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Tue 20 Jan 2015
at 01:35
XP Log
XP will be rewarded as follows:

1 XP per Chapter.
1 XP for any objective successfully completed; a major enemy defeated, plot point revealed, plan executed, good RP / technobabble, etc.
1 XP per in-game "week" of 10 days that pass.
5 XP at the end of any "Book" or larger story arc.



Mir:  24xp
Luke: 25xp
Zeyktin: 16xp

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Kraven Kor
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Sat 24 Jan 2015
at 03:04
Re: XP Log
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 1):

1000 Posts; 1 XP to all.

Same as above so far as when you get it - still pending for Luke and maybe Toshiro.

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Kraven Kor
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Thu 12 Feb 2015
at 23:43
Re: XP Log
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 2):

Chapter 1 XP Log

3 XP to all


2 XP to Mir - RP
2 XP to Luke - Action, RP
2 XP to Rondo - RP, Taking Charge
2 XP to Jed - RP

Totals updated in first post.
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Thu 26 Feb 2015
at 16:59
Re: XP Log
Forgot bonus XP for Jed - for his ample assistance in moving this campaign from HERO Central to here and teaching me the site.

Totals updated in first post.
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Thu 4 Jun 2015
at 22:45
Re: XP Log
2000 posts!

+1 XP for everybody!
 GM, 1177 posts
Mon 7 Sep 2015
at 15:56
Re: XP Log
XP for Chapter 3 (for Jed, Luke, Mir; Kilroy and Zeyktin will catch up to Chapter 3 here shortly.)

Going to scrap the voting thing and we'll just use the voting for the HAP's.


5 XP for Chapter 3 to Jed, Luke, and Mir
 GM, 1178 posts
Mon 7 Sep 2015
at 16:08
Re: XP Log
XP for "Chapter 1.5 to 2.5" for Kilroy and Zeyktin; and yes this XP can be spent prior to this combat - forgot about this for a bit, sorry all.


4 XP to Kilroy and Zeyktin
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Thu 21 Jan 2016
at 01:32
Re: XP Log
1 xp to Jed for coining the 'lens' term.

1 xp to Luke and Kilroy for some fantastic technobabble and RP surrounding such.

1 xp to Mir for...  stuff in recent posts / PM's, nobody get any ideas / suspicions :D

Zeyktin, yours will come after this scene is settled, but 1 xp for the Bongles / Gwen situation once concluded, for good RP.

Log updating shortly.
 GM, 1408 posts
Thu 21 Jan 2016
at 01:48
Re: XP Log
3000 Posts!

+1 XP for all.
 GM, 1444 posts
Wed 27 Jan 2016
at 22:15
Re: XP Log
Chapter 3 XP:

Note:  Catching up some folks; and it follows as honestly Kilroy and Zeyktin have had more 'action' this chapter.

3 XP to Jed, Luke, and Mir.

6 XP to Kilroy and Zeyktin.

XP totals updated in first post.
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Sat 23 Jul 2016
at 01:00
Re: XP Log
4000 Posts!

+1 XP for all!
 GM, 1959 posts
Sat 8 Oct 2016
at 18:27
Re: XP Log
+1 XP to Luke, Mir, and Zeyktin for defeating the TSR soldiers and the MOI Agent in the Spaceport Hospital.