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Black Nova structure
Enlisted Rank
Private (PVT)
Corporal (CPL)
Sergeant (SGT)
First Sergeant (1SG)
Sergeant Major (SGM)

Commissioned Rank
Lieutenant (LT)
Captain (CPT)
Major (MAJ)
Colonel (COL)
Lieutenant General (LG)
Major General (MG)

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Black Nova Structure
Team (4 individuals)
Squad (3-4 teams)
Company (8-10 squads)
Brigade (6-14 companies)
Command (4-6 brigades)

The highest unit of organization in the Black Nova Mercenary Group is the Command.  The Command is responsible for large sectors of space.  A Command usually has anywhere from 3000 to 15000 people in the unit.  These units are responsible for accomplishing broad goals, such as "maintain security in this sector of space."  Commands are led by Generals and Sergeants Major.

The Brigade is the next lowest level of organization.  A Brigade typically works together in a smaller sector of space.  They usually conduct specific operations, such as "Defend a planet from invasion."  Brigades are led by Colonels, Majors, and Sergeants Major.

The Company is assigned to specific tasks within an operation, such as "Secure the landing site for the Brigade" or "Evacuate citizens from the city."  Most mercenaries know everybody in their company to some extent.  Companies are led by Captains and First Sergeants.

The Squad is the primary unit.  Individuals spend most of their time with their squadmates, on- or off-mission.  Each squad is led by a Lieutenant and Sergeant.

The Team is the smallest unit of organization.  Each Team consists of a Corporal and three Privates.  They answer directly to their Lieutenant and Sergeant.

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Your Squad
Squad Commander
LT Korbin Matsuda

Squad Leader
SGT Romanov Sandalton

Alpha Team
CPL Jozsa Lyons
PVT Yan Lei

Bravo Team
CPL Filip Digaria
PVT Hope Singer
PVT Sierra Delacruz
PVT Utku Ceylan

Charlie Team
CPL Olivia Barros
PVT Isaac Brown
PVT Levi Abdulla
PVT Marlene Szilard

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