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Kraven Kor
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Wed 17 Dec 2014
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Four Walls
It must have been months, now.  You aren't sure.

Time has little meaning in this little room; four grey walls and the sterile glow of shipboard lights.  If there is any notice to the change of shifts or any other way to mark the passage of time, it is denied to you.

On occasion, armed men come and grab one of you and take them off for more questioning, depositing them back in a drugged heap once finished.  It takes days for it to clear your system, but, all things considered, it could be worse.

This adventure started, as most do, well enough.  The Rimward Runner was a good ship, with a good crew, and despite the precarious location of the next job, nobody expected trouble once you had passed beyond the chaotic space of Obsidia B into the placid emptiness of Obsidia A.

But the system was not nearly so placid as you had been led to believe.  Something attacked from the debris field, some EMP weapon.  Burned out nearly everything, you narrowly avoided the reactor going critical, then limped along for a month waiting to see if anyone had received your distress call.

Then the TSR showed up.  Just the one corvette, and it fell upon the same fate as your own ship had.  Unfortunately, they still had their dropships and fighters, whatever had attacked the larger ships seeming to ignore the smaller.  They boarded you, questioned you, and then took you back to their ship - where you have remained, locked in the tiny brig, since.

Thirty came with you, the Rimward Runner's full compliment.  Only seven now remain.  And Captain Mercei is looking worse and worse by the day.

The TSR have treated you well enough, beyond the less than comfortable accommodations and the drugged interrogations.  But their doctor died in the EMP attack, with only a medic as his backup.  Hence the Captain's deteriorating condition.

Whatever the details, the TSR are here for the same thing you were.  Someone found evidence of a potentially whole alien spacecraft here, something old and, supposedly, far more advanced than any terran craft.  You've told them everything, you couldn't help it.  But the interrogations continue.

Today, however, is a break in the monotony.  You are awakened - from sleep or boredom - by the ship suddenly shuddering and jolting about.  Loud thumps ring out along the hull, artificial gravity strains against the g-forces and you all feel your insides go funny.  Lights flicker and dim, sparks fly, smoke filters in from the air ducts.  Seven, eight, nine, ten...  ten hits.  Metal on metal.

Sort yourselves out here, fill in / ask for details regarding events up until this point, and then I'll move events forward.  Right now, you are just reacting to the above and have *no idea* what is going on.

Sorry for the delay in getting a prologue going; had to ensure I knew how certain things would play out and was waiting to see if you two had more input on things.  Thanks!

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 Luke Roberts, 44 posts
Fri 19 Dec 2014
at 02:35
Re: Four Walls
My....guts thinks Luke. That sort of twisting feeling one experiences with sudden acceleration or deceleration. Unless... maybe the environmental systems took a hit? He rises from his bunk, suddenly wide awake. The effects of the last interrogation had long since worn off, and his mind was clear. As he listened to tell-tale stresses of the ship around him, Luke noticed the sound of metal impacting metal. Missiles? he thinks. Ballistic weapons weren't used much these days, not with the availablity and power of energy weapons. On the other hand, if whatever disabled his craft and that of TSR relied on the presence of energy weapons for targeting purposes, then ballistic offenses made sense. Luke staggers over to the door to his cell, keeping his balance as the ship shifts with each impact. If any power systems took a hit, there was a remote chance that his door might become unlocked. It wasn't likely, but
he was always a gambler. Besides, what else did he have to look forward to?
Kraven Kor
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Mon 22 Dec 2014
at 17:45
Re: Four Walls
Was waiting on Toshiro to post as well...  apologies :(

The door does seem to give a little - it is a standard interior bulkhead door, inset in the wall on magnetic tracks.  There is no interior handle or control, but you can feel the heavy door is loose - the magnetic locks are not powered up.

Emergency lighting flickers on.  The ship does not immediately explode and nothing else strikes the ship, at least for the moment it seems.  Those with you, other than Captain Mercei, are all up and awake and alert now - years of training kicking in with the sudden impacts.

You would assume whatever has happened has not wholly crippled the ship, due to the fact none of the various catastrophes that would quickly ensue have began.