Meeting room A (temporary squad bay)   Posted by Prometheus.Group: 0
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Tue 20 Oct 2015
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Meeting room A (temporary squad bay)
A half dozen TAE military types stood sorting through gear. Their uniforms weren't standard with patches from both marines, ground forces, and naval units on the shoulders.

The officer with he group was going over what looked like a manifest, and personnel roster. making notes and directing members of the squad to take various items to storage or the armory.
Nera Kalaperna
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Wed 21 Oct 2015
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Meeting room A (temporary squad bay)
Nera stepped through the hatch combing, pulling the heavy metal portal close behind her.

"Captain on deck!" snapped one of the senior non-coms who happened to be facing the hatch. There was a disorganized scramble of men and equipment as the company came to something like a posture of attention.

"I guess I haven't stumbled into a meeting of the drill team eh gunney?" She asked jovially. An appreciative chuckle filled the room.

"As you were spacers," she said with a grin. The organised chaos of stowing gear began again. Nera's grin broadened. There was Chief Izbin, her former weapons officer, over there Simpkins, an instrument tech who had gotten her out of that deathtrap at Kalexus.

"Thank you all for coming, I hate to roust you out of comfortable births in prisons and on garbage scows," she began, earning herself another muted roar of chuckling.

"All of you here have served with me before, or have been recommended to me by those who have, as such I have the greatest confidence in you. The UAG might not be regular TAEN, we are privately funded but you can rest assured that we are on the side of the angels."

Leroy, a heavy spacer who had once cleared an airlock of enemy troops with a length of fitters pipe, cheered obnoxiously.

"We are working with CASAR for the time being, they have unearthed information that might give us a lead on a new way to stick it to the Q'sa." That bought appreciative growls, most if not all of these men had seen action against the aliens.

"I'll have more information for you once the plan is hashed out, until then get your gear stowed and introduce yourself to your new shipmates. You see something not being done the TAEN way, let your officers know privately, no point getting the locals all riled up. Make me and the TAEN proud spacers. Dismissed."

The men raised a cheer and returned to the organised chaos of stowage. Nera turned to the officer who had been taking the roll call.

"Any problems getting here Lieutenant?"

Lt. Inigo Estaphan
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Wed 21 Oct 2015
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Meeting room A (temporary squad bay)
No problems at all, civilian transport...economy class all the way. So it was a luxury cruise by Fleet standards." The lieutenant replied with a nod as he motioned to the gear." Only odd thing  is that The ordinance purchase I made was double shipped....either that or someone expects us to need more than I asked  for. And a couple of crates of battle dress fell off a transport somewhere and ended up with my requisition...Odd that someone shipped a mix of valkiir, Tae and Expat, battle dress in the same container...with all the numbers scoured off...."

OOC: Expat refers to Najuhlim expatriates...Tae citizens, descended fro captured prisoners in first incursion...very loyal, and tend to wear gear heavier than most units. their standard side arm is a 12mm, and rifles are 12.5 mm...without assisted armor it will dislocate your shoulder.
Nera Kalaperna
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Sun 25 Oct 2015
at 06:12
Meeting room A (temporary squad bay)
Nera nodded somberly.

"As I said in my communique, it is likely that alot of what we might be up too will be deniable at best. If we could go in guns blazing we would."

She watched the milling crowd of soldiers and sailors.

"Best if then men don't stress that they are 'former' Navy, I don't want to create the wrong impression."