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The Zin
Origins: Dark space between galaxies
Homeplanet: Unknown

Zin are capable of taking many forms.  It appears they are a single species capable of taking a variety of genetic templates (gentemps).  These templates are designed for specific roles.  There is evidence to suggest that an intelligence is directing or controlling the Zin, but most individual creatures have no intelligence beyond that of a brutal animal.

The most commonly observed types of Zin are warrior gentemps.  These Zin come in several different forms, from small swarmers about one foot in length to huge behemoths the size of elephants.  Most Zin have external skeletal support or a partial exoskeleton in addition to an internal skeleton.  None of the known types have hands.  Instead of feet, they walk on scythe-like appendages or hooves.  Those that walk upright may have weapons as arms.  Some are capable of flight.  In essence, Zin are biological weapons.  Whether they arose naturally or were created artificially is unknown, but it seems apparent that they were not born in the Milky Way.

The Zin are a spacefaring species.  They use many types of creatures to carry invasion forces across space.  They also use gentemps that are capable of releasing projectile and energy attacks on enemy vessels.  The Zin are not capable of travel at superluminal speeds.  The Ascendancy may know where an invasion is planning to go years ahead of time, which is about the only advantage they have over this species.

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Genetic Templates
There may be hundreds of different gentemps produced by the Zin, but these are some of the most commonly spotted in battle.

Small creatures whose only tactic is to swarm over an enemy, overwhelming them with numbers.  These creatures are typically the first line of offense, serving as a distraction for other troops to take the field.  If ignored or dismissed, they have been know to end a battle quickly.  Swarmers are about 1 foot long in length.  They have six scythe-like legs which they use to attack enemies.  They will also use serrated teeth to bite and cut.  Swarmers have only a small patch of chitin on their backs as protection from physical damage.

The Ascendancy Host recommends explosive weapons to fight swarmers.  Intense heat and fire are also effective.  Rapid fire weapons are less effective.  Slower firing weapons are not effective against swarmers.

These gentemps are nearly identical to swarmers in form.  They walk on six legs.  Instead of having sharp teeth, they use their mouths to project an acidic liquid.  This acid will cause serious burns on exposed skin.  Given enough time, it will eat through personal armor and can even incapacitate battlesuits.

Spitters are normally found in groups of swarmers.  Explosives are effective against spitters, just as they are against swarmers.  The difficulty lies in differentiating them from the rest of the group and targeting them before they come in range.

The hunter is similar to the swarmer, but it's larger size makes it a larger threat.  It runs on six legs and has more chitinous armor to protect it.  They usually measure about 3 feet in length.

The Ascendancy Host recommends the use of explosives and fire weapons to fight hunters.  Their thicker armor may prevent damage from explosions, but projectiles can usually pierce the armor.

This gentemp is one of the most common fliers spotted.  They use leathery wings to make their way over enemies before diving and slicing through enemies.  Because they are flying creatures, they don't have any chitinous armor, but they make up for that lack of protection with speed.  If their wings are damaged, they still have two legs and can walk to their target.

Rapid-fire weapons are recommended against divers.  Other weapons that require more precision are just as effective at causing damage, but require a very accurate marksman to hit the target because of their speed.

Troopers usually present the strongest resistance because they employ more advanced tactics other than direct attacks.  They are bipedal and walk on hoofed feet, standing about the height of a human.  They usually have one arm formed into a weapon and the other arm formed into a ranged biological weapon.  This weapon is fired by strong muscle contractions and fires barbs of bone at enemies.  It has a limited supply of ammunition, but once that is exhausted, the trooper is usually within melee range.

Troopers have strong armor.  It is recommended that projectile weapons be used to target them individually.  Laser weapons may also be effective against troopers if projectile weapons are unavailable.

The flayer is s snake-like gentemp with psionic powers.  They have two scythe-arms near their head and are capable of lifting the front half of their body.  They have little else in the way of physical weapons and their armor is fairly weak.  Their main power lies in their psionic abilities, which they wield as a deadly and precise weapon.

The Ascendancy Host strongly recommends that psionic defenses are in place during battle with the Zin.  Flayers can be hard to spot and usually don't join the frontal assault.  Therefore it may be necessary to call in air support or artillery to take out distant targets.

One of the most terrifying enemies any soldier can face.  The smasher is a hulking enemy the size of an elephant.  It is essentially a biological tank.  It walks on four legs, the rear two being hoofed so it is capable of standing when needed.  The front two have the same scythe-arms of other creatures.  This gentemp has the thickest armor and often has a weapon growing from its back.  The weapon emits a ball of liquid that is ignited upon contact with oxygen-rich air.  Upon contact with a surface, the ball explodes and splashes nearby targets.  It can only be extinguished with a lack of oxygen or a specific chemical mixture.

Smashers are extremely dangerous.  They can absorb a lot of damage before falling and will break through enemy lines if they get close enough.  Concentrated fire with any type of weapon is recommended.

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