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Posting Guidelines
I'm going to steal this from my other PbP campaign I'm playing in.

1. Be descriptive. Describe the scene. I'll do my best to do the same. Remember to use the senses as a guide and consider your actions carefully. Descriptions will use the default black text.

2. Speech should be posted in bolded blue.  Please use quotations. If speaking another language, please post the meaning in brackets and language in parentheses "Su'cuy gar." [So you're still alive (Mando'a)] - it will be up to other characters or NPCs to determine whether they understand. If something like Wookiee or Chadra-fan, you can skip the in-language talk and jump straight to the brackets.

3. Inner thoughts should be in italicized blue.  This lets the readers know your thinking to yourself. Especially useful if someone is pulling surface thoughts/emotions with Sense or a dose of glitterstim

4. Commlink and holocomm should be with double plus signs (++) before and after a communication.

5. Posts are suggested to be in present tense third person. Past tense for actions completed is acceptable, and first person in speech is expected. Outside of this is not forbidden but may get unwieldy and incomprehensible.

6. Try to post every couple days if all possible. I tend to check this every evening and during the weekend; during the week(work)days I'm less able to respond quickly.

7. When your post involves you rolling the dice, let me respond to the post with difficulty, challenge, or setback dice. Feel free to request boost dice if you think an idea/action/setup is particularly beneficial to what you're doing. If you want to use a destiny point (which we'll keep track of for individual groups) request it after the difficulty is specified; please get consensus of at least two other players in your group before doing so.

8. Try to post more than just a few words where possible. I know some posts will wind up being a few words.  I don't expect paragraphs and paragraphs, but a few lines would be nice.

9. When you post an OOC comment or question in your posts, please write it in orange.

10. Dice roll results, and how you wish or suggest to spend Advantage/Threat or Triumph/Despair should be posted in red.

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