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Cultural Information. Food Drink, Celebrities, Pop Culture.
Food and drink

Quetzl: Qutzl foods tend to be meat and vegetables grilled or roasted with lots of spicy sauces. Often served in separate bowls then combined by the diner from a set of central bowls shard by every one at the table, who mix and spice the food in their own bowl or plate. Sometimes a common mixing bowl is used in which the dinners combine the meal, which changes depending on who is setting at the table. Often Diners not familiar with Quetzl cuisine are surprised by the potent sauces and spices creaated by the Quetzl

Cesti: Cesti food is often slightly seared meat with herbs, sauces, and vegetables used for flavoring. Cesti Meals are often a communal one in which the diner carves the cut they want from a single roast or sometimes the entire animal. Cheeses, sauces and lots of Bomahd are usually served with the roast meat. Recently the Cesti have developed a taste for a Tae standard food, the hamburger, several Cesti hamburger chains have opened, serving large thick burgers with fries and onion rings as their only menu selection.

O’Maeda. O’Maeda cuisine is sophisticated and highly refined with pastas, sauces and many seafood, fowl, and shellfish based dishes. Cheeses, mushrooms and wine sauces are often used for flavor and garnishes with salads and soups served before the main course. O’Maeda detest beers and liquors but drink wine and ciders with almost every meal. O'maeda meals are usually eleborate with several courses served by the hosts servants. culinary refinement and ettiqutte are considered reuired for proper culture by the O'maeda. at time Presenting a meal or hosting a party seems to be a competitive sport among the O'maeda Matrons.

Valkiir: Valkiir foods are simple, hardy, and make use of many meats, sausages, fruits and cheeses served from a central set of serving trays with each person selecting their foods and eating from their own plates. Valkiir food doesn’t make use of many sauces or gravies, with the food being served with thick bread, soup or stews. Valkiir eat several times a day and often have bread cheese fruits and cold meats around to snack on throughout the day. To fuel their extremely fast metabolism the typical Valkiir needs almost twice the daily rations of a Tae, or O’maeda, but they can survive indefinitely on normal rations. The just get grumpy if they don’t get their snacks.
After contact with the Tae Valkiir have added common Tae snack foods to their diet, and seem to have a major sweet tooth, their bodies using the sugars and fats to keep them going better than their typical protein rich diet.

A’Niss: A’Niss serve seafood and shellfish with light sauces and steamed or stir fried vegetables. Most A’Niss do not eat red meat or fowl, or eggs, cheeses, strong, spices in their foods. Most A’Niss prefer a light very crisp flavor and small servings of their favorite foods; oddly enough certain A’Niss enjoy a special blend of peppers and spices that most people, most Quetzl for that matter, find excruciatingly painful.

Q’sa: Q’sa eat to live not to enjoy, most of their food is simple and almost tasteless, often they serve a lump of meat, some vegetables in a thick stew, in the field Q’sa will often hunt and kill wildlife to supplement their supplies. That’s their side of the story; many people seem to think they just like to eat their meat right off the bone, STILL BLEEDING!

Onai: You REALLY do not want to think about it.


Alcoholic Beverages:

M’poc, a potent alcoholic beverage made of fermented plant tubers, flowers and a weak solution of QzNk that has a powerful kick when imbibed by non Quetzl. M’poc is a favored drink in many locations due to it’s powerful effect and the warm slightly sweet cinnamon flavor.
Effects: Intoxication Fortitude DC 16 to resist
Purchase DC: 6
Restriction: None +0

S’Barri a fine light colored, slightly bubbly wine brewed on several Tau worlds, it comes in several distinct blend ranging from a dry, cler to a light pink fruity variation popular as a desert wine. Relatively low alcohol content makes it a choice for casual drinking or to be served with meals.
Effects: Intoxication Fortitude DC 10 to resist.
Purchase DC 6-12
Restriction: None +0

Bomahd: A Cesti Beer with a rich amber color and rich flavor popular with both Cesti and Tae for casual drinking and with spicy foods. “Boma” is brewed from a mixture of cereals and fruits, native to Cetu the Cesti Homeworld.

Star Glow: A light colored sweet wine with high alcohol content and harmless bioluminescent algae added to give the wine its trademark blue shimmering glow. Star Glow is a popular and trendy drink often used as a mixer to add flavor and a slight glow to mixed drinks.

Restriction: none

Soyko: a bitter dark ale with a slight after taste and lots of alcohol. One of the most common brews available it is brewed from whatever grains and cereals are easily available at the local brewery. Not a refined drink but it gets the job done.
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Cultural Information. Food Drink, Celebrities, Pop Culture.

Conventional: Baseball, football Soccer, Grav Bike racing, Grav sled racing,

Zero Gee Blitz ball: spherical arena with targets placed around the shell, players try to defend their goal and score in the players goal. No hands are used only Body, feet, and legs

Orbital football: The result of bored orbital workers, players wear light EVA suits, equipped with thruster packs and play foot ball in tubular field with two end zones.

Arena combat: Less than lethal full contact martial arts using melee weapons.

Gee Pool: table has small gravitic distorters that affect the shot


Urban Tag: played on city streets with live weapons, the object is to take down the target and get away. Getting into fights with police is common and often police on player fights have the highest ratings.

Blood Brawl: armed gladiators try to score by having a sprinter cross a goal line one hundred yard down a obstacle course. Weapons are designed to cause a lot of blood shed without much penetration.

Cyber Krieg: Gladiatorial combat between cyborgs and cyberoids. Very flashy very fast with weapons designed to do spectacular damage to the casing but not much penetration. Cyborgs and Cyberoids usually use a hardened pod to protect their brains and AI cores.

Stalker: a player is given a target, which he stalks and kills. The target is allowed to defend himself by any means that doesn’t include the police or armed guards. Sometimes professional Victims will volunteer to be hunted, they often turn the tables on the Stalker and go for the kill first.


V1-k1: (Viki) Promethean cyberoid singer dancer, performs via VR net most of the times, similar to a fusion of Punk and heavy metal with very anti social lyrics and a huge following from younger audiences. Banned outside Human space and has a huge contract on her from various governments and corporations she often targets in her lyrics.

DeeDee Tea: singer, plays a very popular up beat and very dance friendly style of music using lots of holographic effects and small costumes in a Zero gee environment.

Labrat: another popular band made up entirely of Humans, led by Hector XII. The band often perform either nude or clad only in G-strings and athletic supporters. Lyrics as you can expect usually have something to do with sex, and how much they hate the system, romance or any living thing in general.

Bonsai: B’lyn T’sahda a Tau woman who reworks ancient Tau poetry and Human epics into modern lyrics leads Bonsai. The band performs on tradition acoustic instruments and woodwinds without any amplification or enhancement.
Kronos: a group of performers and musicians who perform from a derelict warship, which happens to be their base and their lead singer. Kronos is a left over from the AI wars. The core processor is the brain of a performer who was captured and ‘mind slaved’ over one hundred years ago, recently he returned without his crew from what he describes as the dark star where he claims he met the ‘ancient gods’ he uses very dark lyrics based on that religions chants and rituals. ( rumors that Kronos is a normal writer hired by the manager are common )

B’klo: Cesti arena fighter, uses only teeth and claws as well as a nearly psychotic temper.

B’stahla: B’klo’s sister and fiercest rival.
Tabitha (Victim XIII): a professional Victim, after being singled out as a target because of her father’s ‘interference’ in a hunt earlier. Tabitha killed her stalker on a net wide broadcast that was supposed to be his 13th kill. Her method of defending her self was unusual she ran him down with a stolen police patroller, the parked on his head. She has killed six stalkers is six hunts and now the money is on her. So far no one wants to be her seventh kill, especially since getting wasted by a fifteen year old girl, who doesn’t carry a gun is not only lethal but embarrassing.

Nate Kohl: quarterback for National Stars, Interplanetary League  Football Champions very flamboyant, very outspoken often storming out of interviews or occasionally punching fans or detractors who get too close.

N’shad Bassarii: number one ranked receiver in IPL football, complete opposite of Kohl quiet soft spoken and polite. Unless he is in the same room with Kohl then they tend to get into shouting matches

B’rahd Green: President Supernova entertainment, the sole owner of the National Stars, his players don’t like him, his fans hate him and his investors love him because he makes them money. Green is constantly at odds with other Owners over the Hype and constant bickering agitated, some say orchestrated for publicity of his two star players.
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Cultural Information. Food Drink, Celebrities, Pop Culture.

O”maeda Trading: the household corporation of the Tau O’Maeda, does little manufacturing on it’s own. However it is involved in wholesaling and distribution of any and everything. It deals in consumer goods, heavy machinery and weapons, and often sells goods from poor worlds on rich worlds at a considerable profit.
 While on the surface O’maeda is a law abiding company it is often implicated in unfair and predatory business practices as well as smuggling and both black and gray market goods and weapons.

RHI Rhictor Heavy Industries: originally involved solely in agricultural equipment, RHI has spread out into commercial transport, heavy construction equipment, personal defenses and small and heavy infantry weapons. Unlike most companies RHI manufactures only the power plants and drive mechanisms and then uses local designed and manufactured chassis designed for the local environments. Local manufacturers provide everything that does not require extensive engineering skills. Weapons are usually total manufactured at local shops to avoid customs and import red tape and taxes making them much cheaper, although for ease of manufacture they are simple rugged designs. The Motto of the company, “Built to last not to look at.” Is not an understatement.

Imperial transport: the Largest passenger line in operation. It is an independent entity of the Tau Imperial house. While the Empress has no day to day operation or policy, it is under the protection of the imperial navy.

White Star Lines: no connection to the infamous ship lnes of old earth, the White star lines transports material and passengers throughout Human space and many fringe areas. It often travels into disputed areas escorted by armed ship operated by it’s sister company Blackpool Security.

Blackpool security; Operates a fleet of small heavily armed ships that escort commercial convoys and liners into disputed areas. Blackpool ships are not heavily armored but pack a powerful battery of missiles, Electronic warfare systems and Automated combat drones that are more than enough to discourage smaller pirates and raiders, A few Blackpoll Galleons are heavily armed and armored and transport critical goods and passengers for the right price. Blackpool also operates private militias to protect outposts and facilities with military grade professional soldiers.

Supernova Entertainment: If it’s popular Supernova has a piece of it. Dealing and music, movies games and printed entertainment Supernova handles many of the most popular stars and celebrities.