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Wed 3 Dec 2014
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Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
The devil-demon advances cackling a hollow coyote laugh. The barbed tail raised and it's claw out in front it moves in short twitchy bursts towards Hraal. With a cackle of glee it raises it's claw, only to have the barbed tail shoot under the raised arm hoping to trick it's opponent. Not tricked by the feint Hraal dips his broadsword in time to deflect the wickedly barbed tail.

With a guttural howl Viktor grabs his Lymorian Axe and charges forward at the snake-man thing that pushes it way through near him. With a mighty swipe he moves to take off the head of the abomination, only to have the snake-man lean to the side and swat the axe blade with just enough force to cause the mighty blow to miss.

Rael draws his dagger and backs towards the center of the hemi-sphere in an attempt to let those who are better suited for in-close fighting such as this the room they need. In an attempt to hinder the demons as they press forward from all sides he kick-slides a few chairs in their general direction in hopes of tripping up the attackers, as well as clearing open an area for the rest of the party.

The Lizard gorilla chatters as it steps through the fog. setting it's eyes on Corvus, and his well groomed visage, it spittle's a challenge at him as it takes off in a knuckle enhanced charge. Stopping a few feet short the two mighty arms raise into the air in an attempt to bring both down on Corvus's face. In a valiant effort to get out of the way Corvus attempts to dodge but is still clipped by the downward swing for a glancing blow.

As a chair slides in front of the "porcupine" it slowly hops around as if confused. It appears to be looking for something. The chairs and the lack of something to do is obviously aggravating it.

If it were not for how quick Corvus was, the blow that does connect tells him that he most definitely would have been paste. As it stands it was only a glancing shot, still able to recover he rolls off to the gorillas side and thrusts deep towards it's flank. The gorilla is unable to react quick enough and takes a small score on it's own flank as retaliation.

The snake-man demon is able to deflect the attack meant to lop off it's head. It retaliates by whipping it's tail around in an attempt to snare Viktor's wrist binding his actions. Viktor, noticing what was about to happen, loosens the target hand from the weapons shaft and deftly snatches the whip tail out of thin air. With an evil smirk Viktor quickly does a single wrap of the tail around his hand. The snake-man, for as much as it is able, gets a "worried" look on it's face as it's see's the evil intent in Viktor's eyes.

On assessment of the situation Spooky quickly slips one of his bags to his side and rips open one of the numerous side pockets from his rather outlandish satchel. Without much hesitation of searching he grabs a hand sized T with an extended "head" out the top. He thrusts this strange item before him and proudly proclaims "[Language unknown:  Ev pawios n Stihasenc virwiline al]!" as a snear crosses his lips. The ostrich howls a stuttered, throaty honk in response to spooky's challenge as it lunges forwards towards the silent masked man. With an almost raptor like screech it rears it's long neck and snaps the razor beak towards Spooky. Off set by the garb, the shiny object, and the chairs that had appeared near it's feet the ostrich demon stumbles and is unable to land a successful blow as it pulls back it's attack in order to maintain it's footing.

The cyclops demon barrels forward through chairs and other debris with an obvious attempt at bear hugging the nomad. Arms out wide it lunges attempting to get past the spear is it is being brought to bear. The arms clamp down but are unable to get a firm purchase, The spikes however do scrape loudly against the wooden armor leaving etchings in the tailored wood. A near miss if only because of the armor.

Eclair stands and draws her sword as a chair goes sliding by her towards the demons emerging from the wall. Using the advancing chair as cover she takes advantage of the slow gait of the blob as it has made her it's target. Trusting to the side of the chair, she is able to make contact with the blob. As she pierces the skin a spray of fluids fly from the incision. She thinks to herself "Nothing good ever comes from something like that" as she dodges to the side. The spray hits a nearby table leg, which promptly begins to hiss as the wood begins a slow decomposition.

Scrambling back to his feet in time to untangle the spear from the chair's and other debris that the shaking and heaving have cause, Khazim is able to trust his spear into the cyclops demon shortly after dodging his own friendly hug. The spear digs deep and thick multi-hued ichor streams out. The cyclops howls in agony as the spear finds it's mark. With heavy breath he calls out in disgust at the sight of the fiends; "By the Lords of Chaos, I didn't expect this to be the kind of barter intended!"

Regaining his footing from the heaving and shaking as the "Solid" foundation rocks like a ship on the seas he is able to deflect the tail trust in the nick of time. Hraal counters with a quick inside thrust from his own broadsword after the deflection. However due to the location of the original parry, the demon is able to bring down the claw that it had originally used as a distraction and batted aside the blade in a shower of sparks as iron hard nails scrape against the serrated broadsword.

The blob continues to slither towards Eclair with as much malicious intent as a blob can muster. Multiple appendages are half formed and re-absorbed into the mass as it "claws" its way across the floor. The floor behind the blob has a slight burned appearance to it as a vapor is released from the slightly decomposing trail behind it. 2 limbs lash out in an attempt to bludgeon Eclair. The first appendage goes wide as one of the chairs that Rael had shoved around slides into the path. Seeing the second appendage Eclair quickly slides to the side dodging the second attack.

Wow, never had that many before, this wall of text may be a bit daunting in this situation.

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Fri 5 Dec 2014
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Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
After the initial shock of the appeared demons begins to wear off you take a quick note of the situation.

The snake-man is currently in a bad situation as Viktor currently is holding the demon by the tail. The snake-man is beginning to struggle as it slowly begins to dawn on how hindered it truly is at this point.

Hraal and the black devil are facing of sharing blows, neither seems to get the better of the other.

The lizard-Gorilla and Corvus have both decided to wind each other with bloody scores on each side. The gorilla currently has a free shot to the center of the ring, while Corvus is at it's side finishing with a nice razor slice along the gorilla's flank

Spooky and the giant Ostrich are having problems getting at each other. They currently are holding their distance from each other eye's locked waiting from the first fatal twitch

The spiked demon is circling round Khazim seeing that a simple friendly hug is not going to end it as Khazim is able to make his point about not being friends.

Eclair has discovered that the ooze that is slowly moving about is one that is as deadly alive as dead. It seems some sort of acid makes up the better part of the gelatinous insides of the blob.

Rael is holding back guarding the backs of each others helping prevent the demons from bypassing their original targets.

Last but not least the porcupine is hopping mad and is moving off slowly towards one of the other fights.
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Sun 7 Dec 2014
at 19:26
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Grabs his mighty ax and puts the blade towards the demons head and starts pulling on his tail hard and pushing his body weight against the ax at the same time causing the blade to pierce into the demons head.  Lets out a deep and morbid laugh...
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Tue 9 Dec 2014
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Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Viktor yanks hard on the snake-man's tail and causes it to loose it's balance. Howling, like the mad Pan Tangian that he is, he takes the opportunity to leap on to the demon's chest. The evil gleam in his eye and near psychopathic laugh is only accenting the sadistic means of which he begins to calmly lean his mighty Lymorian axe into the serpent-man's head in an attempt to decapitate it slowly.

Seeing an opening in the cyclops's defenses Rael darts forward and quickly jabs his dagger into it's side, narrowly avoiding the forest of spikes along it's torso.

Even with being clipped like he has, Corvus deftly turns, readying for a second blow. Bolstered by his earlier success he continues to slide along the gorilla's flank and darts in for a second slice at the demon's other flank in an attempt to confuse the "simple" demon. Wit a quick thrust he is able to score another long razor scar along a further flank. Corvus continues to move in and out of chairs and debris in an attempt to further confuse the demon.

The black devil sees that Hraal and it are at an impasse. Dropping to all fours it attempts to drop below Hraal's guard. Once again it lashes out with it's barbed tail. Once again Hraal easily swipes the obvious attack off to the side.

A bit more cautious due to the rather explosive nature of the gelatinous blob, Eclair quickly circles around the slowly moving amoeba so that the next attack will spray in a far more harmless direction than towards the defenders. With a quick trust she skewers the demon. As anticipated, the piercing produces a caustic spray which harmlessly shoots off to the side away from everyone.

Regaining his composure Khazim notices Rael slide from the back of the fight to quickly stick the cyclops with his dagger and once again pull back. The Cyclops, not significantly injured is somewhat distracted by this attack. Taking that opportunity to set his spear and slam the point deep into the demon's chest. With great effort the spear finally pierces through the demon and barely out the back. Spittle flies from the demons mouth as a final gurgling roar escapes his lips as he slides to the ground

Enraged at being outmaneuvered the ape demon twists and attempts to smash at Corvus once again. Hopping a short leap it attempts to bring down it's hands in a double fisted smash. Instead Corvus is able to reverse his scoring hit and is able to diffuse the attacks downward momentum to land off to the side.

Brandishing his icon before him, spooky takes a step towards the ostrich. Spooky visibly tenses up as what appears to be an eye to eye showdown. After a few moments the masked man flinches and staggers back. [Private to Sekatus 'Spooky' Bane: You establish a link and begin an attempt to wrest control of the demon. Shortly after you begin "negotiations" a mind, unlike any you have felt in a long time, swats your attempt aside as if it were brushing leaves from someone's face.]

After deflecting an anticipated tail attack, Hraal quickly reverses his parry and finishes with a quick downward thrust. Slicing cleanly into the demon's flesh opening a long gash. The demon rewards the effort with a semi-metalic howl.

Seeing distracted prey, the porcupine is able to waddle it's way through the fight basically unchallenged. Sadistic laughing draws the beast like a magnet, as it leaps towards Viktor's occupied form. With a successful leap it lands on the exposed back of Viktor. A mouth roughly half the size of it's body opens and begins to gnaw away at his armor. Metallic clicks of teeth on metal echo just under Viktor's laughter as the porcupine seems unable to pierce the thick metal skin.

The snake headed demon begins to thrash wildly attempting as best as it can to break free of the hold that Viktor has in it with little success. Wildly slashing it's claws at any exposed part of Viktor's evilly face and body to try and force itself free. In the long run, all it is able to accomplish is scratching and scuffing along Viktor's solid armor.

Seeing spooky stagger back the bird takes advantage of his lack of concentration and rushes forward in attack. The razor beak snaps down on the forearm of Spooky and begins to gnaw furiously at the limb in and attempt to remove the offending limb. Luckily, the strange armor that adorns the masked man is strong enough to only be minorly savaged by the serrated beak. However in the ensuing struggle the icon that Spooky brandished just seconds earlier falls from his grasp.

Continuing it's silent and inevitable forward crawl. The amoeba demon attempts to push Eclair into making a mistake. A single pseudopod lashes out in another attempt to savage the female defender. Eclair simply sidesteps the clumsy attempt at clubbing her.
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Wed 10 Dec 2014
at 01:07
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade

Damn bug is scratching up my armor...laughing hysterically....come on little bugs
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Fri 12 Dec 2014
at 18:56
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Combat Recap

Viktor is on the ground on top of the snake-man attempting to behead him. The porcupine demon is on his back and has successfully distracted him from finishing off the snake-man who is still struggling.

The combined effort of Rael and Khazim has finished off the Cyclops who's form is bleeding out on the floor.

Hraal and the devil are sparring with the devil suffering minor wounds

Eclair seems to be winning against the amoeba by tiny slices so that the caustic innards do little to no damage. As for how damaged the amoeba is, well who is to say.

After the initial beating by the ape-thing, Corvus is dancing around it making it angry as the ape has not landed a clean blow.

The ostrich demon has Spooky by the forearm and seems to be ready to press it's advantage that it thinks it has be immobilizing one of his arms.

[Private to Khazim: Arrows will be at point blank range, but you have enough vision to get a few clean shots. (think Legolas in the LoTR movies) No clean shots at the Snake-man or the blob due to their positioning]
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Fri 12 Dec 2014
at 19:13
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Seeing the Cyclops-demon on the ground and noticing "Spooky" seized by the Ostrich-demon, Khazim pulls back 5 feet or so. He drops his boar spear next to him and pulls his bow off his back. He nocks an arrow then lets it fly at the back of the Ostrich-demon, looking to help out "Spooky" if he can.

OOC: Today: Khazim rolled 75 using 1d100. Bowshot, point-blank range.
Today: Khazim rolled 5,3 using 1d8,1d2+2. Arrow damage vs. Ostrich demon. (8 damage if it hits)
Today: Khazim rolled 60 using 1d100. Dodge #1 (if needed). (That would be a NO)
Today: Khazim rolled 7 using 2d4. Armor roll (if needed).

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Mon 15 Dec 2014
at 04:29
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Still circling Corvus notices an opportunity to get under the gorilla-lizard and takes it scoring a tiny slice as the demon readies for an attack. However it is not enough to stop the demon from forgoing any true art of defense as it launches itself on top of Corvus griping him with both hands knocking Corvus on his back and landing solidly on his chest. In a Howl of rage and fury the gorilla bares its sharp fangs and sinks them deep into Corvus's shoulder armor. Luckily the armor is holding

Getting sick of the slow and daunting approach of the amoeba Eclair stands off and trusts her sword deep into the mass of the demon. Plunging her sword deep into the mass it prevents her from getting out of the way as the amoeba explodes outwards. Caustic smells and vapors begin to steam off of Eclair as it starts to eat through her clothes and armor. Stifling a scream as the acid works it's way to her skin, Eclair is able to maintain her grip on her sword.

Still circling attempting to gain an advantage, once again the barbed tail lashes out with little success as Hraal is able to easily sidestep.

The gnawing on his back makes him loosen his grip for a second the axe being used against the snake man. In that second the snake-man begins to squirm with renewed vigor and attempt to throw the bulk that is Viktor off with little success. Turning his attention back to the snake man Viktor leans all of his considerable bulk into the blade. With a resounding THUNK the axe head sheers through and into the wooden floor. Half of the demons head and hood rolls free from the body. With his attention taken from the porcupine on his back, it is able to shift and sink it's fangs behind his gorget. A spray of blood showers the porcupine as a reward.

The ostrich, knowing full well the advantage it currently wields, twists it's sinewy head wrenching Spooky's arm back and up with considerable ease. Exposing the underarm of spooky, and the thinner of the armor, a large talon tipped foot reaches up and shreds into the softer part of the armor. A twist of pain escapes from behind the mask as blood begins to slowly run down the shredded underarm along the side of his body.

Just seconds from stopping the ostrich Khazim looses an arrow into its back side. The shaft buries itself deep into the slicked feathers. A warbling angry sound issues from the demon-birds throat but it does not let go of Spooky.

Feeling high from his assistance in eliminating the cyclops demon with Khazim's help Rael moves to help. Once again he slides forth from the background to take a quick jab at the black devil who has it's attention solely on Hraal. Rewarded with a small clean slice he once again draws forth chaotic icor from the wound.

Biting back the noise that issued from his lips spooky twists and turns ducking under the ostrich's neck and gives into the pulls instead of resisting them. Not really expecting this the ostrich is somewhat startled allowing spooky to dart forward in an attempt to duck under and through the legs of the ostrich. He is able to get a considerable distance until the ostrich begins to flail it's head pulling Spooky back to where the ostrich wants him. It is obvious that the demons ability to toss spooky around has been played down till this point.

Seeing Rael move forward in an attempt to distract the devil. Hraal darts forward in an attempt to time an attack to get by the devil's defenses with little success as once again the devil bats aside the broadsword with little care.

Snake-man: Dead
Cyclops: Dead
Amoeba: Dead
Porcupine: On Viktors back biting into his neck from behind
Devil: Multiple minor scratches
Gorilla: Beaten and bloody On top of Corvus about ready to play drums with two meathook hands
Ostrich: Tossing Spooky like a Ragdoll. Good except for arrow in flank

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Mon 15 Dec 2014
at 18:35
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Hraal smiles, laughs, and, turning for his slain enemy, attacks the porcupine demon that is biting Viktor.  He swings his serrated blade and howls with with unholy joy.


10:39, Today: Hraal rolled 55 using 1d100. Parry.
10:39, Today: Hraal rolled 44 using 1d100. Melee.
10:39, Today: Hraal rolled 17 using 1d6+13. Initiative

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Mon 15 Dec 2014
at 18:47
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Continuing to focus on the demon on the masked man Khazim takes another shot, burying another arrow into its side.

OOC: Today: Khazim rolled 94 using 1d100. Bowshot, point-blank range.
Today: Khazim rolled 2,3 using 1d8,1d2+2. Arrow damage vs. Ostrich demon. (5 damage)

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Fri 19 Dec 2014
at 04:27
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Laughing hysterically...is that dumb bug dead yet?
[Private to Viktor:
What are you doing and where are the rolls?

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Mon 22 Dec 2014
at 16:20
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Hearing the death throes of the other demons sends the remaining ones into a frenzy. The devil sees the attention get taken off of him for a split second and launches himself onto Hraal, tackling him to the ground. Claws are flashing everywhere and Hraal is hard pressed to keep the razor sharp talons from shredding him. With his attention at keeping the flurry of claws from his soft parts you can see the scorpion tail poising itself for a further strike. During the struggle Hraal finds time to free a hand and hilt punch the demon. Beyond a slight look of surprise, it seems to do little.

With a howl of triumph the gorilla brings both hands down in a double smash. Corvus is able to put forth a week defense as both hands contact with his head. Corvus makes a sighing wheeze and goes limp.

Gurgle noises and blood flies everywhere as the porcupine continues to gnaw at Viktor's neck. Due to the sudden movement of it's victim it seems unable to find a second purchase and is unable to pierce the skin again. Scrabbling, it continues to gnaw at the gorget in an attempt to find the fleshy skin underneath.

An arrow once again buries itself into the giant ostrich. With a sqwak it releases spooky and lets him fall to the floor. Something else it trying to get it's attention and is doing a good job of pissing it off. Turing, it releases a long honking howl as it charges towards the nomad. Just before connecting with the offending nomad, Khazim is able to tuck and roll out of the way coming up and behind a small stand of chairs from Rael's first effort

Gritting against the pain Eclair drops her sword and begins to unfasten the smoking armor that is covered in the still active acids. Able to do little else, she slowly stumbles away from the carcass of the amoeba as more and more of the floorboards are eaten away.

Spooky picks himself up off the ground. Cradling his arm, seeing Eclair ripping pieces of clothing and armor off he moves into action. Grabbing a scrap piece of rag he moves to help wash the offending acids off. Dousing her with water and attempting to wipe off however has little effect.
[Private to Sekatus 'Spooky' Bane: 10:10, Today: The Grey Lords, on behalf of Sekatus 'Spooky' Bane, rolled 100 using 1d100. idea. - critical fail]

Rael emboldened by his earlier successes moves up behind the gorilla in an attempt to stop the attack. The gorilla plunges downwards just seconds before Rael can make his thrust between the shoulder blades of the demon. Luckily no attention was gained by this missed attack.

As Viktor finishes with the snake man he attention turns to the thing biting him on the neck. Sadly however the location it is on his back makes it impossible to get a clean swipe at it with a sword, or his free hand. Instead Viktor begins to perform a looping, grabbing, kind of dance in an attempt to free himself of the demon.
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Thu 25 Dec 2014
at 04:24
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Viktor jumps up in the air and lands straight on his upper back to maybe crush the porky bug off him or at least startle it...

22:25, Today: Viktor rolled 94 using 1d100. crush or at least knock off porky bug.
22:26, Today: Viktor rolled 95 using 1d100. success to pull out both short swords.
22:28, Today: Viktor rolled 93 using 1d100. slide in both swords on either side of porky and rip porky in half

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Sun 28 Dec 2014
at 19:53
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
With a bit of cover from the chairs before him, Khazim draws another arrow and sends it streaking at the ostrich demon. He hopes that he can drop it before it gets another chance at him...

OOC: Today: Khazim rolled 65 using 1d100. Bowshot, point-blank range.
Today: Khazim rolled 7,4 using 1d8,1d2+2. Arrow damage vs. Ostrich demon. (11 damage)
Today: Khazim rolled 98 using 1d100. Dodge roll (if needed). (that would be a no...)
Today: Khazim rolled 2 using 2d4. Armor roll (if needed).

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Fri 2 Jan 2015
at 15:32
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Rolling around on the floor Hraal and the demon that jumped him smash into several chairs and table legs. Doing his best to avoid the stinger at the end of the tail, Hraal attempts to get some leverage and unseat the demon with no effect. During the struggles, the scorpion tail darts down and thuds solidly into the floor where Hraal's head just sat.

The ape demon notices that Corvus has gone limp. With a howl of victory he rolls off to the side and see's two easy targets a few feet away. With a 3 knuckle, loping, charge it barrels towards Spooky and Eclair. It is hard to say ifit noticed Rael's dagger or not, Rael lashes out as the Gorilla begins his howl and charge. Hooking his dagger unseen from behind he is able to sink it deep and allow the gorilla's own momentum to disembowel itself. However it does not stop the overall charge as the now limp carcass bowls over both Spooky and Eclair knocking them both to the ground.

In all his glory and effort Viktor launches himself into the air in an effort to squash the annoying vampiric pest. As he pushes himself off, he looses his footing and tumbles to the ground instead of an elegant slam. Knocking the wind out of himself he looses track of the porcupine demon as it no longer seems to be attached. Quickly glancing around it seems as if the porcupine demon has vanished.

Not letting the circus act distract him, Khazim is able to once again deeply sink an arrow into the Ostrich demon. The ostrich takes a few faltering steps and flops to the ground with a solid, almost Goliath like, thump.

Wrap up
The Devil is on top of Hraal wrestling on the floor
Eclair and Spooky are on the ground thanks to the gorilla
The porcupine has vanished leaving Viktor looking like a turtle on his back
Khazim and Rael are up and basically free
Covus is limp on the ground
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Fri 2 Jan 2015
at 17:09
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Hraal grits his teeth and struggles to push the demon off of him and climb to his feet.


Hraal rolled 18 using 1d6+13. Initiative.
Hraal rolled 41 using 1d100. Push Demon off (Strength).

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Mon 5 Jan 2015
at 04:51
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Attempts to get up and off his back...starts to laugh at the sight of all the glorious blood around him..

22:49, Today: Viktor rolled 59 using 1d100. gracefully get up on his back and on his feet.
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Mon 5 Jan 2015
at 14:23
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Khazim puts away his bow and immediately moves over to Corvus's limp form. He checks him over and looks to provide what aid he can now that the demon onslaught is over. He lets the others see to helping people up off the floor.

OOC: Today: Khazim rolled 42 using 1d100. Physik roll. (That *should* succeed....)
The Grey Lords
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Mon 5 Jan 2015
at 23:02
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Almost in unison Khazim and Rael move swiftly to Corvus's limp form. Rael slings his satchel down and works together with Khazim to review and look over the body. Corvus has been badly bruised and battered. His face and chest have taken a severe beating. He still lives and is near death, as it stands it seems as if his form had simply taken to much and sent itself unconscious.

Spooky begins to pick himself up off the ground, however Eclair does not seem to be responding.

With as much grace as a brick can muster, Viktor picks himself up off the ground and bends to retrieve his weapons. As he bends down to grab his first weapon the porcupine demon launches out from under a nearby table and latches itself onto Viktor's face and helmet. Able to keep standing at the sudden attack Viktor staggers back a bit and begins to wrestle with the demon that is attempting to chew off his face. If it were not for his rather large helmet, it would already be feasting away.

Hraal is able to get a leg out under in the demon and muscles it off into a pile of chairs. Taking the opportunity Hraal rolls off to the side grabbing his sword in the process. Getting back to his feet he finds himself in an advantageous position over the demon who is still attempting to regain it's footing thanks to the chairs and bodies that litter the area.
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Tue 6 Jan 2015
at 23:47
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Figures he hasnt ate in days....starts biting the porky back and uses the handle of his mighty ax to prey off the bug.
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Wed 7 Jan 2015
at 17:05
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
A howl leaps from Hraal's throat as he holds his blade in in both hands and brings it down upon the demon.


Today: Hraal rolled 90 using 1d100. Melee.
Today: Hraal rolled 16 using 1d6+13. Initiative.

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Sat 10 Jan 2015
at 00:31
Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Odd thing is I could have sworn I posted this

Grabbing the initiative Hraal down cuts as the Devil begins to regain his feet. Getting a clean slice in he is able to slice open a wound along the devils thick rubbery hide. Thick neon greenish ooze slides out of the open cut as the devil hisses out in pain. In retaliation the devil widely swipes with it's iron hard talons at Hraal. Laughing at the devils feeble effort as he stands above it Hraal easily bats aside the claws with a quick swipe of his blades. As it stands it looks like Hraal has finally gained the advantage over the devil.

Gurgles, curses, and wet slapping noises emerge from Viktor as he staggers around with the porcupine on his face. Gnashing noises emerge from the porcupine as it attempts to savage Viktors face once again. Luckily, Viktors stylized helm has granted enough room from his face so that the porcupine is once again unable to so more than graze his skin. Taking those few moments to calm himself, Viktor slides one of the flat ends of his axe underneath the porcupine and begins to pry him off. With little effort Viktor is able to scrape the demon from his face. It falls with an unceremonious Plopp to the ground.

Khazim and Rael's efforts are able to do little to comfort Corvus as he is stabilized by their actions. After trying a few different things, it seems as if Corvus is beyond able to wake at this time. Magic may be the only course at this point to do more than herbs are able.

Porcupine is still bothering Viktor
Devil is on the ground with Hraal over it
Spooky and Eclair are under the corpse of the Gorilla they have not been moving since they were knocked off their feet
Corvus is unconscious with serious bruising, physik attempted, Magic next best step
Khazim and Rael have finished binding and assessing Corvus as best they could.

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Mon 12 Jan 2015
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Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Realizes he is free once again and lets out a demonic laugh and grunt as he swings around his mighty Lormyrian Axe of Purity to destroy this chaos demon...

20:28, Today: Viktor rolled 63 using 1d100. swing around mighty axe to cut porky in half...right down the middle of his forehead.

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Mon 12 Jan 2015
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Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
Hraal raises the blade and plunges it into the demon, hoping to fell the beast.


Hraal rolled 34 using 1d100

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The Grey Lords
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 The Cosmic Balance
Thu 15 Jan 2015
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Re: Dark Eyes, Cold Hearts - The Blunted Blade
The porcupine snarls an evil, yet somewhat cute, snarl as it prepares once again to leap at Viktors throat. Launching itself in the air it flies true, at least if Viktor were not actually ready this time. Using the flat of his axe he is able to deflect the porcupine, knocking it once again to the ground. In a continuing motion Viktor heaves his great axe and slices downward with a howl that  puts the statues of his homeland to shame. Burying his axe firmly into the floorboards of the tavern he slices neatly into the porcupine nearly splitting the thing in two.

Not wishing to be outdone Hraal's own throat bellows out a primal wail as he sets forth on his own Devil. The devil feebly raises it's claws to ward off any attack with no effect. Hraal sees the devil attempting a feeble defense. He kicks the raised hand and pants his feet firmly on the wrist of the demon. Standing above he reverses his grip on the blade and plunges it deep into the demons chest. Neon green icor pours from the wound as Hraal staples it to the ground and it begins to bleed out.

After witnessing the mighty blow from Viktor, the keen eye of Rael sees that the Porcupine still has some sort of unnatural life left to it. Not taking any chances at the potential cusp of victory; Rael steps forward and plunges his dagger deep into the demon that is still nearly bisected by Viktors Lymorian Axe. A brief spasm from the porcupine and all it quiet. Sadly, the quills and stickers that surrounded the body left a small open gash, similar to a paper cut, along Rael's hand.

As if the death of the last of the demons was a signal, the ground once again jerks and shakes, it feels as if a sudden wind were to have hit a sailing vessel from an alternate direction. A feeling lightness envelops you, the pit of your stomach seems to rise, and your sense of balance is once again put to the test.

This is the end of this chapter. For those of you who are still active in the game it is time to see if you have learned anything. On your character sheet I have placed an "X" next to any skill that you have succeeded. If you roll HIGHER than your current skill you have learned 1D10 points in the skill, If you roll LOWER then you learned nothing.
For those who already have a high skill (100 - INT = Skill Cap): You have to roll LOWER than your INT. (Say you have an INT of 15, skill cap is 85. If skill is higher than 85 you need to roll a 15 OR LESS to learn something new) PM me your results and I'll alter the sheets.

This is also a test to see who is still active in the game. The start of the next chapter I can easily drop characters and not even think twice about it. Inactive players will be purged! If to many drop. There is a spot where I can easily get a new player or two in shortly into the story and I will re-open the game.

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