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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
The center is little more than a small office building on the surface, but like most high tech facilities on Valkiir worlds it extends several levels below ground. Entering the upper level its obvious theglas and steel exterior is a facade thick reinforced walls, and layers of electronic, and physical defenses turn the modest building into a bunker, with a rather disarming reception center past the three meter tall "warhounds" at the door.

a Petite Human womman sets behind the desk. SMiling warmly as Alex approaches." Ah, yes, we heard we might have a guest today." Welcome To Camp Breaka, an assistant  will be up shortly."

first we have a questionnaire and forms to fill out. We try to be very thorough in introducing potential sponsors to our charges. I..oh...well, I see you're..."
The woman looked up from a display on her desk, obviously a security scanner, and a biometric sensor.

"I'll takeover Sally." A tall Slim redhead spoke up as she stepped up from a concealed doorway that made it look as though she simply walked up out of a reflecting pool."I'm Syrtii Roland, chief Consular here at the center."

the woman's movements were too graceful, her skin perfect, a light olive tone, and to even close inspection free of imperfections." I understand you are looking for an assistant to travel with you?" "

your demands for education,and the skill base you have asked for are rather impressive. I have a few youngsters who might be up to the task you have in mind.

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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
Before entering, Alex takes a few points from his psi battery to enhance the skill in his wafer jack.
10:46, Today: Alex rolled 9 using 2d6+3.  broker.
10:45, Today: Alex rolled 13 using 2d6+2.  enhance charisma broker.

Alex is obviously of the lowest social class but somehow charismatic anyway and a competent trader if only for a moment. There is a sense of serenity and comfort to him, looking ageless like a freshman in college with old, wise, eyes. He steps in with his t-sirt, cargo shorts, sandals and black vest and backpack jauntily hanging of one shoulder with the blue and rainbow kerchief tied to its handle.

He smiles broadly at the ladies.
Hello, greetings and great good morning to you...

Yes, I am looking to gain the benefits of a budding scientist. We will have ample opportunities for experience
he says, Perhaps more than ample
He has a brief long distance stare but returns his focus to the women as if it is a complete pleasure just to be here in their presence, and you know, it might be.

He or she must be very educated. Interest in sciences, and engineering with military applications will be most rewarded.

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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
"I see," the woman replied crisply as she regarded the list appearing out of thin air in front of her images and data files flashing at speeds no normal human could follow." Unfortunately a combination of high intelligence,  education, and combat potential is highly unusual. Especially for someone who has just transitioned fro the virtual world, into the material."

"It is  not beyond our current list of candidates, however it does present a very narrow list of individuals. As you can imagine with he Events unfolding along the  frontier, these individuals are in high demand."

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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
Yes, my dear - they are in high demand ... and yet I am thinking our relationship is not what you are expecting.
Alex moves close to her, speaking softly.

It is not that I am trying to get your best person for my own purposes, well not entirely, it is also that you must match your best and brightest where they will have the most ideal experience that they can return someday bringing knowledge, skill, and training to help grow the knowledge base of all. Am I wrong?

He looks into her eyes and listens then responds.
Let me show you what I offer the lucky boy or girl who would join me. Those others "demanding" quality offer only risk and red tape, I offer a life-long mentor and my life is long...This young scientist will be working for me, not for CASAR, He or she will have may wide and varied opportunities.

He begins to show his credentials privately. I am first an experienced scavenger and belter you see? I achieved 5 class ratings and I am known jack of many trades and so can help a little in anything
He starts with his least impressive qualifications.

Next, I am Marine, warrior two qualifications each of marksman and swordsman.

Also I have certifications with computers, mechanics, and toastmasters (carouse) though I admit I lean to the bawdy side of life, my carousing is often among the salt of society. Your candidate will have all of that to enjoy.

Look here - you see? this is my secret resume' all of these are accurate and references cross checkable... yes I was three time elevated and senior contractor of Godfather Giovani's cartel, yet I worked across the ganglines with more friends than enemies. Were I to turn informer Security operations would rate my street knowlege skill at 3+, in addition I am a fair interrogator and have access to investigation. None of the others can offer opportunities for your candidate to understand the streets...

He pauses to let his criminal credentials sink in.

Next I am a Psion, testing higher than most instructos and associate professor of psionics with superior credentials and 2 instruction certificates one from Marines and one from the university, I can directly teach what I know and train your candidate they need no combat or street skills to work with me. See here I was honored as a scholar for my work in teaching and I was the fellow they tried capturing for experiments from the news last year. I have contacts in the media. Of course I can not be teaching psionics to people like you, but I CAN teach you how it works, imagine it...understanding the details of the most powerful organic interactions with the physical universe! In fact, the candidate will be charged with understanding engineering and culture of an advanced psionic civilization, under my tutelage. This is skill and power you do not have here. You should be paying me for tuition.
He chuckles playfully

Now I am on sabbatical and a deputy marshal for CASAR. We have enough to pay the fee. The candidate will gain the benefits of being in such a bureaucracy without the pain. Also I like to surf, play and enjoy our wonderful physical lives, the candidate will have opportunity for fun.

He grins with a wink

Your question is: who, among all the candidates here can possibly keep up and take advantage of the experience and direct instruction I offer?

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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
" Well, That matches what i have on file." The woman nodded as she closed several of the holographic windows with a tap of her fingertip. Moving back toward the reflection pool she had emerged from she motioned with a fingertip for Alex to follow.

"Have you ever visited a center before,most people haven't." She asked casually." Every Cyberoid, and AI you meet is born in one, It's unusual to have a center on such a small world, so this  is an unusual treat for the locals who come here to visit and assist in the nurturing of the next generation of Cyberoids."

She stepped into the water, and vanished into its surface, when he followed he discovered that the pool itself was covered in a hologram that hid the stairs from even his keen eyes. the woman moved in a way that made it seem the world moved around her. Self possessed, lacking nay hint of hesitation, or self consciousness. As if she belonged at the spot she stood at the moment she stood there and not one second sooner or later.

"We train our new arrivals in environment tanks. Where they live for several years before being ready to emerge. A seed goes in, a person comes out.Inside these systems they experience everything from learning the basics  of locomotion, speech, cognition, The we give them experiences...a childhood, from cradle to graduation."

senior AI and organic volunteers and specialist observe, advise, and prepare, the newly formed consciousness as needed. By the time the Young mind realizes it is living in a separate world from the physical universe they have either formed an awareness stable enough to exit and join other graduates in the grand adventure of life. Or they have not, in which case tragically most fracture and cease to be."

A few choose to remain where they are, and become part of the simulation."

ANd what you ask does thi have to do with you're visit. Everything. We choose to allow ourselves to be bound to a single sponsor, or organization on our graduation. We can survive very well in our own world."

But, that  life restricts our ability to fully mature, to become more than we are. Humans do this through experience, both pleasant and unpleasant, even violent. And Every time one of our children emerges they are  paired as bet we can arrange with a suitable group,or individual. One who will be compatible, and beneficial to the unique traits they posses."

Syrtii paused at a door ad motioned for him to follow past the DO NOT ENTER placard. Beyond the door was a wide gallery, as large as a major factory. Hundreds of machines worked to assemble what looked like advanced robotic bodies.

AH just the place, behold the heart of the complex she led him to a massive row of bay windows below row water row of supercomputers stood bathed in super cooled gases. the lack of frost on any surface hinted the air was perfectly dry, and sterile.

Inside a dozen Cyberoids in heated protective suits worked around the mass of machinery at the core." I thought you might like to meet one of our candidates in person. Over there by the central tank."

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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.

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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
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Cyberoid Gestation and Education Center 21c Braeka.
Alex smiles and looks at the design Louis is showing him.
I am believing that you are indeed the best, my friend. Let Those Who Came Before be guiding our steps.

He turns to the woman, what is next? Are we needing anything before going?

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