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Psionic: Talents, Skills, and Notes
Psionic Strength
Psionics are powered by the Psionic Strength characteristic
(abbreviation Psi). This characteristic cannot be rolled or bought
during character creation without the Referee’s permission. To
determine a character’s Psionic Strength, roll 2d6 and subtract
the number of terms served by the character in any career (Psionic
Strength diminishes over time unless actively used). For example,
a 38 year old character (fi ve terms served) would roll 2d6–5 to
determine his Psionic Strength. A character with a Psionic Strength
of 0 has no potential for psionic powers.
Using a psionic talent costs a number of Psionic Strength points,
temporarily reducing the character’s total. As the Characteristic DM
for all Psionic skill checks is determined by the characters’ current
Psionic Strength total, it gets harder and harder to use powers as
the character’s strength declines.

Natural Psionics: Certain races and groups are either born with active psionic abilities, or undergo testing and training as part of their educational process. these races can begin play with active psionics, talents, and a psionic strength rating already established.

Recovering Psionic Strength Points: Expended Psionic Strength
points are recovered at the rate of one point per hour, beginning
three hours after the character last used a psionic talent.

There are several psionic talents, each of which works like a skill for
the powers in question. A character trained in the use of psionics
may develop his talents over time just as if they were normal skills
(see page 59). Unlike other skills, psionic talents cannot be used
untrained. The most common talents are:
• Telepathy – reading minds and mental communication.
• Clairvoyance – perceiving at a distance.
• Telekinesis – mind over matter.
• Awareness – control over one’s own mind and body.
• Teleportation – moving from one point to another instantly

Talent Learning         DM
Telepathy               +4
Clairvoyance            +3
Telekinesis             +2
Awareness               +1
Teleportation           +0
Per previous talent
acquisition check       –1

Each talent grants access to all of its powers – a character with
Telepathy 0 can use life detection, read surface thoughts or assault
as the situation demands.

Using A Psionic Talent
To activate a talent, the psion must make a skill check using the
appropriate talent (Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc), adding his Psionic
Strength characteristic DM and any other DMs. He must also
spend the listed number of Psionic Strength points if he succeeds,
or one point if he fails. If this cost brings him below zero Psionic
Strength, then any excess points are applied to his Endurance score
as damage. A character with no Psionic Strength points cannot
attempt to activate a power.

Using a talent in combat is a significant action.
Many abilities are ranged. The Psionic Range table lists the number
of points to project an ability out to a given range – these must
be paid as well as any points to activate the ability. Each talent
has a different set of costs, with the exception of Awareness – all
Awareness abilities apply to the Psion only. The range bands are the
same as those for combat; see page 64 for more information.

                  Range Distance to Target     Psion Strength Point cost for range
                                            Telepathy/Clairvoyance Telekinesis Teleportation

Personal           Less than 1.5 metres             0                    1          1
Close              1.5 to 3 metres                  0                    1          1
Short              3 to 12 metres                   1                    2          2
Medium             12 to 50 metres                  1                    4          2
Long               51 to 250 metres                 2                    8          4
Very Long          251 to 500 metres                2                    -          4
Distant            500 metres to 5 kilometres       3                    -          6
Very Distant       5 kilometres to 500 kilometres   3                    -          6
Continental        501 to 5,000 kilometres          4                    -          8
Planetary          5,000 to 50,000 kilometres       4                    -          8

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