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The Game in a Nut Shell
"Welcome ye hearty adventures, This be not your standard setting mate.  So what does that mean to me you may ask yourself.  Tis a good question ye be asking.  So instead of a direct answer, I would be asking you yet another question, Do you have a bit of the Jammer in ya?  If so then this may be of interest to you after all."

AD&D SpellJammer game setting, which means both 1st, 2nd, and Core Rules are in play.  Of course there will be a bit of tweaking on my part to help make things a bit more blended.

Starting level 3rd level and have 1500 xp to find yourself one magical item.  As for the rest, you'll need to find along the way.

"So if ye still be interested, then you need to be dropping me a line."  (Send RTJ with character concept)

Of course there is a catch to the character development, one of my own little twist.  Your character will be a hero from one of the realms (GreyHawk, Forgotten Realms, DragonLance, Etc), with little to no Spelljammer knowledge.  They instead were adventures of some note in their day, who's lives were cut short by some horrific event that they died in. (Dragonfire, Overrun by hoards, or other..) They were hand plucked by a creature of unknown origin for reasons unexplained decided that they should be given a second chance.

Your character awakens in what could best be called a half-way house.  There is plenty of activity going on in the room, "Oh goodie glad to see that your finally coming around.  Your not the first and surely not to be the last."

This is not where your adventure ends but where your adventure begins.

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Some House Rules
Wizards and Intelligence.  Wizard Types get their normal allotment of spells and need to note which spells are memorized.  With a slight variation, they have the option of switching out a memorized spell for another in their spell book base on a roll against their intelligence score.  A successful roll mean that they prepared that spell.  The way I see it is with their higher intelligence they would likely have foreseen the come event and prepared the appropriate spell.

Psionics will be allowed but kept on a very short leash and let it be know in advance that psionics is considered a dark art by most all of the races.  It will hence forth be know as "Mind bending"

Still in the works so bear with me.

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Tue 21 Oct 2014
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Reference Materials

Monster list