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Campaign Introduction
The resurgent Sith Empire, hiding for centuries, has returned. Channeling the anger and hatred of generations of Sith, they assaulted the galaxy, taking and re-taking hundreds of systems. The beleagured Republic, not yet realizing their aims, gave ground and was defeated on numerous battlefields. Even a strike on Coruscant itself, the center of the Republic, proved within the capability of the returned Sith.

A tenuous peace was called; Republic and Sith Empire alike took stock of their standings, recovering and rearming for an inevitable resumption of hostilities. And resume it did, further embattling the war-torn worlds of the galaxy.

And yet, the drive and ambition of the Sith served as their undoing; one of the greatest of theirgenerals, Darth Malgus, led a faction of Sith in battle against their brothers. Coming at a time when the Republic had gained the upper hand in the conflict, it allowed the Republic to triumph over both factions, at least for a time.

Knowing that the Sith would attack again when their strength returned, and turning their attention to the many areas of the galaxy still in need of peace and order, the Jedi have put out a call. All those who are talented with the Force, even those previously considered too old or too tenuously connected, are being asked to present themselves for training to the Jedi's rediscovered homeworld of Tython. There to be trained as Jedi, to use their awesome powers and careful judgement for the good of the galaxy - even where the Order was unable to act.

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Re: Character Creation
The basics:

Anything out of F&D is acceptable by default, whether career, spec, or race. Starting career and spec must be out of F&D; branching into other lines is allowed, but please ask before you do (as I have some modifications for a couple of specs, namely Doctor, please let me know if you have interest pursuing one from another line for specifics)

Races from non-FAD are probably fine (but no droids). Caamasi have a storied history with the Force, but to play a Chiss you'd have to demonstrate to me you'd do it well, for example. Just run your concept by me first and we'll be groovy.

Starting equipment - gear from any of the books is acceptable, with the caveat that starting equipment caps at rarity 7, with no restricted items. 5 and 6 will need approval before selecting but are likely available, especially with story reasons. 4 or below is available without approval being needed.

Here's a sample character sheet lifted from my other PbP game - unfortunately the player's identity versus character name was anonymized so I don't know who to give full credit to.

General Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Astrogation (In)  AA
Athletics (Br)  AA
Charm (Pr)  AA
Coercion (Wi)  AA
Computers (In)Y1P AA
Cool (Pr)  AA
Coordination (Ag)Y AA
Deception (Cu)Y AA
Discipline (Wi)  AA
Leadership (Pr)  AA
Mechanics (In)  AA
Medicine (In)  AA
Negotiation (Pr)  AA
Perception (Cu)Y AA
Pilot (Planetary) (Ag)  AA
Pilot (space) (Ag)Y AA
Resilience (Br)  AA
Skulduggery (Cu)Y AA
Stealth (Ag)Y AA
Streetwise (Cu)Y AA
Survival (Cu)  AA
Vigilance (Wi)Y AA
Combat Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Brawl (Br)  AA
Gunnery (Ag)  AA
Melee (Br)  AA
Ranged (Light) (Ag)  AA
Ranged (Heavy) (Ag)  AA
Knowledge Skills
NameCareerRanksDice Pool
Core Worlds (In)  AA
Education (In)  AA
Lore (In)  AA
Outer Rim (In)  AA
Underworld (In)Y AA
Xenology (In)  AA

To get that, do this (and edit according to your character's specifications):
|4! General Skills |
|!!  Name  | Career | Ranks | Dice Pool |
| Astrogation (In) | | |^ AA |
| Athletics (Br) | | |^ AA |
| Charm (Pr) | | |^ AA |
| Coercion (Wi) | | |^ AA |
| Computers (In) |^ Y |^ 1 |^ P AA |
| Cool (Pr) | | |^ AA |
| Coordination (Ag) |^Y | |^ AA |
| Deception (Cu) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Discipline (Wi) | | |^ AA |
| Leadership (Pr)  | | |^ AA |
| Mechanics (In) | | |^ AA |
| Medicine (In) | | |^ AA |
| Negotiation (Pr) | | |^ AA |
| Perception (Cu) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Pilot (Planetary) (Ag) | | |^ AA |
| Pilot (space) (Ag) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Resilience (Br) | | |^ AA |
| Skulduggery (Cu) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Stealth (Ag) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Streetwise (Cu) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Survival (Cu) | | |^ AA |
| Vigilance (Wi) |^ Y | |^ AA |
|4! Combat Skills |
|!!  Name  | Career | Ranks | Dice Pool |
| Brawl (Br) | | |^ AA |
| Gunnery (Ag) | | |^ AA |
| Melee (Br) | | |^ AA |
| Ranged (Light) (Ag) | | |^ AA |
| Ranged (Heavy) (Ag) | | |^ AA |
|4! Knowledge Skills |
|!!  Name  | Career | Ranks | Dice Pool |
| Core Worlds (In) | | |^ AA |
| Education (In) | | |^ AA |
| Lore (In) | | |^ AA |
| Outer Rim (In) | | |^ AA |
| Underworld (In) |^ Y | |^ AA |
| Xenology (In) | | |^ AA |
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Tue 21 Jul 2015
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Re: RtJ info
Once you've read through the other two posts, please send me your Request to Join including your desired character name, race, career and a brief blurb of story. I intend to run players somewhat individually; taking ideas from The Old Republic (which this is set immediately after the base game stories) I'll have a small stable of side NPCs who will travel with and fight alongside you.

For some larger missions, I'll want to pull several together and run as a group, but the biggest hurdle I've seen in PbP games is that when waiting for one slow-posting player, interest by the other players wanes. This will hopefully alleviate that - if I have even one continuous poster telling a story, I'll be having fun.
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Tue 28 Jul 2015
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Dice Roller use
The dice roller for the game located in the bar above is currently set as the Edge of the Empire system default. To roll dice, use a number followed by the letter for the type of die (A=ability, P=proficiency, D=difficulty, C=challenge, B=boost, S=setback, F=force). For example: 2 ability dice versus one difficulty and one challenge would be 2A 1D 1C.

When it first rolls, it gives you the total successes, then any advantage/threat and then triumph/despair. Following that is the specific face each one rolled; it'll be a number, corresponding to the conversion chart posted in the core books. It also keeps a log of the roll history with the summary and the reason for roll.
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Re: Dice Roller use
For those who only have the Beta book, rather than the core - there's a thread on the forums with the changes spelled out.