action Times are found in the Weapon chart in Chracter creation thread. as are the reload times.
Note there is a Penalty to Firing Consecutive shots. This is the Recoil Penalty.
To avoid the Penalty, you add the Recoil Time to the next shot. This penalty, and the Time to recover from it, is  cumulative.
For instance, If firing a Med Pistol, The first shot has no Penalty and takes 6 seconds, The second consecutive shot would have a penalty of -15 if shot in the same 6 seconds, or no penalty if 8 seconds are taken, giving 2 seconds additional time to recover. The third consecutive shot (no time taken to recover yet) would have a penalty of -30 to the shot, and 4 seconds (Total of 10 seconds for the shot) would need to be taken to recover to have no penalty on the 4th shot.