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Fri 26 Jan 2018
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Stirring up the past
The two figures made their way along the ancient and broken pathway.  They wore a somewhat plain looking uniform with few distinguishing marks.  Each had a cloak pulled around their body to protect from the elements and a breath mask and goggles covering their face.  The stone foundation was cracked and chipped in many locations and some pieces crumbled underneath them.  The path extended far ahead of them to a large, dark structure that seemed to absorb the meager light around it.  With only a few hours until the planet's rotation brought the sun around, the two knew their time was limited.

They reached the building and stared at it for a moment.  There was an eerie silence that seemed to cover the area like a cloak.  The sounds of their footsteps were muted and there was no discernible animal noises.  Even the wind seemed to whisper is respect of this ancient and intimidating structure.

The two finally reached the wall of the structure facing towards them.  One of them reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device.  The figure looked down at it and pressed a small button on the side.  Holding it up, the device slowly moved from side to side and then down towards the ground.  A low, dull thunk was heard from deep inside the structre.  This was followed by the grating sound of rock on rock as a small section of the wall slid open.  The first figure turned to the second and gestured forward.  The second hesitated then moved forward.

Once inside, the second figure held up a small scanning device and then reached up and removed his breath mask.  He breathed in shallowly and turned to the other figure as it entered the structure.  "The air is breathable, if a bit stale.  It is clean of any surface pollutants.  We should be fine breathing it for the duration."

The second being put the device back into his pocket and removed his breath mask and goggles. Pushing his cloak back revealed a human-looking male face.  That face was covered partially in a black trimmed beard and a scar under his left eye.  He hung the goggles and mask on a clip on his belt and pulled out a glowrod from his pocket.  He slowly swept it around the room and took in their surroundings. He payed particular attention to carvings made into the wall about 20 feet deeper into the structure.

"This is definitely the place.  There markings are like the ones we saw before.  That should means we are in the right place.  Now I just hope the rest of the intel is correct or this will be one painful and rather short expedition.  Shall we head deeper? Or do you want to spend more time making sure the runes are an exact match?"
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Thu 1 Feb 2018
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Stirring up the past
The human stared at the runes on the wall for a moment then shook his head like he had just woken up. "No, I am sure this is the place. How many other structures like this even exist in the galaxy? To think we found the right planet and this is not the right structure is almost impossible. We should proceed and see just how bad things really are."

He then started to move down the tunnel toward the gaping darkness that seemed to swallow up the light around them and make it smaller somehow.  It might have been an illusion or a trick to his eyes, but he was almost certain the darkness was getting closer the further he walked down the tunnel.

The second being with him followed slowly behind.  It made sure to put a sensor marker near the rune so they could follow their way back if needed. After all, these ancient structures were rumored to be filled with traps and false passageways and all kinds of other interesting architectural nightmares.

"Might I remind you to be careful?  This place is ancient and built by one of the most devious and sadistic minds in known history. While I am certain some of those stories are fabricated or exaggerated, there must be some truth to at least a portion of them. Otherwise they never would have survived the millennia."

The human called back, his voice sounding a bit muted and more distant then it should. He thought it odd, but maybe the acoustics of this structure were weird. Or this ancient material might be sound absorbing. Or maybe...

"Yes I know. I am the one who has been following the clues and found this ancient location in the first place. I know most of the stories. And I know that if we do find something we might wish otherwise. But the thought there was something here that has somehow gone missing is more worrisome."