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Thu 1 Feb 2018
at 13:56
Building a Campaign
Looks like I have a few of you still interested in the game. So I am opening an new thread to discuss the topic/campaign ideas.

My initial stories were all separate but going to intertwine eventually.  I know I had a few character crossovers in one or two of the threads.  I was working on bringing a few others together right when everything halted.

So, since we are doing a soft restart of the story I am asking for some input.  What ideas would you like to play/see/experience?  My original story idea is, frankly, pretty much gone.  My old notes were on an old computer and in my mind, but most of those ideas are gone now.

I am looking for all input.  Was there something in your story you like? Hated? Found weird? Hoped to experience but we did not get there? Or have you come up with some new requests or ideas since the last game? Two years is long enough for people's preferences to change.

If you like, reply to this with your ideas.  Maybe getting some other eyes on them will help us combine some characters and get story-lines moving.  If you are not comfortable bringing this up in public then message me your thoughts.
Morgana Moonshadow
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Fri 2 Feb 2018
at 01:41
Building a Campaign
As I figure we don't know each other, maybe Cloud finds a map to an ancient Zeison Sha Jedi artifact but needs help reading the map or diary or what ever and then they need a ride and that's were I come in. If it is ruins there could be other treasure there.
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Fri 2 Feb 2018
at 02:21
Building a Campaign
Sid wants to know who his father was - he was born on a space station somewhere in the Rim, orphaned at a fairly young age but found a sympathetic figure to keep him on the straight and narrow. (If you've read the Han Solo trilogy, much like Dewlanna did for Han, though more successful.) He eventually fell in with a smuggler and bounty hunter duo, tramping about the galaxy until they made landfall on Yanibar and he found his destiny.

What I would like to see develop for him is an arc of following a trail of tidbits to discover who his father really was - I'd like it to have been a Jedi who fell in love with his mother, but was killed on a mission while she was pregnant. This would make him rethink the bias against Jedi he's had trained into him.

Action-wise, he isn't huge on either mystical lore or powerful artifacts. His order uses the discblade as their signature weapon and puts a lot of focus on their armor with a healthy dose of self-reliance. He's not against looking for them though, especially if they could lead to him developing his own powers.