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Thu 3 Sep 2015
at 16:42
Ship-to-ship Combat Thread
A place to discuss the ship-to-ship combat.

As I had mentioned, things went close-ish to how I had intended, but with a few glaring problems.

Most notably, only one player being able / feeling able to contribute.

Second, the fact that you could realistically only fire 1-2 weapons at once, between the ship's END, the cost of the attacks, the total pool of the multipower, and the SPD of the ship making it so you can't switch the MP more than twice per turn.

The latter of the above is kind of by intent; I'm not 100% sure what the official rule on that would be, so far as a vehicle having a multipower that is usable by the passengers / pilot and when that MP could have its slots switched - on its own SPD, or on the SPD(s) of the characters using it.

But I do want ships able to fire a few weapons at once, while not ever able to fire all weapons at once.

The actual damage and defenses I think worked out well; or well enough.  A few hits to take down shields / screens, then a few more to truly breach armor and start causing destruction.

If I somehow increase "rate of fire" I might conversely beef up defenses somehow; I want most ships to last a few moments, no one-shot kills but for the most lucky rolls or high-damage weapons.

Your thoughts and input are welcome and appreciated.