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Mon 30 Mar 2015
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The Prisoner - City of Amaht
You all stand just outside of the eastern slums of the city proper. Few people move about, visibly, at this time as the sun has taken leave of the day. Your quarry lies within the keep nestled at the heart of the capital city of Syfera. To simply kidnap the target, or do you toss the kingdom into disarray by attempting to assassinate the witch of a queen Media. The only thing standing in your way is indecisiveness and the royal guard that acts as both a garrison and police force.

Strangers in this unknown land, some of you men to boot, in many cases you would be put in chains on sight. So far only your luck and good fortune has saved you from capture. Luckily there is no true time frame, except this arbitrary 20 cycles before your ride returns in your ticket home. A map and information of your intended target has fallen into your hands, provided by your benefactors toady, paints a near complete path into the keep of the Queen.

It seems that fortune has provided your group with many possibilities to accomplish task. It seems as if the fickle lords of chaos are watching your progress with amused interest. You swear you hear the slight tickle in your ears of each of the higher lords placing bets on which way you will accomplish your task. For now your target, a prisoner known as Tenatir, is just out of reach.
Rael Gol
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Mon 30 Mar 2015
at 14:16
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
Rael shakes his head as if the clear some noise glancing about with a shallow look "What a wonderful place... lets not try to die here.. or worse."

He glance about "Lets locate that inn... and see how we would conduct our business from there."

"Eclair since you are the most human looking female in our midst if we need to talk with officials I suggests you'd be our mouth... but perhaps it would be best to seek the slums... perhaps we could get more information on the situation and even hire some men with "scrupulous" morals to act as a diversion."

He rub his chin his eyes scanning the street "If we could lay our hands on this Tara I feel we could convince her to aid us and be the key to our success."

[Private to GM: Rael seek out any beggars or street urchins]
[Private to Rael Gol: 09:36, Today: Secret Roll: The Grey Lords, on behalf of Rael Gol, rolled 20 using 1d100. Search. -pass. You do see a "man of the evening" off near a recessed doorway. He looks half asleep and exhausted]

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Mon 30 Mar 2015
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Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
I think we should find this inn and get out of the streets..Since men are basically slaves and I am a rather large man covered in blood...I might maybe be noticed...
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Mon 30 Mar 2015
at 18:50
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
Angrboda looks at Viktor as he speaks of being caught, "I am going to cast a spell on the three of you now, don't worry it is merely an illusion." she assures them as she checks the disguise she used on Rael.

11:47, Today: Angrboda rolled 61 using 1d100. Disguise. TN: 100
11:49, Today: Angrboda rolled 33 using 1d100. Disguise.

One disguise for me, one for Rael.

Spending 12 MP and casting Liken Person 3 times to make them appear to be women.

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Tue 31 Mar 2015
at 02:49
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
Looks around for something to wash up in...maybe a stream or trough or something to get the blood cleaned off...So am I a sexy red head?  Do we have anything to trade to the innkeeper?

21:50, Today: Viktor rolled 53 using 1d100. Locate a stream or source of water.

21:50, Today: Viktor rolled 56 using 1d100. get completely cleaned.

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The Grey Lords
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Wed 1 Apr 2015
at 15:18
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
After several minuets of preparation and accessories, Angrboda is able to work her magic and get the group passable, night time being a great help. Moving forward into the slums Viktor takes a few seconds with a barrel of rainwater, or at least he hopes it is, and washes him/herself clean.

After a few moments of waiting for Viktor, a voice calls out from the darkness.
"Are Miladies out looking for a bit of evening entertainment?"
A thin man emerges from a shadowy doorway. He is dressed in gaudy finery, tight hose, with ruffles everywhere. A tired look on his face points to an accepted fate of his potential occupation.
"For but one sliver of a coin apiece I can help make the night seem much brighter. Wine and adventure for all, if that be your tastes, and times being what they are."
Rael Gol
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Wed 1 Apr 2015
at 20:51
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
Rael speaks in a whisper that he tries to make sound huskier "An interesting notion but we require a guide. Can you take us to the Black Lizard Tavern? a silver for your troubles and another when we get there."

Angrboda disguise was a work of craftmenship he was highly impressed by it. And her spell weaving was just as impressive, he just had to hope it would hold until they would be safely tucked in the tavern inn.
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Thu 2 Apr 2015
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Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
Angrboda do I sound like a man or a woman? as "his" usual voice croaks out, he feels better since he is no longer covered in guts and blood...

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Lars K'Rusome
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Fri 3 Apr 2015
at 23:47
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
Lars smiles to himself. Its the first time he witnessed the game as a woman. He also realizes that an illusion may not cover his voice and watches intently the man's reaction to Rael. If he is recognized as a man, then the stranger may have to be dealt with ... with extreme prejudice.
The Grey Lords
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Sat 4 Apr 2015
at 02:47
Re: The Prisoner - City of Amaht
The man of the evening moves a bit more forward into the moonlight allowing the group a far better view. "A guide, yes that is an interesting notion. A place of good drinks and revelry? Mistress must be new to the trade... Ahh ha I see, yes, are you on a hunt? After the fabled midnight snipe?" He stretches a bit, allowing the moonlight to play off of the hose that clung tightly to his thin and muscular legs. "See anything you like? Lucky for you I came along, there are all sorts of hooligans about. Is it a party for all of you then mistress? Should I be helping you find a nice private dance hall instead?"

Taking a step forward, he reaches out and grabs Rael daintily by the hand. "Your sisters do love playing the good joke. I will however play along as it has been a slow night. It has been some time since I've played the tracking hound. Do you have a collar?" He moves the ruffles near his neck to the side exposing his neck. He looks at your group in expectation "I must however insist on a bit of coin first mistress."

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