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Notes & Guidelines for this Campaign
This post is mainly to establish some ground rules as far as conduct and the manner of how things will go (hopefully).  I know, probably all of the people who will play in this already know each other and know that I am an OCD control freak, but not to the extent that it ruins anyone's fun.  Hence, this list of hideously, horrendously, evil, evil, deathly evil ground rules.  i hope everyone will take the time and trouble to read them to avoid possible embarrassment and/or confusion.

  • Character Sheets:  For the most part, I'll handle these.  When people come in, I'll let them type it up and submit it to the character page, but once they are completely set and that character makes their first post in game, it will be locked and only I will be able to make changes.  This is nothing against anybody's level of honesty.  This is not me telling you what you can and/or can't spend your XP on.  It is just to make sure that it doesn't happen where a player and I both make changes to a character for XP expenditures.  Let me know what you want to spend the XP on and I'll make the changes.  It's your character, I'll change it at your request as fast as Celerity 5 will allow (OK, not really...)
  • Which rulebook are we using?  Uhhhh, yeah, about that...  Not using any one single book in particular.  It's hodgepodge and let's face it, the way I run things, you'll never know the difference.
  • Dice Rolls:  I'm going to take a cue from Mark (Doc) (He has a campaign on RPoL elsewhere that I play in) on this one and roll for everyone.  I'll keep the record public, but, again, it'll just be easier if I do the rolling, especially if combat breaks out.  "I shoot at him.  I roll 10, 3, 4, 7." -*ONE DAY LATER*- "You miss."  See what I mean?  Secret rolls will still be used for NPC.
    The second reason that I'm doing it this way is an attempt not to break narrative.  I'd like to keep game mechanics as far from story thread as possible.  Some things, like Willpower and Blood expenditures, are fine to put in post.  Just put them like a footnote at the bottom please and preferably in a different color or small font just so it's noticeable.
  • XP Awards:  Again, I'm going with Mark (Doc) on this one.  3 XP per week, provided that you post at least once a day (-1 per day missed).  I'll make exceptions as needed.  Also, exceptional role-play in the line of duty will result in bonuses as well as end of chapter and all the other assorted Monty Hall type bonuses.
  • Campaign Continuity: This game is mostly fictional.  I don't use real addresses or street names for the most part.  I'm not real big on knowing that 33rd St. in Vegas doesn't intersect with Hudson Ave. or that there's no Hudson Ave, in the first place.  Yes, most of history really has happened but the specifics don't need to be that picky.  If you're that into detail, you've come to the wrong place.  Also, none of my campaigns are set in the official canon of World of Darkness.  Yes, I use a good deal of the source material that's printed, but if I don't want Prince Whatshisorherface to be the Prince of Whatevercityheorsheistheprinceof, then they're not going to be.  Since all of my games are in the same "universe", they all interlink.  So, maybe said Prince was killed in one of my games?  Still dead in the next campaign too.
  • Use of Videos/Pictures During Play:  I'm going to assume that everyone has read the Official RPoL stance on this, so just stick to that as far as what you post.  I,myself, will probably use links to YouTube clips or pictures as a better way to set tone/mood or as a way to show players what I mean.  So, basically, if it fits and/or would be appropriate to the story, then go for it.  The same applies to OOC-game related posts.  Keep it focused, please.  If it's Out-Of-Game (OOG) posting, then links to pics and/or videos is completely kosher as long as it doesn't violate RPoL's rules.  Keep in mind, this is an M-rated game, not an A-rated one.

    As far as character pics, don't screw around with the pictures that they put on here.  To use another picture from somewhere else on your character description page, do the following:
    1. Go to your character description and edit it.
    2. Insert the following line: <img src="http:/">.  Replace the X's with the url of the picture you want to use.
    3. Marvel at the new coolness that your character has achieved.

    Either put this at the top or bottom (top is preferable) and you're set.  You can look at the character descriptions for the NPC's for an example.  This works with jpg, png, and gif files.  It also works in any post in game.
  • Post colors and Styles:  I'm trying to have it where every Storyteller-NPC character has their own distinct color/style combo.  Or at least color, anyway...  Players don't have to do this, but can if they choose to.  Mostly, it again, just makes it easier for me this way.
    Also, use of creativity is encouraged but not necessary.  I'd like the threads to read like a story, but I definitely understand if all you post is "I do this".  Sometimes overly descriptive text works, sometimes it just bogs things down.  Use your judgement.
  • Malkavians:  "Why is there a notice about Malkavians?", you might be asking me.  If you are, I can't hear you so why not PM me instead, yeah?  Now, why I have a notice about Malkavians is in regards to disciplines and which ones exactly they have.  I'm going with the old school "Dominate, Obfuscate, Auspex" combo rather than the new school "Dementation, Obfuscate, Auspex" combo.  Why?  Because I'm the Storyteller and I have a fondness for all things 90's.  Plus, I like that it makes a distinction between Malkies and Antitribu.  Oh, and while we're on the topic of Antitribu, Tremere Antitribu still exist in my games.
  • Anything Else:  At this point, that's all I got.  If there are any questions, post them here or PM me.

TL;DR  Go back and read it, numbskull.  At the least skim it.  It's not like it's a damned cryptic puzzle or something...

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Helpful Links
I found these to be a nice alternative to having PDF's open the whole time or having to open PDF's...

Vampire: the Masquerade Wiki:
Reference charts for V:tM:

Admittedly, that last one could be a hell of a lot better, but still...
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Re: Helpful Links
In reply to Storyteller (msg # 3):

When I try to use the embed code you provided it won't work. I copied the one from Barry Parker though, and it did. So I think there is something slightly off with how this one is typed. Thanks though, I finally used it...for a picture of Thunderbird liquor.
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Re: Helpful Links
Fixed.  Thanks for the heads up.