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Kraven Kor
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Thu 12 Feb 2015
at 03:40
I will reward 5 XP to the player that puts together a timeline (or 1 XP each if you all help.)

Overall, about 40 days have passed since the Pytheas III arrived in this system, and about 12 since the Mercy II established orbit and contact.  If my memory serves.

Chapter 1 ends on the date it lists at the start; Galactic Date 3240.6.18

So you get to the derelict ship about GD 3240.6.20

Galactic calendar is close to gregorian; but all months are 30 days, so the galactic year is only 360 days long.  Nobody really uses the month names or anything; just the numeric date.  Each planet has its own local calendar, as well, but most worlds use "Galactic Standard Time" for actual records and such.

Once general timeline is established, I will reward 1 bonus XP per chapter to any player that adds to it on a regular basis.

Basically, I don't have time to do it myself, so I'm willing to reward those that help me keep a log of things and manage the timeline.