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Sun 20 Dec 2015
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Game Status -- 12/15
I do not have to inform any of you that this game has been stalled lately.  But I do feel I should explain.

I hit a period around mid-October where for some reason my creativity and passion for the game just fell apart.  I was burned out and not able to think of anything new for the stories or how to proceed with events in the game.  I kept trying to force myself to work on things after I got off work, but was usually so tired it never happened.

I am at a point where, partially due to the new movie, I want to get the game back to life.  I am not sure who is still around or wants to continue with me.  But I am looking to make some changes.

One thing that has been getting more and more difficult is handling the multiple stories/threads.  Having to come up with new ideas for, what was at one point 10 different threads, was getting to me.  That is why sometimes there would be a multi-day gap between post responses.  I would update some threads and hold off on others until I could figure something out.

When I made the game it was at the request of 2 individuals.  We were in a different game where the GM vanished one day and left everyone hanging.  I coped the idea of running many solo stories to get the different perspectives and experiences that exist in the Star Wars universe.  However, I do not think that approach is working for me.  I inherited another game a few months ago that I know some of you are playing in.  That is focusing mainly on 2 stories and seems to work better for me personally.  That limits the work on my end, and allows the pcs to interact and help move the story on.

What all this means:

I would like to combine some of the stories and threads. I was working with some of you to move into another character's story, or just bringing some different threads together. I would like to combine some more down to get more characters interacting with each other. Obviously this is not possible for everyone to work together, but I think it would help greatly to consolidate the stories and characters together.

I wil not force anyone to move or change their stories or characters. But I would like to hear if anyone is on board with that plan. And if so, who they might like to work with or what their idea is for their character. That way I can see whose stories might work well together.

If anyone has ideas for how to improve or get the game out of its stagnation, please let me know.  Either here or in email. I am always open to suggestions and criticisms.  I do not want the game to die, but I do not think I Can continue it the way things are layed out currently.

Thanks for taking time to read this, and hopefully we can get it all started again around New Year's Day.