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Wed 15 Oct 2014
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Rondo: Solo
IC, In Character, actions that are not public

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Kraven Kor
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Tue 18 Nov 2014
at 19:11
Re: Rondo: Solo
Intercept communications to the TSR ship

15:44, Today: Rondo rolled 12 using 3d6 with rolls of 5,3,4. [SysOps: Comms, 20-]

The TSR Corvette is not doing any long-range comms via traditional methods; the Pytheas had been running a tight-beam distress call as well, which has since ceased - or been jammed; hard to tell at this distance.

You can try to hack into the FTL Relays on the JumpGates in Obsidia B; the Corvette has an ansible, but all FTL comms are transmitted through the relays.

Would need a "Computer Programming" or "Hacking" roll; whichever skill you feel is best for hacking the FTL relay.  The SysOp roll above will carry over once you hack into the FTL network.
 Rondo Telek, 48 posts
Mon 24 Nov 2014
at 15:42
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 2):

Rondo heads back to his station after the staff meeting and gets to work on learning what he can about the orders the TSR Corvette is operating under.  He's got so many backdoors into these FTL relays that he practically lives in that code stream.  He gets in and starts working on isolating the traffic to and from the corvette.

[Action]10:39, Today: Rondo rolled 14 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,6,2. [Computer Programming, 20-].

Sorry it took me so long to respond.  I didn't notice this new thread for some reason.  Plus I've been playing a shit-ton of Dragon Age!
Kraven Kor
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Wed 26 Nov 2014
at 20:48
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 2):

Rondo heads back to his station after the staff meeting and gets to work on learning what he can about the orders the TSR Corvette is operating under.  He's got so many backdoors into these FTL relays that he practically lives in that code stream.  He gets in and starts working on isolating the traffic to and from the corvette.

[Action]10:39, Today: Rondo rolled 14 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,6,2. [Computer Programming, 20-].

Sorry it took me so long to respond.  I didn't notice this new thread for some reason.  Plus I've been playing a shit-ton of Dragon Age!

No worries, I'm not exactly speedy on responses right now either :(

The Corvette is not even linked to the FTL Network, so far as you can tell; which you find very odd.  Maybe their Ansible is malfunctioning?  You do know enough to know they generally cannot be repaired remotely; re-linking an Ansible to the FTL network has to be done in very specialized facilities.

You do, however, find a whole pile of data having been queued for the Corvette to receive - that takes some digging in the CommLogs of the FTL Array in Obsidia-B's "Coreward" JumpGate.  The Corvette is identified as the RSS Melbourne.  This seems to confirm the idea that their FTL comms are down.  The data is mostly junk; personal mail and such, and seems to have piled up for months, until about six weeks ago when the TSR Ship Registry listed the Melbourne as MIA.  You dig a bit more and find that the ship is listed as an active asset in "Operation Darkstar."  It seems the ship had been sent to Obsidia A to retrieve something, then was listed MIA and there are a lot of messages between TSR Brass discussing what to do about it.  Supposedly, a pair of Cruisers has been sent to investigate; those Cruisers are currently approaching the Obsidia systems through the Novyy Kamchatka JumpGate route.  ETA a few weeks.
 Rondo Telek, 49 posts
Fri 28 Nov 2014
at 15:25
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 4):

Rondo becomes increasingly concerned about the corvette the more he sifts through the data from the Hyperspace Relay.  The fact that the TSR brass have sent two cruisers to investigate the activities of the corvette indicates to him that it's now a total wild-card.  What was that ship picking up at Obsidia-A, I wonder?  Was the pickup related to them going MIA?

Rondo will investigate news reports from Obsidia-A for the week before and after the corvette visited to see if he can get an inkling as to what may have happened to cause it's change in behavior.

[Action]Investigate the corvette's activities at Obsidia-A.

10:24, Today: Rondo rolled 6 using 3d6 with rolls of 2,3,1. Computer Programming, 20-

Kraven Kor
 GM, 280 posts
Mon 1 Dec 2014
at 21:15
Re: Rondo: Solo
Nothing in recent news seems to link up.

Expanding the search, however, a few things stick out:

First, there are several ships to have gone MIA in Obsidia A in the last galactic year.  This survey ship you are en route to rescue is the first to have any reported Q-Beacon or distress call.

Second; the undelivered messages for the corvette go back 6 months or so - ie. they have been there a bit and have been non-responsive.  The last seeming mission-relevant message the corvette sent was coded and encoded - you decrypt it, but it is just kind of random; you figure it is "coded" and that the response means something to those in the know, but means nothing to you.  You are guessing it was merely an acknowledgement that the corvette had arrived in Obsidia A, and several responses from TSR military channels were made but never received.

You do some more digging and find timestamps for the corvette's passage through the more populated Obsidia B system.  Sure enough, the corvette must have paid someone to hide the logs of their passage.  The RSS Melbourne had stationed at a neutral servicing dock near the Terra-facing JumpGate, for about a week; that nearly a year ago.  You can't find much detailed information - immediately, at least - but can confirm they both released and took on passengers, and supplies, at that service dock.
 Rondo Telek, 50 posts
Tue 2 Dec 2014
at 17:20
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 6):

Rondo shakes his head as he struggles to make sense of what he's seeing in the data.  Some other piece of data is going to come up that will put this puzzle together, but I don't have it yet.  I'll just have to wait and see.

Rondo checks in on the status of his query to the AHN to see if they have dug anything up about Thurmond Stanislaw.  It was getting close to the time for them to rendezvous with the Pytheas.

[PlayerGM] Once I have this I will be ready to move back to the Hangar Bay thread.
Kraven Kor
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Tue 2 Dec 2014
at 18:13
Re: Rondo: Solo
I had replied re: the AHN and Stanis, I thought - were you digging in for more detail?  Here is the PM I had sent you:

Good call; forgot about that.

First, nowhere in the Mercy's debriefing does Stanis' name appear - if they are aware of his involvement, it is Need-To-Know information that they have not deigned you need to know.

The info you get from the AHN is conflicting; pretty much everyone who knows the name and his disappearance story has a pet theory.

The most common theory is he was captured by the TSR and converted using telepathic reprogramming.  The vehement rebuttals to those theories is that he is on some long-game secret op for Rai.

There are several reported sightings of him over the last years in and around OAU space, and a scant bit of info on a potential partner, one "Matvei Gruschev" with an equal number of conflicting theories.  He is a heavy worlder, suspected as a powerful telepath, and again the theories split between Gruschev being an agent out of Rai, under Stanislaw, or that he is the TSR agent controlling Stanislaw.

If you had hit up the AHN for more / different info or done some rolls to try and sort fact from fiction, please quote those posts here if you can, thanks!
 Rondo Telek, 51 posts
Tue 2 Dec 2014
at 19:38
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 8):

[PlayerGM]I hadn't seen the PM, sorry.  They don't provide a good way of telling you that you have new ones.  This information is helpful though.

Rondo looks through the various posts in response to his query, trying to sift the kernels of truth from the detritus of paranoia.  This Matvei Gruschev character merits further investigation, but that's probably going to have to wait until later.

Rondo stands up from his console and makes his way to his quarters to get his equipment in preparation for the mission to the Pytheas.  He picks up Skeezy and holds him up to his face to look into his ocular sensor.  "We're going on an adventure, buddy!  I'm going to need your help on this one."  He sets Skeezy back down on the table and reaches out to Jeeves over their private comm channel.  "Jeeves, I'm going to try to get you included in the mission to the Pythias, probably for labor purposes.  Try to maintain cover, but be prepared for anything over there."

He puts his equipment on a cart, sets Skeezy on top, then makes his way to the hangar bay.
Kraven Kor
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Thu 8 Jan 2015
at 19:13
Re: Rondo: Solo
"The Transfer" - Assessing the Auriga:

Need you to do some work to get some more details on the Auriga and/or her captain.
 Rondo Telek, 62 posts
Mon 12 Jan 2015
at 14:51
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 10):

Now that Rondo has verified that there isn't any dangerous malware planted in the Auriga's computers, he will see what kind of useful data he can pull out of them.  He pays close attention to any computing activities that were undertaken by Jenna Hedak, the captain of the Auriga, and the Expedition Leader.  All communications to and from those 3 people are carefully scrutinized for anything out of the ordinary.  In particular, he's looking for anything hidden in the metadata of messages to and from Hedak that might indicate covert communications.

In addition to the careful scrubbing of those particular individuals, he will be running software of his own design against all message traffic to identify any anomalies that might require further scrutiny.

[PlayerGM]I'm going to assume you will want multiple Computer Programming rolls for the above so...[/PlayerGM]

Action: Computer stuff!
09:49, Today: Computer Programming; 20- Rondo rolled 12 using 3d6 with rolls of 3,5,4.

09:48, Today: Computer Programming; 20- Rondo rolled 14 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,6,2.

09:48, Today: Computer Programming; 20- Rondo rolled 7 using 3d6 with rolls of 1,3,3.

First roll at bottom.

Kraven Kor
 GM, 392 posts
Tue 13 Jan 2015
at 19:00
Re: Rondo: Solo
Point of order:  You have not, that I am aware of, gone over the Auriga.  That is Tavi's ship.  You have analyzed the computer and AI cores of the Pytheas III, which is the survey ship that you just picked up the crew of.

I believe the rolls you are making now are to pour over the Pytheas III's info, per your questions regarding Jenna and the Expedition Leader and such?

If I am incorrect, please remind me of the post where you were able to remotely connect to the Auriga - no worries.

You don't really find anything of too much import or connection to all of this in the Pytheas' cores or memory banks; what is left of them.  It is all redundant data backup, but about half of the memory is completely fried.  You still get about 90% data recovery due to the RAID-within-a-RAID-within-a-RAID setup of the memory banks.

You get plenty of "dirt" on the expedition leader; it is clear that he went into this with more information than he was letting on, but you find no connection between him and Jenna, or Stanislaw, or what little information you have on this Mattvei Gruschev character (Stanislaw's purported compatriot / puppet-master.)  Most of the Expedition Leader's communications were with the client that initially hired SKX for this contract, a man by the name of Terr Grumman.  Again, "dirt" there, he is the CEO of a megacorp out of OAU space, "Grumman Astrotech."  Mostly his company sources and sells parts for spaceships and even JumpGate construction.  But you find nothing linking Grumman to Jenna or Stanislaw.

The Captain of the Pytheas III is even less interesting, beyond his tendency to curse and berate anyone and everyone.  Half of his log entries are just curses and insults.  But, again, you find no really suspicious connections or hidden messages.

The Auriga is listed as a stolen vessel, out of New Athens several years back.  It somehow got out of TSR space and has been running under its current name and captain - an amphibioid native of New Athens named Tavi.  There is some connection between Tavi and Stanislaw - it looks as though Stanislaw has hired the Auriga on three occasions now, most recently...  for transport to an undisclosed location.  The Auriga entered Obsidia B some 8 weeks ago; with an estimated 5-week transfer to Obsidia A, where both the Auriga and yourself are currently located.

It is an unarmed ship, no AI; fairly low-tech.  It was previously a "space yacht" and is as such luxuriously appointed, but not particularly well equipped beyond being very fast.  Not quite an interstellar job, but it can get to 14% of C if it needed, and far surpasses both the top speed and acceleration of the Mercy II or her drop-ships.  Her computers are easy to hack into, but a good pilot or crew is going to notice a signal or carrier beam from your ship to theirs.

Proceed with remote hacking?  Wait on the Major to himself hail them, hide your "hacking" in with the comms traffic?  Let me know - keep in mind that there is probably little anyone on the Auriga can do to *stop* your hacking other than switch everything off; it is just a matter of whether you care if they are *aware* of said hacking.
 Rondo Telek, 63 posts
Tue 13 Jan 2015
at 20:07
Re: Rondo: Solo
In reply to Kraven Kor (msg # 12):

[PlayerGM] Apologies for the mixup of ship names in the last post.  You deduced my intentions accurately.

Finding the data from the Pytheas to be of little interest, Rondo turns to the task of preparing for their upcoming interaction with the Auriga.  Reviewing Standard Operating Procedures for interacting with potentially hostile craft, he decides to embed a sweet bit code into the initial hail that will be sent to the Auriga.  The worm he inserted into the message would work its way to the OS of the comm system and open up a secret channel that he could then use to maintain the connection, preventing the crew of the Auriga from locking him out short of destroying the comm system.  Once that channel is in place, Rondo will use it to hack into the control systems of the Auriga, granting him complete control.

15:05, Today: Take control of Comms: 20-; Rondo rolled 11 using 3d6 with rolls of 4,1,6.
15:05, Today: Take control of everything else: 20-; Rondo rolled 16 using 3d6 with rolls of 6,5,5.

Kraven Kor
 GM, 396 posts
Tue 13 Jan 2015
at 21:56
Re: Rondo: Solo
As an FYI, Tavi will have a chance to resist / override your hacking, if she rolls such to be aware and then rolls high enough to beat your rolls.  And if she wishes to.

I'll let you know on that as soon as Tavi responds; she may be becoming an NPC - Tavi has not been responding.