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Silver's Armory
Underworld Weapons:

(Given to Noi)
Silver's Silver Ghostly Glasses
Damage: 15 - 20 (Cold)
Cold Flames: The lenses release a beam of freezing cold flames doing double damage. Has a 40% chance of causing burning for 3 turns. (10 MP:  3 turn Recharge: )
Disguise: The wearer uses the glasses to make themself look like an ally to the enemy so they can get up close and do double damage. (8 MP: 3 Recharge: )
Blinding Flash: The lenses of the glasses causes a flash of light temportly blinding the enemy preventing them from hitting wearer for 1 turn (has a 30% chance of working on bosses.) 10 MP: 5 turn Recharge: )

(Given to Sweetie Belle)
Tor's Ghost Wund
Damage: 15 - 20
Barrier: The wielder uses the wund to create a barrier around themself or an alley for 1 turn blocking all damage. (6 MP: 3 turn recharge Recharge: 10 mp for this not to count as a move.
Solid Sphere: The wielder shoots a solid sphere of energy from the wund doing 30 damage. ( 6 MP: 3 turn Recharge: )
Port & Strike: The wielder teleports to the target and whacks the enemy hard in the back of the head for based damage. 40% Chance of causing confusion. (6 MP: 3 turn Recharge: )

(Given to Rarity)
Odin's Ghost Sword
Damage: 15 - 20
Ghostly Lightning: Lightning bursts from the ground around one target doing 25 Damage. (8 MP: 3 turn Recharge: )
Spear throw: The wielder throws the sword like a spear doing double damage. (10 MP: 3 turn Recharge: )
Slayer Slash: The wielder focuses energy into the blade and slashes one target slice a non-boss in half. (triple damage to boss) (18 MP: 4 turn Recharge: )

(Kept for herself)
Blood Sword
Damage: 16 - 22 (Dark)
Blood Rain: The user swings the blade sending a spray of blood over the enemies which burns for 15 damage. (MP: 10 Turn: 4)
Bloody Daggers: The user turns the blade into small daggers that fire at 1 - 4 targets doing 30 damage each. (MP: 10 Turns: 4 turn)
Life Drain: The user stabs the blade into the target causing double damage, half of which is transfered as healing energy to the user. (MP: 15 Turn: 4)
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Re: Silver's Armory
Random Weapons: (Can be used by others if needed)

Toy Gun
Damage: 13-23
Pew Pew: Shoots a marble at an enemy for 40 damage (20% chance of causing confusion.) 2 mp 2 turn recharge

Gun Metal Axe (Redesigned)
Damage: 11 - 25 damage
Explosive Chop: The user swings the axe causing small explosion where it hits for double base damage. 50% chance of instant death on non bosses. 8 mp 4 turn recharge

Death's Scythe
Damage: 13 - 24 (Dark Damage)
Wave of Darkness - The user summons a torrent of darkness sending it barreling into an enemy for 40 damage. 6 mp 3 turn recharge.
Decapitate - the user swings there scythe at an enemy attempting to take there head. Does 35 damage 60% chance of instant death on non bosses. 6 mp 3 turn recharge
Ghost Bolt - The user fires a spectere of darkness at an enemy for 30-40 damage. 20% chance of stunning an enemy with fear. 6 mp 4 turn recharge

Damage: 15 - 24
Chest Shot: The user takes aim for an enemy's heart shooting them 1-3 times. 6 mp per shot. 4 turn recharge.(Max 3 shots.)
Critical Blow: The user shoots an enemies weak spot doing double damage and causing the enemy to bleed heavily for 3 turns doing 2 damage per turn. 8 mp 3 turn recharge.

Damage: 13 - 23
Locked and Loaded: The user takes aim and fires a quick volley of bullets at an enemy or enemies (max of three shots.) does base damage each shot. 10 mp 3 turn recharge.
Assassinate: The user knocks an enemy down and shoots them at point blank range in the chest several times for 40 damage. 65% chance of instant death to non bosses. 8 mp 3 turn recharge.

Emerald Rose Rapier
Damage: 14 - 18
Fixing a Mistake: The user jumps in the way of in incoming attack for an ally taking damage for them. 6 MP 4 Recharge
Emerald Swing: The user slashes there blade stabbing an enemy with 6 shards of emerald that do half base damage. Can be used on more then one enemy. 10 MP 4 Recharge.

Knight's Blade
Damage: 14-18
Hack & Slash - the user slashes an enemy knocking them to the ground then stabs them several times hacking at them for 25 damage and 60% chance 0f causing bleeding. 5 mp 3 turn recharge
Mortal Blow - the user stabs an enemy in a vital spot doing 40 damage (60% chance of instantly killing a non boss.)if the enemy survives the blow they will bleed out doing 8 damage each turn 6 mp 4 turn recharge.
Sword Throw - The user chucks there blade into an enemy doing double base damage. roll a dice if get a 1-5 the user retrieves the blade that turn if not the blade will be stuck in the enemy and the user must take a turn to pull it out. (if it does get stuck pulling it out will do full base damage that turn. 8 mp 4 turn recharge.


Flimsy Axe
Damage: 1 - 10
Decapate - 65% of instant death to a non boss enemy if it misses it does nothing. 5 mp 4 turn recharge

Flimsy Sword
Damage: 4 - 6
Slashie Slash: The user slashes an enemy then quickly slashes them again. 4 mp 2 turn recharge

Dull Halberd
Damage: 4 - 7
Double impalement: the user throws the blade impaling two enemies for base damage 48% chance of bleeding. 4 mp 2 turn recharge.

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Re: Silver's Armory
Sky Kingdom (Cloudsdale) Weapons:

(Kept for Herself)
Kagura's  Fan
Damage: 11 - 19 Wind Damage
Dance of blades - the user swings the fan sending blades of wind at all enemies. Does 30 to a single enemy or 10  to all enemies. 8 mp 3 turn recharge.
Eye of the storm - the user creates a powerful gale of wind around themselves . In this state the user can not be attacked; Magic attacks will bounce off the wind shield.( unless it ice magic.). The user will recover 20 mp . Lasts one turn. 5 turn recharge.
Dance of the dragon - the user summons a massive wind storm that takes on the form of a large dragon. The dragon rages doing 28 damage to all enemies or 66 damage to a single enemy. 15 mp 4 turn recharge.

(Given to CoCo)
Pururin Bow (Coco)
Damage: 14-20
Cat Scratch Fever: The user summons a dozen or so cats and shoots them with there bow doing 30 damage to a single enemy and causes massive bleeding. 8 mp 3 turn recharge
Sniper shot: The user moves to a hidden spot waiting an an opportunity the shoots an enemy in there weak spot for double damage.  8 mp 4 turn recharge.
Bow string: The user tightens there bow making there next attack do double damage. 5 mp (8 to not count as a move.) 4 turn recharge.
Mew mew milk: Pulls out a glass of milk drinking it and recovering 20 mp. 4 turn recharge.

(Given to Noi)
Psychic Jawbone Blade (Noi)
Damage: 15 - 20
Caustic Slash: Noi causes a molecular change on the blade's edge before slashing it against the target for normal damage, has a 60% chance of doing 5 acid damage for 5. (MP: 10 Recharge: 5)
Timed Attacks: Noi uses her psychic abilities to move in fast and preform multiple attacks in rapid order before moving away. (4 Attacks Max) (Normal Damage each attack) (MP: 15 Recharge: 5)
Enraged Attack: Noi lets her emotions get the best of her and she preforms an all out assault on one target doing double damage. Next turn she has to roll (1 - 5 Attacks same target 1 - 10 Attacks Ally) (MP: 10 Recharge: 4)

(Given to Sweetie Belle)
Heart Ache Wand
Damage: 19 - 22 (Light Damage.)
Diasweeties: Sweetie walks up to enemy putting on her sweetest most adorable face. Non bosses have heart attacks and instantly die from this most adorable of attacks. Bosses take 66 damage. 10 mp 4 turn recharge
Cute Heart: Sweetie summons several cute little hearts that she uses as throwing stars hitting all enemies for 15 damage. 10 mp 3 turn recharge.
Zepper Biscuit: Sweetie summons the mythical Zepper biscuit  nomming on it regaining 10 hp for 3 turns. 10 mp 4 turn recharge. The biscuit can be shared of course :)

(Given to Rarity)
Pirate's Fencing Rapier
Damage: 15 - 22
Rapid Slash: The user attacks 4 times in a row for base damage. 14 mp 3 turn recharge.
Buried Treasure: The user stabs into an enemy for double damage and somehow recovers a random item. 10 mp 3 turn recharge.
Canon Fodder: The users blade suddenly shifts into a canon blasting an enemy for 66 damage. Instantly kills non boss enemies. 10 mp 4 turn recharge.
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Re: Silver's Armory
Replica Weapons:

Damage: 20 - 29 (Holy)
Omniblade: The user attack an enemy 7 times doing base damage each time. 15 mp 4 turn recharge.
Arching Slash: The user swipes the blade in a wide arch hitting 1-3 enemies doing double damage and causes bleed. 10 mp 3 turn recharge
One Winged Angel: The user  floats above the field summoning comets to rain down upon the enemies doing 300 to all enemies. 20 mp 5 turn recharge.
Impalement Slam: The user darts forward impaling an enemy with the long blade of there sword then slams the enemy into the ground before throwing them off the blade. Instantly kills any non boss. Does 250 damage and leaves a deep cut (deep cut makes the enemy bleed each turn the bleed increases by 5 ) to bosses. 15 mp 4 turn recharge.

Cyber Pegasi Wings
Damage:  25 - 30 (Wind)
Ariel Slashes: The user flies into the are before zooming down and slashing across one or a group of targets for double damage. (MP: 10 MP Recharge: 4 Turns)
Wing Cut: The user slashes the wing blade against one of the targets violently doing 100-150 damage with a 45% chance of bleeding (MP: 12 Recharge: 3 Turns)
Spin Tails Hurricane: The user flies forward quickly and spins the pegasi blade with enough speed and force of a user's rapid winds to shred another into a bloody pulp of a mess. Roll a 10-sided dice: 1-8 is a hit and instant death Non-Boss - 300-400  to a Boss 9-10 is a miss. (MP: 25 Recharge: 5 Turn)
Boomerang Throw: The user twirls in a full circle throwing the spinning blade at an enemy, cutting their  bodies, catching it when coming back. 100-200 damage. 55% chance of instant death to a non boss. (MP: 14 Recharge: 4 Turn)

Founder's Staff (Unicorn Only)
Base: 26-28 (Changing Elemental Damage)
Magic Missile: The user targets 1 - 8 enemies and fires bolts of magical energy at them doing 30 damage. (5 MP per shot + 10MP for elemental damage) 4 Recharge)
Aurora Flash: The gems on the scepter flash with a blinding light doing 100 damage of fire, water and lightning element all targets. (20 MP, 5 Recharge)
Cosmic Strike: Te user raises the scepter up into the air before bringing it down pointing it at a target, a ball of elemental magic explodes into target doing 500 damage. (30 MP, 5 Recharge)
Counter strike: The user creates a barrier that when hit returns the attack for double the damage (400 max). (20 MP (28 to Not Count As a Turn) 6 Recharge)
Element Change: The user changes the element damage of the scepter. (5 MP, Doesn't count as a turn)

Earthpony's Pride (Scythe) (Earth Pony Only)
Base: 20 - 35 (Earth)
Tending the Fields: The user slashes doing at the target doing 250 damage (50% Chance Limb Removal (Non-Boss). (15 MP, 4 Recharge)
Crop Harvesting: The user swings the blade around cutting into the enemies doing 100 damage to all. (20 MP, 3 Recharge)
The Reaper's Cut: The user cuts the scythe around at the neck of a target decapiting them. (1 - 5 Hits 6 - 10 Misses) (Bosses take 400 damage) (30 MP, 5 Recharge)
Harvest Rewards: The user swings the blade around slashing into enemies doing 50 damage to all and recovers 25 HP. (25 MP, 4 Recharge)

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