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previously on Rescue the princess. (chapter 10)
Chapter 10

Resting in the dining hall/ballroom, the ponies took a break after the fight with Prince Blueblood/Flamestrike. Apple bloom showed Vulpus a new scythe. Also, the kitsune and Sweetie Belle wanted to know something from Charred Hairless Rarity - if she'd be willing to provide milk to Cadance's child, Prince Charming. With none others to give it, Rarity took on the responsibility but needed to get cleaned up first.

   The three, Sweetie Belle, Vulpus, and Rarity wandered the castle corridors looking for a shower getting lost in the process. Vinyl Scratch showed up to be their guide to her own private quarters. While getting cleaned up, Vinyl talked and was comforted by the three about her brother while Octavia conversed with Silver on other matters.

The group returned to the others from the showers and were told Charming blew a hole in a wall. You know what they say: like mother, like child. Rarity set off to get milk for Charming heading into a closet. In midst of talks with Sweetie Belle and Vulpus, Rarity felt the need to continually produce milk urged on by her horn. Luckily, drinking her own milk magically replenished and hydrated the body enough to continue the process.

   Little Prince Charming enjoyed the milk albeit Rarity was embarrassed to provide milk to another's child. Be that as it may, the milk needed to be used up before it would spoil so she asked Silver to try some wondering if the whipped cream aftertaste was only something she had tasted. Silver drank the milk noting the flavor but also fell under the spell of milky bliss falling asleep.

   In Silver's dreams of flowing milky rivers and whipped cream clouds, he witnessed a dancing magical milk mare on a hillside. He approached the mare with curiosity immediately invited into a dance. The mare suddenly stopped revealing herself to be Sunny's piece of soul connected to Princess Cadance - the only piece not tortured and restrained in the Realm of Dark Magic by King Sombra. While feeling pain from the other pieces, she informed Silver that she needed him to kill her father for release. But, in addition, Sunny told Silver she missed him much like he did her. Before her body fell apart into a mist, she spoke words of love and longing to Silver followed with a kiss to his cheek. Silver vowed he would rescue his love, his Sunny Sympathy.

   Also, Rarity and Sweetie Belle enjoyed brownies, oreo cookies, and gummy candies with their milk although Sweetie Belle played with her food rather than eating it.

and now the story continues....

The walls at the back of the ballroom open revealing a massive set of golden doors.

When the ponies open the door they find themselves in another grand hallway. A large silver gate blocks the path in front of them but theres a hollow part at the center gates and something written above it.

                          When song and sword are place in harmony

                              the winds of change will blow and the gate

                              of new life will open

The the ponies right is a door with a saber above it and to the left is a door with a harp

The ponies chose to head to the harp room door but something unexpected happened...Twilight Sparkle (who had previously fallen into a bottemless pit and had been used by Sunny to fight the ponies.) fell down in front of them. The ponies quickly helped there friend up and healed her up. Twilight revealed she had very little memory of what had happened to her but vowed to help save the princess.

   The group entered the room only to find themselves in a room that looked like it belonged to a young filly. It was then that Rarity and the others spotted a sky blue cloaked figure on a stage. After some conversation (mostly that the ponies had scared her.) the figure took off her cloak revealing a small sky blue changeling filly.The filly instead of attacking the group offered them milkshakes which some of them took. The filly was surprised to See Vinyl (who she called Static Sound.) who she thought was dead; Vinyl explained a bit and tried to convince the others that 'windy' wasn't very dangerous. Scootaloo dropped dead from a milkshake causing the others to shun the rest of them.

   The filly told the group that she hadn't poisoned the milkshakes and in the end the reaction may have been caused from a combination of Scootaloo eating meat and being allergic to strawberries. Upon her revival Scootaloo started attacking Vinyl who she discovered was a changeling. Vinyl dodged the attacks but one stray attack hit and split The filly's table in half. The filly did something to take the air away from the two putting both into a vaccum.The group raised there weapons to the filly and after a short stand off the filly released the two who settled there differences when vinyl explained that she was only half changeling.

   The filly started to like Vulpus and put a spell on her to make the fox girl start acting like a pet. Rarity and Sweetie became furious with the filly and in the end Wind Song released Vulpus.It was then that Sweetie and Scootaloo (and to a lesser extent Luna who had transformed into a filly.) were put under the same spell turning the fillies against the group.

The filly explained that she would kill the ponies for killing the other elemental changelings and also told them her name, Wind Song.

   The ponies attacked hitting the filly but sadly Scootaloo jumped into Pinkie's attack getting herself cut in half.Sweetie attacked and attempted to behead Vulpus but ended up cutting Rarity's head off instead(Vulpus quickly revived her.)

Presto subdued Sweetie and Flim subdued Luna leaving only Wind Song. Wind Song tried to sufficate Pinkie,Vulpus and Twilight but rarity quickly slew the filly. the filly fell but quickly revived and handed the group the first crest then fell appaer as she was just a golem.

   The group put the crest into the slot then they traveled to the next door.Inside they found the room to be nothing but dirt(Rarity's nightmare.) and a throne with a brown and gold cloaked figure sitting in it. The figure revealed himself to be earthshock and quickly took off his cloak revealing a brown changeling stallion.Rarity attempted to plead with the stallion but he simply stated that he served his queen and he would destroy them. The ponies quickly discovered that the stallion ould change the structure of his body so his skin could be as hard as stone or as smooth as glass.Twilight summoned a raincloud drenching the area hoping to weaken the stallion but this move turned out to be wrong. the Stallion revealed that he was the leader of the elemental changelings simply because he could control two elements which he revealed his second to be lightning.

   Earthshock shocked the group killing Sweetie and a few others before Vinyl and Octavia arrived and helped with the fight. Earthshock charged for a instant death attack and the ponies did what they could to escape it (Rarity and several others jumped on tom the rock while Pinkie escaped to a different dimention.) No one was killed by the dirt spikes(although rarity and the others were thrown into the ceiling and smashed by the rock.) Luna in a rage used an attack to send earthshock to another dimention which sadly was Pinkie's dimention.

   After a few turn Pinkie and Earthshock returned but the stallion drained the life out of pinkie recovering some hp. Twilight and the other fought hard and in the end Twilight stabbed the stallion through with a magic blade.Much like Wind Song the stallion stood back up and gave twilight the other crest before trying to bring the room down on the group. The ponies escaped and twilight set the crest into the gate revealing another set of door.

After inserting the crests into the gate revealing another set of doors, the heroes wandered into a large library. Amidst the group's focus on the numerous amount of books, they were approached by Wind Song and Earthshock. The conversations between each member of the group and the two elemental changelings quickly led into another confrontation. Wind Song didn't want the fight taking place in the library so she teleported everyone to the ballroom where the group fought Prince Blueblood.

   With a harp made of wind and a sword composed of dirt, turned into a blade of thunder, the two elemental changelings began a renewed fight against the heroes albeit not golems this time. Pinkie arrived to join the fight while Silver was still stuck in milky bliss coma.

Wind Song tried to put Vulpus in a trance while Earthshock tried to stab Apple Bloom through the chest. However, Rarity restrained her daughter with elastic measuring tape now prepared from the last fight, and Twilight took the hit for Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom healed Twilight, but the mare still had to pull out Earthshock's sword, stuck in her chest.

    Playing her harp, Wind Song summoned a tornado pulling Luna, Rarity, and Sweetie Belle into it. Meanwhile, Earthshock attacked Nyx with Twilight's electrified body. Princess Luna spread her wings saving Rarity who then saved Sweetie Belle. The three escaped the tornado attacking Earthshock though Rarity accidentally shot Twilight with a sword, somehow. Pinkie Pie, having no idea what she was doing (literally), crawled towards Earthshock trying to not be sucked into the tornado, and stabbed the stallions hooves.

    Earthshock reared back on his hindlegs preparing for a devastating attack, and Wind Song created a vacuum around Pinkie Pie slowly suffocating the mare. Pinkie Pie sucked in what little air she could inflating herself like a balloon and floating into the air. Twilight attacked Earthshock with vines. Rarity, once again coming prepared, knew the devastating attack that was going to come from Earthshock. While held in the air by Princess Luna with her sister, Rarity tossed fabric rolls over the ballroom's chandelier so that the other heroes would have a chance of getting off the ground.

    Slamming into the ground, Earthshock sent spears of rock and dirt upward killing any still standing on the floor to which Nyx died but was quickly revived. Wind Song released Vulpus then put Apple Bloom into a trance. Rarity made sure to restrain the filly before anything bad could happen, and Apple Bloom tried to fight Wind Song's singing.

    Wind Song decided to take damage in Earthshock's place and also cut the elastic measuring tape restraining Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom immediately tackled Sweetie Belle trying to stab the filly. However, Rarity used her mirror's ability to switch positions taking each sword strike. Rarity, with blood escaping her mouth from the attacks, healed herself holding back Apple Bloom back with one hoof telling the filly it wasn't her fault. Like a balloon losing air, Pinkie flew through a stained glass window leaving the fight.

    Wind Song saw the damage done to Rarity and started to whimper playing some chords on her harp. Luna became trapped in a vacuum and Apple Bloom decided to attack Twilight. Rarity and Twilight restrained Apple Bloom and the latter mare casted the same spell that helped her friends remember themselves, freeing Apple Bloom from the trance.

    Nyx and Apple Bloom attacked Wind Song, and Flim cried tears of joy at Nyx's ability to handle a sword. Wind Song healed herself and Earthshock decided to protect her while attacking Apple Bloom with his sword. Twilight tried to protect the filly but was knocked into the air accidentally hitting Vulpus with her sword. Wind Song placed a wind shield around Earthshock. Twilight casted a spell to create localized earth quakes in Earthshock's joints hitting his weakness. Nyx's weapon backfired and exploded causing the filly to die but be quickly revived.

    Luna stepped back and sent the two elemental changelings into a Nightmare Orb at the same time Rarity asked a question about the two's motives behind their actions. Earthshock, confused, tried to remember a reason. When the two came back, they resumed the conflict. However, under continued stress from fighting, Earthshock was gravely wounded and stared at Rarity. Rarity still asked for a reason to their actions, and the stallion suddenly had a flux of returning memories. But, before he could say anymore, Scootaloo struck him down and the stallion whispered a single word looking at Wind Song.

    Unable to continue fighting due to all other elemental changeling being killed, Wind Song curled up into a ball sniffling and crying. Chrysalis's voice was soon heard in the room commanding that Wind Song kill the heroes taking drastic step by removing the filly's emotions in the form of a pink ball - the filly's heart.

    Assuming the pink ball controlled Wind Song, Rarity, Scootaloo, and Twilight attacked it. However, attacking the filly's heart greatly hurt her so Twilight tried to correct the mistake by combining it with Wind Song again. At this very moment, Queen Chrysalis decided Wind Song was no longer useful and so compressed the heart and made it explode. She expected that the following explosion of Wind Song's body would take some lives.

    Wind Song, with tear-filled eyes, prevented harm to the others and, when her body exploded, some of the tears flew out hitting Rarity and Sweetie Belle. The two blinked when the tears hit finding themselves in a cloudy white world. They turned only to see a smiling Wind song, her body slowly disappearing into the wind.

In a flash, the room changed to a classroom with a small blue filly singing in a corner.

"Melody," The teacher said softly."I know you like to sing, but you can't sing in class during a test."

The Filly blushed and slowly sunk into her chair.


The school bell rang.

"Alright class, I'll see you tomorrow"

Melody giggled as she made her way out the door. That was until she spotted a light brown smiling stallion.

"DAD!!" The filly giggled."I thought pea-"

The stallion chuckled and smiled warmly at the filly.

"Nope. Your sister is sick so I'm taking you home today. But first...I was thinking ice cream," the stallion said slyly. "What do you think?"

The filly's eyes widened and she began to jump up and down.

"I'll take that as a yes," the stallion said with a warm smile.

The scene changed to the filly and the stallion walking close to a forest's edge. Suddenly, the two were jumped by a pack of changelings lead by a white-cloaked figure.

The scene changed once again. Rarity and Sweetie Bele found themselves back in the castle with two black cocoons.

One of the cocoons opened revealing Earthshock.


"Ahh...Such power!" a voice hissed. "I can feel the power within you."

The stallion lifted his head only to see Queen Chrysalis.

"W-what did you...?" Before the stallion could finish his words, a second cocoon opened and Wing Song stepped out.

"M-Melody...? Wh-what did they do to you!?" the stallion yelped.

"She's not your Melody any more. She's mine now!" the Queen giggled.

"YOU MONSTER!!!" the stallion screamed.

The stallion tried to attack, but the Queen was too fast.

"You will obey me, Earthshock, " the Queen said sternly. "Even if I have to force You!"

The Queen stabbed her hoof into the filly's chest and pulled out her small heart.

The stallion froze in place.

"Her life is in my hooves," the Queen said darkly. "I'll keep her heart but, should you disobey me, she will die."

The stallion lowered his head and sobbed softly.

"Don't worry," the Queen mocked. "In time, neither of you will remember a thing."

The scene changed again, but this time it was a place Rarity remembered quite well.The small room where she had grown up.

Rarity and Sweetie could see there younger selves.

Little filly Rarity was laying under her covers while the little white blob of cuteness known as Sweetie was sound asleep in her crib. Sitting at the edge of the bed was their mother whom held a book out as she read Rarity a bed time story.

"Mom...Sweetie was being annoying today..." Rarity said softly. "She messed up my doll fashion show by drooling on all the dresses."

The mother smiled softly.

"She's just a foal dear. She doesn't know any better."

"I hate her," Rarity huffed.

"Don't say that honey," Rarity's mother said softly as she nuzzled her filly.

"I do though," the filly whined.

"Honey, you'll hurt little Sweetie's feelings. She's your sister and she loves you greatly."

"I don't care. She gets into everything!" The filly folds her front forelegs and glared at her mom. "At least you never had to deal with a sister!"

The mom's face fell.

"I-i one time..."

Rarity unfolded her front forelegs and looked at her mom.

"I didn't know you had a sister, mom."

"I...had a sister...sweetie..." The mom lowered her head as tears slid down her face.

Rarity eyes watered as she looked at her mother.

"I-I didn't know," Rarity said softly.

"I-it's okay, dear. It happened so long ago, but I still miss her."

The little white filly gathered her courage.

"W-what happened?

"I don't know dear. We never found her, or my father." Rarity's mother took in a deep breath.

"I'm sorry mom. I' sorry." Rarity wrapped her hooves around her mother.

"It's okay, dear." The mother said softly."But i want you to promise me something."

"Anything. I'll do anything, mom."

"Promise me you'll look out for Sweetie Belle."

Rarity nodded.

"I promise. I'll look out for her. I'll do everything in my power."

The scene changed again as the world went back to the snow white world. Wind Song smiled softly as her body vanished.

The scene changed one final time to a future that never happened, a future that could never occur.

A sky blue mare sat silently as she hummed a quiet song to a small white foal she held in her arms.

"Aunt Melody!" a little filly whined from the doorway. "Can't we play now!?"

"In a minute. Your sister is nearly asleep." Melody smiled at the filly. "Besides, isn't your grandpa still playing with you?"

Rarity frowned.

"Aww, but I already beat him." She moved closer to her aunt. "Besides, I think he's letting me win." Rarity whispered.

The sky blue mare giggled softly before putting the white foal in a crib.

"Okay, Rarity. Let's go play."

The mare picked Rarity up and placed the filly on her back taking her into the next room with Rarity's parents and an old brown stallion smiling warmly at the filly.

The scene ended as Wind Song's body faded away.

   A bright light flashed over the two and, when they blinked, both were back in the ballroom. Slightly bewildered, Rarity and Sweetie Belle were surprised by the visions. The group decided to rest with Twilight repairing her sword and Flim comforting his wife showing the progress made with the children.

    Rarity tried to sleep but couldn't, suddenly hearing Sweetie Belle sing. She wanted her sister, whom she knew could sing well, to continue but the filly didn't want to for good reason. Rarity pressed further not realizing that Sweetie Belle had hurt her throat. With a sigh, Rarity offered her sister some soothing milk asking if the younger sister would like to her older sibling sing.

     Sweetie Belle said that was okay and Rarity began to sing something felt in the heart for her friends, her family, and loved ones never known. Turning to face her younger sister, Rarity sung from her heart pointing out the spot where their family died, at each friend, then back at Sweetie Belle and Vulpus indicating these occurrences come and go happening in the flow of time. Tears formed in her eyes realizing a heartfelt emotion that could never be understood by any changeling - love. With raised hooves and pacing steps, she closed her eyes singing one last dedication to family members never known but will not be forgotten.

     With some comfort offered by Sweetie Belle and Vulpus, Rarity went back to trying to sleep but unable to for a few hours still wondering what it'd be like to know Auntie Melody and Grandpa. However, Rarity knew what was most important - protecting her sister at all costs just like mother asked.

While resting up from there emotional night; the mysterious appeared once more. Luna questioned the voice's identity but Rarity assured the night princess that they had nothing to worry about from the voice.The voice explained that it had news for Rarity and Sweetie belle but thetwo already know what the Voice had come to tell them(sweetie bot.). The voice admited that the chip had been damaged beyond repair but before the two could lose heart the voice told them that it was able to download everything onto another chip. To the two sisters joy Sweetie bot was reborn but this time only her brain was robotic she was now a flesh and blood pony.

    As Sweetie bot ajusted to her new body(having to eat,having to use the bathroom and the warmth of other ponies.) Sweetie Belle asked if Rarity would help her with a song in memory of their aunt and grandfather.Rarity agreed but Sweetie didn't want to sing in front of too many ponies so the two decided to wait until the ponies were asleep.Meanwhile because of Cadance and Shining's death and Silver in a coma (because of Rarity's milk:rainbowlaugh:) Rarity decided to take care of their foal prince Charming but the little prince gave her quite the difficult time.The two sisters chased after the foal after he vanished only to run into Luna's foal, Luminous. Charming and Luminous vanish and the sisters are pulled into the dram scape where they plus Princess Luna attempted to catch them. After several crazy situations (multiply foals and crazy things like that.) Luna was forced to abandon Luminous; leaving him in the dram scape.

    Thenext day Vulpus and Sweetie decided to bake a cake for Sweetie bot and the others. Twilight followed along and sat back drinking tea as she watched the two bake their cake. Vulpus admitted that she was making the cake to lighten the mood after all the deaths and luna's foal going missing in the end bluntly telling Twilight how her brother and sister in law perished. The two finished their cake bringing it back for the others. Sweetie bot was the first to try it and to the twos surprise the pony loved the cake. Vulpus started handing out the cake but to Sweetie belle's horror Sweetie bot dropped dead. Sweetie belle confronted Vulpus about the cake but to her horror the kitsune had also eatten the cake and dropped dead as well.Sweetie revived the two and after some reading up the two discovered that (according to the book.) the cake was so good that it killed who ever ate it.

    sweetie Belle wished to destroy the cake but when they turned around the cake was gone. To the two despair Rarity had eatten the cake in her sleep and shortly after died. Despite dying from the cake any who ate it became ubsessed with the treat causing Rarity to die several more times after eatting the last few pieces Vulpus had hidden.After reviving Rarity a few more times the group decided to make another cake (mostly because Rarity had become addicted to cake:rainbowlaugh:). The two continued to bake as Rarity talked to Twilight. The end result was a burned cake and Rarity and Sweetie belle getting stuck together with glue.

    Flim and Flam freed the two and Rarity and Sweetie started to look after Luna's two other foals,Moonlight and Flim Jr. The foals(who were just starting to learn words.) gave the sisters a run for there money(or bits or whatever the mlp version of the expression would be.). Vulpus joined the fun and caught Sweetie and started cleaning the cake off her (with her tongue.).The foal copied the kitsune with Moonlight licking Vulpus and Flim jr chewing and pulling on the kitsunes tail. Vulpus was scared and quickly stopped the foal from chewing her tail as she feared the foal would suffer a 1000 year curse.At first Sweetie and Vulpus thought nothing of since nothing had happened to the foal but then to their despair the foal began to transform into a toaster then disappear.Rarity joined in on the search for flim jr while moonlight snuggled against Vulpus. Luna woke up and become frantic about her foal but soon the colt reappeared. Luna took her children (Moonlight recived a dol from Vulpus.) and Rarity and Sweetie sang to remember there lost loved ones. That night Cadance's ghost arrived to check on things and was satisfied with rarity and Sweetie takeing care of her little prince Charming.

    Still in the ballroom, the group felt well rested. Among the strangest happenings, a new stallion named Grayscale from the year 1955 had arrived and was talking with Luna and Fim. Rarity and Sweetie Belle witnessed a pale blue light deciding to follow it to the library. The two approached the light and found themselves once more in a pale white world. They were shown a visions of Aunt Melody and Grandpa's kidnapping, Celestia's torture, but also something else entirely. Apparently, King Sombra had been seeking something of great interest - his heart, The Crystal Heart. Rarity believed it to be in the castle and a key to victory. However, Sweetie Belle believed it was Celestia's heart almost making Rarity gag at the thought. Melody said one last heartfelt goodbye to her family before disappearing.

    Scootaloo woke up from her long nap and Flam challenged the filly to a game of poker. The stallion cheated but was soon threatened into submission getting his cheek cut in the process.

    Rarity and Sweetie Belle returned to the others in time for the ballroom's ground to splinter and fall apart into nothingness forcing the group into the library. Little did the group know was that a piece of the castle was rising into the sky. Vulpus noticed the stars getting closer as the piece of castle rose higher.

    In the back of the library a large black door opened with a voice inviting them inside. However, the group found bookshelves pushed over and, underneath a pile, discovered Twilight's daughter, Starbloom, whom had followed her mother to the castle with concern. The group decided to torture themselves with bad movie references before heading through the large black door.

The group found themselves in a strange room with various machines scattered about one large one restraining the princess they'd been seeking the entire adventure. They tried to free her but to no avail. Princess Celestia groggily woke up peering upon her ponies asking if the many bad things told to her were true: Twilight falling into a bottomless pit, Luna's new family, Princess Cadance's death, and that she was left to die. All of it was true except the last albeit it took three months to reach her.

     Celestia narrowed her eyes at the group in not arriving sooner with whispering driving her to anger. Dark Magic's control over Celestia soon took a pivotal turn when the machine released the princess, Dark Magic influenced the princess's actions, and a dark shadow stabbed through the chest causing a bright flash of light.

    The light went away quickly revealing Princess Celestia with drained colors in her coat, mane and tail, and peculiar lustful look in her eye when looking the group. The group had no choice but to attack their princess in a fight for their lives being set ablaze by the sun goddess in one moment. The princess then captured Sweetie Belle (quickly replaced by Rarity then by Octavia). The group continued their attacks against Princess Celestia Molestia hurting Octavia in the process whom had a hard time feeling pain. Molestia rushed forward embracing Rarity in an awkward hug but, before anything could happen, Apple Bloom rescued her. The fight continued with Princess Celestia returned to normal with one last attack made from both Sweetie Belle and Rarity.

A dark voice chuckled at the scene watching the ponies attack the one they should had been rescuing. The group was soon approached by King Sombra, himself, stepping out of the darkness to the fight the heroes. As the heroes attacked, King Sombra pulled a familiar scythe out of the darkness rampaging in his multiple devastating attacks against the group especially little Starbloom. However, Octavia's ability to regain mp made revival a certainty.

      The group found that attacking King Sombra enough continually made him fall to one knee but he would inevitably rise again. There came a moment when a strange light appeared behind Sombra though the darkness made it hard to see it. Rarity blasted the darkness with her wond revealing the Crystal Heart - Sombra's heart.

    Rarity quickly urged all heroes to harness and use the light and love within themselves to power the Crystal Heart much like the Crystal Ponies did. They had to remember something, somepony, anything that would drive away the hatred with love and the King of Fear. All members of the group did such a thing but, ironically, Rarity and Vinyl got a hateful argument about whether or not to destroy the Crystal Heart. It took a while but the argument subsided.

    Apple Bloom and Rarity decided take it up a notch in offering love by hugging the Crystal Heart and King Sombra. Rarity went even further by flirting and seducing the King of Fear getting glomped to death in the process in switching places with Sweetie Belle during a bullrush attack. Upon revival, Apple Bloom told Rarity to knock it off or she'd tell Spike so the mare toned down the love.

    Falling to his knee one last time, King Sombra looked at his glimmering heart deciding he'd been without it long enough. Apple Bloom and Rarity continued to hug the king while the others attacked him with Pinkie Pie joining in on the loving embrace. King Sombra returned the hug with Apple Bloom hurting the filly.

    With one last attack made by Starbloom and Twilight, the King of Fear fell. He laughed in his defeat but it wasn't sinister. It was genuine and heartfelt. Sombra's body slowly began to fade away. He smiled at the ponies, stabbed his hoof forward opening a dark vortex, and pulled out a tiny heart - Sunny's heart. King Sombra, in his final moments of life, revived his daughter and subsequently Princess Cadance, Shining Armor, and Virtuous. Sunny let him know that Sister and Mother were awaiting him at the top of afterlife's stairs before he faded away.

    Virtuous danced happily and Sunny looked around at the group feeling that the situation was a bit strange. The group noticed that the piece of castle they were on was heading closer to the sun.

    Sunny and Virtuous had a hard time adjusting to the group's company. The mare still wanted to kill Rarity but, after much talk - and threats - between Vulpus, Princess Cadance, Sunny, Sweetie Belle, and Rarity, she finally relaxed from her old ways. She shared a game of Hot Potato and had a touching moment between the sisters she'd been trying to kill the entire time. For, in truth, she longed for a childhood taken away too early and a love given by only a few.


Chryaslis stopped when she felt Sombra's life force fade.

"Goodbye...father..."She said slowly.'You were quite useful..."

Chryaslis took several steps forward passing her last changelings who's bodies were slowly fading away.

"And so it"

  With there bodies rested and there minds cleared the ponies marched on to face off with chrysalis and finally rescue the princess. Before the group could enter the final door they were attacked by several changelings. the changelings however were slowly fading away and posed no threat what so ever. Simply pushing them over secured the groups win and with the coast clear the ponies raced to face off with the Queen.

   Queen Chryaslis stared out into space as the group arrived admitting she admired the stars. rarity asked her why the changelings were dying to which the Queen simply stated she willed them to die as they were not needed any longer. Cadance and Vinyl boldly asked her what her plan was only for vinyl to be hit by a spell robbing her of her changeling powers. Rarity stepped up wishing to know her plans and the Queen nodded. Chryaslis explained that she was the Godess of Death and Rebirth and as such had come to destroy equestria so as to rebirth it. chrysalis planned on using her silence Glaive to destroy the sun turning it into a blackhole. Vowing to stop the crazyed queen the ponies attacked.

   Chryaslis attacked viciously with her glaive destroying weapons severing limbs and causing some amount of damage to the building itself. The combinded attacks injured the goddess but her strength only increased as her body became demon like. Her attacks became more focused attempting to destroy the building as well as the group but in the end with a combined attack from Nyx and Vulpus (vulpus delivering the final blow Chryaslis fell. As chryaslis' body faded away she congratulated the group but warned that her powers were keeping the castle up and upon her death the castle began to break apart and fall towards the earth. Luna,Cadance,Twilight,Rarity.Sweetie and starbloom focused there magic on the building as they attempted to bring it down in one piece. Just then celestia appeared and with her added magic the ponies landed saftly. Godzilla attacked but the group simply wished him away not wanting to deal with him. with celestia saved,Chryaslis defeated,the changeling gone forever the ponies left the maze forest in triumph.

   ~Meanwhile in the twisted and dark maze forest ~

A single mirror floated upward; setting itself onto of a large spire.

"Wait till they get a load of me..."a dark voice chuckled softly as several large boulders began to build themselves around the mirror; making it disappear from sight.

This was a failure....

I'm making a note here:

stupid mare.

It's hard to overstate my anger.

the worthless changelings...

they screwed it all up because their dumb...

they were good for all my plans

except now there all dead...

but theres no sense crying over stupid mistakes I'll just keep on trying till I run out of clone

and the science got done but you reforged a neat gun....

for the ponies who are still alive.

I'm so bucking angry....

I'm being so sincere right now

it's because you stole my heart and killed me....

and smashed me to pieces...

and threw every piece onto the floor

as they burn it hurt because I nearly won

now these point of data make a beautiful mind

but I'm out data to continue on time

so i'm sad I got burn but think of all the things I've learned

from the ponies who are still alive...

go ahead and leave me....

I think I'd prefer to stay inside...

maybe you'll find someone else to help you...

maybe Celestia....that was a joke...ha ha fat chance.

anyway theses clones are great there so incredibly strong...

look at me still talking when theres science to do

when I look out there; I wish I was You

but there experiments to be done and theres research to be run

on the ponies who are still alive...

and believe me I am still still alive

I'm doing Science and I'm still alive

I feel fantastic and I'm still alive

and while your dying I'll be still alive

and when your dead I might be still alive

Still alive

still alive....

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