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Kraven Kor
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Wed 3 Dec 2014
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Forward Momentum
Another meeting is called after the Mercy II contacts the stricken survey ship.  You are now about 1 day out from establishing an orbit; and about 5-6 days from rendezvous.

The General outlines the current situation.  "The Pytheas has confirmation that the TSR Corvette is hostile; they set a dropship, running dark, into their trajectory.  We are on a 27 minute delay on comms; the TSR dropship will be in weapons range of the Pytheas in about 30 minutes.  This changes the parameters of our mission.  The captain of the Pytheas has a plan; he is setting their drones up as make-shift ECM and kinetic-kill weapons.  They are going to try to blind the TSR Corvette and dropship, and disable or destroy the dropship if possible.  As they do so, they are evacuating the ship, using their own dropship and lifepods.  They'll be attempting to move out of the debris field, but the dropship is not designed for interplanetary travel.  We are modifying our course to intercept the Pytheas' dropship."

He pulls up a schematic of the system, showing the Pytheas' location and vector, the planned vector of their escape, the TSR Corvette and dropship, and then keys up a few red blips.

"After some analysis of the Pytheas' surviving sensor logs, we believe the EMP weapon to be on a platform somewhere here, above the debris disk.  We do not know its range, nor can we get sensor or visual confirmation.  The Pytheas was struck here," he points to a spot some millions of kilometers behind the Pytheas' current location, ... and drifted since."

He turns to Major Duschesne and his crew.  "Major, your team will be on standby.  If the Pytheas' plan works, and the dropship is disabled, you will be boarding the Pytheas to secure the ship for a tow, then rejoining us to help secure the TSR Corvette if needed.  Commander Mobayed" (the chief engineer of the Mercy II) "is attempting to come up with a plan to detect, avoid, or withstand this EMP weapon but we can't risk the Mercy II being disabled. If the Pytheas' cannot disable the dropship, they intend to detonate the primary reactor remotely once the TSR dropship latches on.  I tried to talk them out of it, but, well, their Captain is determined to bloody their lip any way he can.  If, however, the TSR turn and chase their dropship - if their plan to blind them doesn't cover their escape - then things get complicated.  The Pytheas' crew will have no choice but to surrender.  I'd like to have our own dropships and gunships in place to assist.  We'll send them in staggered; so that if the forward ship elicits a response from this EMP weapon, the rest can mark the range and return to the Mercy.  I figure 2, 3 days for our craft to get to the rendezvous; and about the same for the TSR's to change their orbit and catch up to the Pytheas' dropship.  We're running the numbers but we cannot predict the future; exact timing is impossible."

He clears his throat and wraps up the initial briefing:  "Any questions?  Last minute suggestions?  Speak now; we launch remote craft at 1330 hours."  That is about 3 hours from now.

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 Jedak Frame, 31 posts
Fri 5 Dec 2014
at 10:17
Re: Forward Momentum
Competent people seem to be doing their jobs, thought and effort being put to answer the important question.

Jed has nothing more to ask or contribute from those convened.
 Rondo Telek, 52 posts
Fri 5 Dec 2014
at 12:57
Re: Forward Momentum
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 1):

As the crowd forms for the briefing. Rondo finds Jed and moves up next to him, almost hiding in his enormous shadow.  He observes the goings on carefully, but says nothing.

[Private to Kraven Kor: They seem to have a plan to address the rogue corvette.  It doesn't seem worthwhile to let them know about my suspicions regarding it.  Doing so might reveal a bit too much about my own activities.]
Kraven Kor
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Fri 12 Dec 2014
at 15:57
Re: Forward Momentum
A few hours after you launch, you get word that the crew of the Pytheas was able to disable or destroy the dropship sent to board and capture them.  They seem out of the frying pan, for now, at least, and your five ships move on to rendezvous and escort them.

After about a day, you get an update from the Mercy - once the Pytheas' crew is secure, the dropship and 2 gunships are to adjust course and intercept the small transport.  Something about an "intelligence asset" potentially being on board.