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Kraven Kor
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Tue 2 Dec 2014
at 01:39
OOC:  Luke and Toshiro

I want you guys to kind of fill in some blanks here to "customize" your backstory and how you wound up captured - or together, at least, captured or not.

Spitball ideas for now, here or wherever - the basic idea is forming a story that puts you both together in the system the other players are meeting in.  I could put one or both of you on the ship with Mir and Caitlin, but it would not fit as well to your backgrounds - they are working on a survey ship.  I could put you on the ship with Jed and Rondo; they are on a secretly military ship of the OAU.  But neither of you have backgrounds that put you as assets of the OAU.  So here is what I am thinking.

Luke "Dread Pilot" Roberts":  You were tipped off to a potentially lucrative opportunity in Obsidia B and jumped at the chance, probably (if I am reading character right) unfazed by the chaos of the system and off you went.  Your ship then fell victim to the same thing as has happened to the ship that Mir and Caitlin are on, then got nabbed by the TSR only to have their ship also disabled; now you are stuck on the TSR ship with some other captives from your ship and another.  (I will fill in details once you have your say.)

Toshiro Tanaka:  You would have then been on this other ship the TSR has captives from; with you having potentially been sent to rescue or investigate another ship (Luke's or another - ie. could be either of you got caught first and one of you could have been coming to the other's rescue or whatever.)

Some info:

The Obsidia B system is a system in chaos with rival groups fighting for control; mostly a cold war / cyber war, but lots of "guerrilla" action as well and thus still hazardous to ships passing through.  Both the TSR and the OAU have friendlies in system, allies or propped up groups, so both can negotiate passage or find ways to get in and out secretly - but only through their own side of the system, the JumpGates being the only way in or out and TSR and OAU each controlling one gate in the system.  Obsidia A, where the other players are, is a mostly barren system with an official population of zero - not even a research base.  But, several ships have now gone missing there.

So, again, whether going with my ideas above or not, the idea is to have you both in the Obsidia B system to meet up with / get rescued by / rescue the other players.  Without adding too many more ships to the few I have in-system.

Toshiro:  You can even start still with a ship if you want, and be answering their distress call, or just be on your own disabled ship, or whatever... but it will further stretch how believable it is for all involved ships to arrive / intercept at close to the same time.

Let me know your thoughts while I wait on just a few more things to resolve and I can weave you two in and - hopefully - have the party formed up before too long.

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Kraven Kor
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Tue 9 Dec 2014
at 22:11
Re: OOC:  Luke and Toshiro
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 1):

Are people not seeing this post, or simply not responding?  I need some input from you guys on getting you injected into the plot, if at all possible.  I can wing it, but I would appreciate a little conversation here re: what your characters are doing up to the point I rope you into things.


 Luke Roberts, 43 posts
Fri 12 Dec 2014
at 19:00
Re: OOC:  Luke and Toshiro
Okay, NOW I have access to this thread. You've read my updated background. The story set up sounds fine, save that if I'm onboard the TSR ship, I'm going to be trying to help get the ship working again, if they let me. I already have done some work for them in the past (if my record isn't sealed for some reason).
 Luke Roberts, 139 posts
Thu 29 Jan 2015
at 22:17
Re: OOC:  Luke and Toshiro
In reply to Luke (msg # 163):

Again, the face twists with rage.  You think he just smashed the comm console - you see his fist slam down and then static.

Someone is having a very bad day week month.

I'm guessing that the very angry man did something to piss off the members onboard the Mercy II's dropship. Probably saddled it with those 2 unwanted gunship escorts. And is now trying like hell to get away......
poor boy, no joy.
Kraven Kor
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Thu 29 Jan 2015
at 22:28
Re: OOC:  Luke and Toshiro
Swing and a miss.  ;)

Remember, the two escorts were from the OAU's Mercy II, not the TSR's Walder Regan corvette.  The OAU dropship shot down its own escorts, and you have no idea why - but that should change very shortly.