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Mon 29 Sep 2014
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In Escalation you'll be playing ordinary 21st century people who are about to suffer through the end of the world. You don't know it's coming. You're not prepared. You're not particularly suited to survive; you're not survivalists or soldiers or preppers.

You're just normal folks who thought they'd live and die in the comfort of modern civilization. You were wrong.

You'll learn though. This game is about your growth and transformation.

RTJ Questions:

1. How familiar with GURPS 4e are you? If you need help I can create a character for you.

2. How often can you post?

3. Your character's physiology. What you look like. Your personal style. Your physical traits.

4. Your character's sociology. Your background and upbringing. Your family life. What your friends are like. What activities you participate in, and your job if you have one. In short, your place in the world.

5. Your character's personality. What is your driving goal? What is your fatal flaw or weakness, and how do you think you might overcome that through the course of the game?

If you're accepted into the game, I'll ask you for a character sheet (or, if you need it, make one for you.)