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Fri 18 Mar 2016
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Obsidia Prime - Spaceport Hospital Rescue
As this ECM primarily targets the heavy armor guys, but *might* affect similar items, I am giving every category of things a 15- activation roll - I roll 16+ and that category uses a similar enough power source.  Other stuff might / will "be on the fritz" until the end of Phase 12 but no real effect.

After rolls; nothing else is affected.  Rolled for:  Light armor, standard weapons, heavy weapons, lights, security systems, door locks, medical equipment, heavy medical equipment, cameras, general power / outlets, comm systems.

6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5,4,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,2,1,1
10m:  79
20m:  73
30m:  67
40m:  61
50m:  55
60m:  50
70m:  45
80m:  40
90-100m:  35

Heavy Armor has 5 power defense.  Walls give 8.  Light armor has no power defense.

Two of the heavies are within 10m-20m.  Rest are 20m-30m.  One is in a room, right at 20m.

79 - 5 = 74 drained from END reserve of Heavy #3 and #4
73 - 5 = 68 drained from END Reserve of Heavy #1 and #5
73 - 5 - 8 = 60 from Heavy #2.

That zeroes it out and shuts it down for all of them; they can use no power on the armor that costs END or that reasonably runs from the power pack.  This also means they are encumbered by the armor (which, I think, would be a limitation on the armor I hadn't thought about...  more tinkering lol.)  The power pack will need to be replaced or repaired and recharged.

This kicks off Phase 12; they are surprised and don't get to act on phase 12.  Luke:  You can have an NPC start the lens-up-lens down on their DEX if you'd like.  Or you could have lens up the ground crew, lensed down the ordinance on Phase 12, lens ground team back down next phase or on next NPC DEX.  Pretty much all of that will have the ground team having used a move action on phase 12 to get on the pads; leaving 1/2 phase action to move or attack or whatever once in the facility.

You have 6 to teleport up and back down, and then at least one missile having been placed on the pad for this attack.

I'm OK with you all discussing the order of events here after the fact, as it were; we forgot a few details in our excitement :D

Once that is sorted, Zeyktin will be up, having had to at least held his action to Luke's DEX on Phase 12:

Zeyktin:  SPD 4, DEX 20
Major:  SPD 4, DEX 18
Luke:  SPD 3, DEX 18
Bongles:  SPD 4, DEX 16
Kudarant:  SPD 3, DEX 14
Jed:  SPD 4, DEX 13
Helligan:  SPD 3, DEX 13

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Fri 18 Mar 2016
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Obsidia Prime - Spaceport Hospital Rescue
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