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Young Kingdoms Primer
This is a quick breakdown of some of the basics behind the Young Kingdoms for those who are unfamiliar with the lands and background of the Elric Saga.
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Northern Continent
Illmoria: The city states that make up Illmoria are one of the youngest nations in the Young Kingdoms. The land is vibrant and full of energy as are its people. While the city states are refined and "modern" much of the land remains untamed as each city-state mainly concentrates on the area's immediately around each city

Vilmir: The center of the organized church of Law. Vilmir is the most technologically advanced nation in the world. Clockwork beasts are known to protect the Pontiff King of Vilmir. Vilmir is a nation where individuality is not encouraged. The citizens work together in a communal greater good for all of the nation. Houses, streets, and buildings all conform to a greater plan to keep the nation as organized and efficient as possible.

Forest of Troos: The legendary city of Org lies somewhere in the dark and mysterious Forest of Troos. The trees and fauna of this forest are found nowhere else in all of the Young Kingdoms. It is rumored that the inhabitants of the forest are remnants of a people who even predated the rise of Melnibone. Few venture into the forest, fewer return. Those that do are often times found wandering the wilds of Illmoria raving mad. The plants of the forest are sought after by many herbalists for their sorcerous/medicinal properties.

Weeping Wastes: The Weeping Wastes is a land of Steppes and Tundra. The nomads of this region subsist off the land with little outside contact. The Mongols of the young kingdoms, they have no true cities but do perform agriculture on a small scale. They primarily live as a hunting/gathering society leaving the outsiders to their own devices until they start infringing on what is needed to survive for each tribe.

Sighing Desert: Not a true nation, the nomads of the region do maintain limited trade with the outside world through both Illmoria and Vilmir. The nomadic  tribes of the desert do meet at the only permanent "settlement" the Silver Oasis which is only known by legend to those outside of the desert itself.

Southern continent
Dorel: Dorel is a harsh tundra like land full of shallow swamps and moorlands. Tribal society with no real cities to speak of. Each clan is a government to itself with a Celtic/American Indian bent. Known as fierce raiders there is no agriculture to speak of and many clans subsist on gathering and raiding.

Pikarayd: This highland nation of Pikarayd is a willing ally of Pan Tang. A clan based society, the ruling clans form up the noble class and can change at a moment's notice. Scottish in society style and clothing, clans mark themselves with tattoos and piercings to show clan allegiance.

Argimiliar: Argimilar was once part of the Lymorian Empire and the influences still remain. Most free thinking of the southern nations it is a melting pot of all ideals.

Filkhar: One of the richest nations on the southern continent. Filkhar is blessed with the lion's share of the precious metals on the southern continent. Residents are arrogant because of this and have no problem wearing the "finest of things" and the "latest fashion"

Lormyr: The first of the human nations to throw off the yoke of slavery from their Melnibonean masters. Lormyr is a nation living in the past and their past glories. While still influential in the southern lands they are content to let the other nations take over responsibilities in the world at large.

Oin/Yu: While they are basically two separate nations they share the same capital of Dhoz-Kam which straddles the river that physically separates the two nations. This land is extremely undeveloped and the inhabitants are considered to be the most backwards of all the Young Kingdoms. Little more than savages there is only limited agriculture and no true manufacturing to speak of. Dhoz-Kam is a city of thieves, pirates, and beggars where people go to simply disappear as there is truly no ruling body or organized government

Western Continent
Tarkesh: As close to Vikings as you are going to get. The land of Tarkesh is a land of contradictions. Within a span of a handful of miles you can go from forested mountains to fjords and farmland. Northern Tarkesh has little usable farmland and many subsist on fur trade and the lumber industry. To the south the meager farmland is given over to herding, with trade filling in the commodities that are not easily available.

Dharijor: A nation of raiders and corsairs. Provinces are held together by a fierce monarch who is merely a puppet of the Theocrat of Pan Tang. Extremely martial/Viking society where raiders and corsairs are considered the first class citizens.

Jharkor: This nation relies on their powerful navy to help keep the trade lanes open thanks to the constant raids of Dharijor. The White Leopards, an elite military force, is renowned around the world in their ferocity and efficiency. The nation seems enamored with secrets, where political intrigue is simply a way of life. It is said that no one can beat a Jharkorian spy.

Shazaar:The horse lords of Shazaar rule this large lush plains that make up much of the southern end of the western continent. The horses are considered to be the strongest and fastest in all of the Young Kingdoms. Their cavalry are known for fluidity in movements and have easily bested better equipped and larger forces. It is said that every Shazaarian is born in the saddle.

The Silent Lands: Another area that is not a true nation. South of Shazaar is a large uninhabited region known as the Silent Lands. Beyond a few hermits nothing comes out of these doomed lands. Many expeditions have went in to look for treasures, herbs, or minerals never to be seen again.

Island Nations and Elsewhere
Pan Tang: The center of the "organized" church of chaos. The human nation is a mockery of Melnibone. Where Melnibone is known for it's cruel beauty and otherworldly wonders, Pan Tang is simply known for its cruelty. The Theocrat of Pan Tang is considered to be the most powerful man in the world and hold many nations in his thrall. The black sails of a Pan Tang reaver has caused many a vessel to simply scuttle itself if escape is not possible. The capital of Hwaamgaarl is known as the city of screaming statues as prisoners and slaves are transformed into living statues forced to scream for eternity in a macabre symphony. Trade simply does not happen with these people.

Isle of Purple Towns: Originally a haven for pirates, the sealords of the Purple Towns organized themselves into the largest and most influential mercantile nation in the Young Kingdoms. No navy is faster or stronger than those of the Purple towns. The Isle of Purple Towns inhabitants are known for large grandiose gestures and actions. They live life to the fullest and their infectious natures just seem to liven any circumstance.

Melnibone: They have ruled the world for the last 10,000 years. 400 years ago Earl Aubrec of Lormyr succeeded in the freeing humanity and is credited with the creation of the first lasting human kingdom. Since that time Melnibone has retreated from the Young Kingdoms as a whole. The last known outpost of Melnibonean rule is the Dreaming City of Imrryr on the isle of Melnibone. It is extremely rare to see one of the non-human Melnibonean in the world at large and old animosities still remain.

Eshmir and the Unknown East: The lands to the far east are a land of mystery. They were once a province of the Melnibonean Bright Empire but have long ago been forgotten and have developed in their own way. Trade is non-existent due to the extremely hazardous sea travels with no mapped safe course..

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Lords of Law
Beyond the First three, most of the lords of law hold little to no actual sway in the Young Kingdoms. When people talk about the lords of Law it is usually in reference to Donblas first and foremost.

Donblas: The Justice maker, Lord of laws and retribution. The strongest and most prominent Lord of Law.

Arkyn: The Meticulous, Lord of Natural law. Domain of tinkerers and free thinkers (science)

Goldar: The profiteer, Lord of progress and Wealth. God of trade and orderly finances.

Mirath: Lord of Mortality, The lady of death appears as a pale, almost painfully perfect, form. Her followers are artisans of healing as they know no amount of physik will save someone destined to die.

Tovik: The Relentless. Lord of natural violence, Innate animal hatred and violence.

Vallyn: Lord of Achievement. Lady of Knowledge and learning. Preservation of knowledge and learning as well as puzzles.

Salik: Lord of Fertility and Agriculture. God of Grape, Grain, and passion of life. Bringer of brewing and fermentation.

Theril: Lord of Inspiration. Patron of artists, musicians, and sculptors. Focus on preservation of said knowledge rather than the spontaneous creation.

Elglis: Lord of Harmony. Bringer of peace and civilization. The enlightener of barbarians and fixer of disorder.

Lords of Chaos
The ever changing eight are elevated into different ranks depending on which nation you are in. On the Isle of Pan Tang, Chardros holds more power than any of the other higher lords. Each lord has his/her domain and rules absolutely there. None of the higher lords can challenge Pyaray in the deep ocean for example.

Arioch: Knight of Swords, Patron of Melnibone. One of the most powerful Lords of Chaos. Commonly appears as a beautiful youth

Chardros: The Reaper, Patron of Pan Tang, One of the oldest and most powerful of all the Lords. Always appears as a Grim Reaper.

Hionhurn: The Executioner. Appears as a large bull headed man with a giant
two handed Axe.

Mabelode: The Faceless. King of Swords. One of the oldest of the lords, Always appears as a slender humanoid in shadows no matter where it is standing.

Xiomberg: Queen of swords, Appears as a beautiful young woman but is often referred to in male terms.

Slortar: The old. Lord of Decadence. Eldest of all the gods. Appears as a youth.

Balo: The Jester, Not truly a chaos lord as he is able to move as he pleases
between sides. His fickle nature places him more akin to the Lords of Chaos

Pyaray: The tentacle whisper of impossible secrets. Lord of deep waters. Sailors who drown at deep sea are recruited to man his fleet of the damned

Balaan: The grim, Torturer and inquisitor of Chaos. Lord of Pain Viewed as either a man with an iron mask bolted to his face or as a man wearing the freshly stitched face of another man.

Eequor: The Blue Lady. Goddess of knowledge, sorrow, and solitude. Her followers are exclusively female

Lords of Balance

The Elemental Lords: Grome - the Earth Lord, Lassa - Lady of the Wind, Kakatal - Fire Lord, Straasha - Lord of the Water

The Beast Lords: Meerclar - Mistress of Cats, Fileet - Lady of Birds, Haashaastaak - Lord of Lizards, Nnuuurrr'c'c - Lord of Insects, Roofdrak - Lord of Canine, Nuru-ah - Lord of Cattle

The Grey Lords: The scales of blance. Guardians of Tanelorn. They act as police of both Law and Chaos making sure that neither overstep their bounds across the multiverse.

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