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The Grey Lords
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 The Cosmic Balance
Mon 28 Sep 2015
at 03:04
Ghosts in the Machine
Reaching the ocean the sailors push off and begin to row towards the wrecked vessel.
If the silence between the moaning was not eerie enough, the soft splashing of the oars on the water are muffled far more than the normal splashing of waves. The sea, almost a shimmery silver in color, stretches in every direction. The only visible break in the horizon you can see is the Rogue Mistress and the wreck. Your passage is barely noticed in the water as the wake quickly die off  behind the boat, absorbed that the vast calm. As you draw near the wreck you are able to fully grasp the size of the ship as it overwhelms the tiny longboat. As you drift under the figurehead that is well over 30' (9m) above you, the feeling of the empty sockets watching your move amplifies the feeling of something wrong.

The sailors draw you longboat along the side opposite the reef. Pointing to one of the large bone superstructure pieces you can see a carved into the hull next to it. The of the strange craft is made of a shiny, glossy black material, with no visible seams. Drawing up along side the giant wreck the sailors attach a few lines to help secure the boat. "We will be down the reef a bit." The sailor points to a smallish flat area a few hundred feet away. As you dock, you can almost feel the sadness of the moan rush through your bodies as a long wail drifts from somewhere in the ship itself.

Map 0 is the main deck
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Mon 28 Sep 2015
at 23:45
Ghosts in the Machine
This ship is a little on the creepy side...gets out of the boat and offers his hand to whomever needs a hand out of the boat...looking around a little as he helps everyone else out of the boat...