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Vallkiir Spacez: Hehlva Cluster
The Hehlva cluster is one of the Outer regions of the Valkiir Clanholds. It consists of sixteen Colonies and outposts And is an agricultural, and materials extraction center for the Frontier region.
The region is largely occupied by groups who still maintain older family based businesses, establishing small compounds around a large central city, or facility which supports the combined efforts of multiple extended family units.

while the population of most colonies within the region range from just over 100,000 several colonies boast a population of multiple millions with the Core colony ( Hehlva ) having a population of 300 million.

Due to recent Increased hostilities The Hehlva Cluster is Home to three squadrons of patrol craft, and a Destroyer squadron which patrols the trade lanes and maintains a response force to counter any raids, or attacks by Nearby Onai, Q'sa. or other Hostiles.
  In addition each colony has an advanced air defense network, anti-ship batteries, and local fighter squadrons to deal with small scale fast raids, and slow hostiles until reinforcements arrive.


Helhlva 325 Million.
a heavily forested temperate world with large deep oceans and large ice caps. Hehlva has rich deposits of metals, and valuable rare earths, in addition to it's plentiful aquatic species that are bio-formed to be useful to human populations.
    It is the largest colony in the region and has long been the forward operations base of military forces in the cluster. With several large depots and store houses to supply possible military operations in the region.
     The settlements of Hehlva are well developed around six major clans which have settled the world for 150 years. The clans run most businesses, and hold political; influence through out the cluster and in the conclave
Industry Resource extraction, Light industry,
Facilities: Marine Garrison,Hearth Guard Training center, Shipyard, Naval Base, Scout base.
Military forces:
6 Divisions Militia, 3 Divisions Valkiir Conclave Mobile Infantry, 2 divisions Conclave Marines 1 Division Hearth Guard
6 Fighter Wings
3 Space Mobile Bombardment
1 Destroyer Squadron
2 Frigate Squadrons
4 Corvette Squadrons

Syrae Population 100 Million
Industry Resource extraction, Light industry, agriculture, aquaculture

The second kargest colony in the Cluster the colony is a cold world with massive ice sheets that have revealed the  continental shelf along the borders of the ice covered landmasses. The cities are concentrated around the equatorial regions where aquatic life is abundant and thick forests of hardwoods provide abundant materials for construction.
  In addition the slopes of the mountains in the northern region are rich with various ice age era creatures including woolly rhinos, sabertooth cats and their descendants. This makes tourism, hunting and biological research traffic a major part of the planets trade

Facilities: Marine Garrison, Naval Base, Scout base.
Military forces:
Military forces:
2 Divisions Militia, 1 divisions Conclave Marines
2 Fighter Wings
2 Frigate Squadrons
2 Corvette Squadrons

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Re: Vallkiir Spacez: Hehlva Cluster
Other worlds Hehlva Cluster

Srinna: Valkiir colony, population 2 million,resource extraction, colony considsts of deep tunnels and dome on a mars like world mining rare earths and concentrations of ice for atmosphere and hydroponics.

Local Government maintains a regiment of militia for law enforcement, and security, as well as several squadrons of armed shuttles and fighters for local defense. Hehlva Squadrons provide regular corvette patrols in area to prevent raids, and suppress piracy of high value ore shipments.

Jurgmand: Valkiir TAE combined facility. Population 1 million. research and resource extraction colony locted on an Airless moon of the plants gas giant. Primary resource H3, and Carbon Zed extracted from the Brown dwarf companion of the red dwarf Primary.
    Research outposts exist on the rocky inner world Hratha, where biologist study the non terraformed world which is based on hydrocarbons similar to plastics, and polymers. Due to aggressive biology, and toxic atmosphere access to the world is heavily restricted.

Heavily secured Hyperspace based research station anchored in a gravitational eddy created by the two stars. This station researches extraction and storage techniques for unstable hypermatter.

Syrrtha: Valkkir colony. Population 100,000. Pre-tech world occupied by a traditionalist faction of the Valkiir. Syrrtha has a technology level equal to the late iron age of earth and is occupied by clans of Valkiir who practice the traditional fishing, and farming culture of their ancestors. Due to the violent nature of some local customs visitors are advised to travel with a local escort. visitors without escort are advised to remain within the confines of a Hearth Guard training facility on the planets largest continent.
   The Hearth guard maintains several training battalions, and a number of heavily armed gunboats in the systems. regular visits to orbital stations by Fleet transports and patrols also enforce the strict trade regulations established to protect the locals cultural restrictions.

Herschell: Population 25,000. Originally founded by TAE transferred to Valkiir Syrgo Corporation for further development of the terraformed world.
    Syrgo maintains a bio-pharmaceutical extraction facility on the world harvesting local vegetation for medical grade narcotics.a small research outpost to study genetic recreations of Cretaceous era life forms of the planet is also operated under Joint TAE, Conclave control.
  To protect the bio-preserve world, The O'sahdii have limited Development of the world to a single island continent in the southern oceans of the planet. Short duration tours of the wilderness areas are allowed but under close local supervision.

Do'je Keplii: Valkiir world, high Quetzl population. Population 1.75 million. Developed as a resource extraction and agricultural colony the local population harvests local aquatic species, and extracts salts and mineral from sea water for use in various industrial applications.

The world is also a source of highly aggressive fungus that poses a significant threat to agriculture on other worlds. For this reason plant based exports are subject to close inspection, and decontamination. this issue has severely impacted the settlement of a highly desirable garden world until a means of dealing with the nearly global fungal infestation is dealt with.

Note: the fungal infestation has destroyed most land based plant life, and can infect humans with prolonged exposure. Travel to the mainlands from the oceanic platforms is highly discouraged.

Hespera Platform: Valkiir Hyperspace Platform. Population 125,000. Hypermatter Isotope harvesting and processing.
   A well established mining and processing platform held int he gravity shadow of a Blue Supergiant, the Hespera platform produces Ferrous-Zed, and carbon Zed, for Industrial use.

The rich concentrations of highly valued industrial isotopes is believed to be caused by the detonation of a supernova causing a rupture into hyperspace, and creation of exotic hypermatter less than three centuries ago. The local hyperspace region is unstable and difficult to navigate without local assistance making the platform a vital part of local trade.