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Character Creation
Step 1 - Characteristics
Every stat is rolled with a 2d6+6. I ill let players move the stats to where they want as I'm asking for character concepts. I do not want a dice roll to screw that up because it is in the wrong place.

You can however swap 3 points around once you have settled on where your stats are going. No stat higher than 21. IF you choose to NOT move any stats around, you will gain 3 Balance points for being "as nature intended"

Step 2 - Uncertainty of Chaos
In order to cast magic, you need a POW of at least 16. If you truly wish to cast magic, and your dice rolls simply didn't work, you can trade 2 points from a single stat to raise your POW by 1 point. Each trade requires a Luck roll based on original POWx5. A result of 99 or 00 is always a miss and your luck has run out, no more trading even if you did not get high enough to cast magic. Each attempted trade gains 1 Chaos point

Step 3 - Persona
4 basic personality types, Send me a PM (if you do not have access to the rulebooks) and I'll send back your bonus points
1. Solving problems by physical force and skill.
2. Technique, craft or expertise is the way to get things done.
3. Outsmarting or tricking others is the best way to get your goal
4. Persuasion of others while you manage the project is best

Step 4 - Occupation
If you do not have a book, send me a basic "job/role" that you see your character trying to fulfill. This will give you a basic still list that you have learned growing up. Your initial points will be spent in those skills. Since each character is meant to have experienced a bit of the world before this point you will receive 300 points to allocate to your initial skills.

Step 5 - Allegiances
Lure of Chaos: If you can cast magic you are allowed to take spells. By taking the initial spells you gain chaos points equal to the number of spells you start with. These will be determined in your occupation step.
Absolution of Law: If you choose to deny chaos, send me a PM
Harmony of Balance: If you choose not to take a side, send me a PM

Step 6 - Gear
You are down on your luck adventurers. I'm talking less than 10 bronzes to your name at this time. Some of you only have the sword at your side and the armor on your back. All your stuck with is a backpack with some basics.

Step 7 - Bonus Stuff
By this point you and I should have been talking back and forth cleaning up backgrounds, talking over mutations of your small toe, Selling you Soul to any number of the higher Lords and such. Each character is going to be receiving a few extra things that will help them through. Hopefully as we have shared your characters growing up process I "hopefully" will have some items perfectly suited to your background and your character. Ask an Ye shall receive.

This is also the part that your back story will help me. Each person will have some special item(s), things that simply helped you survive to this point. It could be a sword that always stays sharp, or pair of boots that are so comfortable that you seem to move with the grace of a cat while wearing them. This item(s) will be worked in as part of you story line, I have ideas, and I'm willing to listen to great ideas from each player to fit into a background.

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Re: Mechanics
Skill Definitions
Art: Courtly manners, Poetry, Dance, Song, Storytelling, Torture, Instruments
NOT any skill that causes one to "sweat"
Bargain: Negotiation and haggling.
Climb: Ability to climb difficult surfaces.
Conceal Object: Ability to palm or hide an object on your person.
Craft: Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cooking, Leatherworking,Physical labor skills including Tumbling, Rope Walking, Slight of Hand.
Disguise: Hide person by changing appearance, demeanor, and overall mannerisms.
Dodge: Evade attack. Magic and arrow based ranged attacks are near impossible to dodge.
Evaluate: Ability to judge the worth of an item.
Fast Talk: Convincing others what you say is true.
Hide: Conceal person or items from view.
Insight: Determine another person's motives.
Jump: Long distance jumping, brace from falling.
Listen: Identify noises and sounds.
Million Spheres: Knowledge of the multiverse in general. This can only be learned through experience.
Move Quiet: Ability to move stealthily at a reasonable speed
Natural World: Ability to identify plants and animals and possible uses for them.
Navigate: Ability to read and interpret maps and navigational equipment.
Oratory: Large crowd speaking, used to rally large groups. Small groups use fast talk.
Other Language: The Young Kindgoms have known a single language for thousands of years. Only  a handful of native tounges remain: Mabden (Pan Tang), Mong (Weeping Wastes), Lesh (Sighing Desert), High Speech (Melnibone), 'Pande (Eshmir). Includes rudimentary skill at reading and writing (halved)
Own Language: For most of the world this will be Low Speech a human evolution of a divergent Melnibonean tongue. Includes rudimentary skill at reading and writing (halved)
Physik: Basic medicine/First Aid.
Pick Lock: Ability to pick complex tumbler locks or other locking mechanisms.
Potions: Ability to brew potions, salves, and distillates.
Repair/Devise: Fix or devise a simple temporary solution for a problem. Will not fix anything magical.
Ride: Basic care, saddling and handling of animals/animal drawn transports.
Sailing: Able to work rigging and basic operation of large and small sailing vessels.
Scent/Taste: Basic awareness of surroundings. Food taste off, odd smells, ect.
Scribe: Able to create impressive manuscripts, instructions, grimoires, or maps.
Search: Visually notice important/hidden details.
Swim: Ability/endurance to swim efficiently.
Throw: Ability to hit targets with non balanced weapons. Ex Rocks, Beer Mugs, Bar stool.
Track: Ability to follow a trail over terrain, vehicles, humans, animals, ect.
Trap: Ability to construct, and disarm, mechanical traps with intent to harm, capture, or kill target.
Unknown Kingdoms: Geography of the lands to the east of the Purple Towns, Elwhere.
Young Kingdoms: Geography of the lands of the fallen Bright Empire.

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Re: Mechanics
Basic Combat round
In a PM to me please do the following

1. Roll initiative - Dex + d6, Highest goes first.

2. Declare actions - With the exception of people who can see the future, it is hard to know who is doing what. So it does mean that many situations people will all choose the same target.

3. Resolve Actions - Multiple actions by the same person are resolved at a -5 Dex step. This means if you have multiple actions and your first is at I20 your next would be resolved at I15. If you wish to hold an action, Same -5 Dex steps.

Everyone gets at least 1 offensive and 1 defensive action with no penalties.

When I have gathered everyone actions I will post in a cinematic fashion a recap of the round and (try) to get a "fight scene" going. For each round simply rinse and repeat

Critical success/fails
What is a critical? well it is 5% of your skill. That means someone with a 100% skill has a 5% chance of getting a critical. A 01 is always a success, and a 100 is always a failure no matter your skill.

Offensive actions
To gain multiple offensive actions you will divide up your skill into blocks of at least 50%. These blocks do not have to be equal.
At 100% you can have 2 actions at 50% each.
At 110%, 2 actions at 55, 2 actions at 50/60
at 150%, 3 actions at 50, OR 2 actions in any combo that equals up to 150. Each action takes the -5 Dex step so you may in some cases be unable to do more than 2 or 3 actions.

Defensive Actions
Dodge - It is near impossible to dodge an arrow. That does not mean that dodge is a useless skill. Dodge is best served in a Melee situation.

Parry - Only shields may be used to parry a missile weapon. However shields are mainly meant for Melee combat. One can attempt to block a ranged attack at a skill equal to the size of the shield: 15% half/Small, 30% full, 60% Large, 90% body

Multiple Defensive Actions - You can attempt to dodge, duck, weave, or block as many times as you want, with one limitation. Each attempt is a -20% off the skill. You can perform both dodges and parries, however your skill on the 2nd attempt can be no greater than the worst skill -20%.
For Example: Dodge at 50, parry at 70, first you parry at full ability as it is your "free" defensive action. Your second action would be at a -20, a Second parry would be at 50, while a dodge would be at 30 (second action (-20) minus skill level of used skill).
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Re: Mechanics
How do I improve my skills?
There are a few ways
Any time you make a successful roll using a skill you get a tick/check/mark whatever for that skill. Several times during the adventure I will call for a learning check. Every skill that has a tick next to it gains a chance of increasing.
When a check is called all a character needs to do it roll HIGHER than their current skill. I.E. if your skill is 60% and you roll a 65 on the check, you have learned something new!
This method works for as long as your skill is lower than your INT - 100. That means if your INT is 15, you can increase in this fashion until 85%. Once you have reached that INT cap, you will always increase in skills on a roll of INT or less. Using the prior example, at 88% you will increase your skill on a roll of 15 or less.

Learning by Experience will grant you 1d10 in skill points if you make your check.

Training is an expensive way to learn a Combat skill.
1. The chance to learn is INTx3. Max skill increase is 1d6
2. You need to find a teacher willing to train you.
3. Teachers cost money.
4. Lots of downtime, minimum 3 weeks between checks.
5. Can never go higher than 80% skill this route

If you really wish to go this route it is often best as a RP scenario

While some skills are better suited to be trained, others are simply easier to try on your own or through scholastic study. For example you find an old tome, and you start to study. After reading the book, cross referencing, and studying some more, you can get a chance at learning something.
1. It takes time, the amount of time is how much you can put into it. Schooling often times takes 3 or more months.
2. Chance to learn is INTx4 for a 1d10 gain.
3. Need to find willing teacher/school.
4. Schools are often time more expensive than simple teachers.
3. Can never go higher than 80% skill this route.

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Re: Mechanics
Notes from the GM
1. I have no problem with anyone playing anything or "acting" a certain way IN GAME. Just remember that each action has an opposite reaction. You become known for tossing fireballs in town, you eventually get shot by city guards on sight. This is a mature game and I expect that people can check themselves when it comes to "graphic details"

2. I will post as fast or as slow as the party wants to move. I (sometimes) have the ability to post several times a day. I will not however advance the major storyline until everyone has had a chance to post. I view this as a 3 day average turn around. I will try and post minor details or inquiries as I'm able but I do not want someone fun ruined because they were out of town in a dead zone for a few days. - On that note, If you have the ability to simply say "Hey I'm out of town for a bit" I'll take that into account and do my best to pass that along so at least other people playing will not get to antsy. Everyone have their own speed.

3. I LOVE to act the role of the higher lords. As such as players start to gain favor with their patron I will (attempt) to step in as they did in the books. Now, this does not mean that in the long run it is in the parties best interest, it all depends on which lord of the higher planes you struck a deal with.

4. I will try and award allegiance points as I see fit, the same action, taken into different contexts can be multiple points. Imprisoning a person could be an act of Law, however it could also be viewed as a act of Balance if it were to restore stability and harmony to a situation. In the long run I will assess the situation as award accordingly.