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Psionic Strength
Psionics are powered by the Psionic Strength characteristic
(abbreviation Psi). This characteristic cannot be rolled or bought
during character creation without the Referee’s permission. To
determine a character’s Psionic Strength, roll 2d6 and subtract
the number of terms served by the character in any career (Psionic
Strength diminishes over time unless actively used). For example,
a 38 year old character (fi ve terms served) would roll 2d6–5 to
determine his Psionic Strength. A character with a Psionic Strength
of 0 has no potential for psionic powers.
Using a psionic talent costs a number of Psionic Strength points,
temporarily reducing the character’s total. As the Characteristic DM
for all Psionic skill checks is determined by the characters’ current
Psionic Strength total, it gets harder and harder to use powers as
the character’s strength declines.

Natural Psionics: Certain races and groups are either born with active psionic abilities, or undergo testing and training as part of their educational process. these races can begin play with active psionics, talents, and a psionic strength rating already established.

Recovering Psionic Strength Points: Expended Psionic Strength
points are recovered at the rate of one point per hour, beginning
three hours after the character last used a psionic talent.


Talent               Talent Learning DM
Telepathy                            +4
Clairvoyance                          +3
Telekinesis                           +2
Awareness                             +1
Per previous talent
acquisition check

There are several psionic talents, each of which works like a skill for the powers in question. A character trained in the use of psionics may develop his talents over time just as if they were normal skills (see page 59). Unlike other skills, psionic talents cannot be used untrained. The most common talents are:
• Telepathy – reading minds and mental communication.
• Clairvoyance – perceiving at a distance.
• Telekinesis – mind over matter.
• Awareness – control over one’s own mind and body.

• Teleportation – moving from one point to another instantly.
Each talent grants access to all of its powers – a character with Telepathy 0 can use life detection, read surface thoughts or assault as the situation demands.
Using A Psionic Talent
To activate a talent, the psion must make a skill check using the appropriate talent (Telepathy, Telekinesis, etc), adding his Psionic Strength characteristic DM and any other DMs. He must also spend the listed number of Psionic Strength points if he succeeds, or one point if he fails. If this cost brings him below zero Psionic Strength, then any excess points are applied to his Endurance score as damage. A character with no Psionic Strength points cannot attempt to activate a power.

Range Distance to TargetTelepathy/clairvoyanceTelekinesisTeleportation
PersonalLess than 1.5 metres0 11
Close1.5 to 3 metres            011
Short 3 to 12 metres122
Medium 12 to 50 metres122
Long 51 to 250 metres2 8 4
Very Long 251 to 500 metres 2 - 4
Distant     500 metres to 5 km 3 - 6
Very Distant      5 km to 500 km 3 - 6
Continental 501 to 5,000 km 4 - 8
Planetary 5,000 to 50,000 km 4 - 8

Using a talent in combat is a significant action.
Many abilities are ranged. The Psionic Range table lists the number of points to project an ability out to a given range – these must be paid as well as any points to activate the ability. Each talent has a different set of costs, with the exception of Awareness – all Awareness abilities apply to the Psion only. The range bands are the same as those for combat; see page 64 for more information.
For example, a Psion could read the mind of a target at Medium range using the Telepathy power read surface thoughts for 3 Psionic Strength points (2 for the ability, 1 for the range).

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Re: Psionics telepathy

Telepathy is the talent of mind-to-mind contact. It is subtle by nature but can also be used to bluntly crush the wills of those who oppose the telepath.
The most elementary form of telepathy is the ability to detect the presence of other minds. Life detection enables a character to sense the presence of other minds, the number of minds present, the general type of minds (animal, human, and so on) and their approximate location.
Life detection is reasonably sophisticated, and can distinguish intelligent beings from bacteria or unimportant animals in the area. It functions best at detecting intelligent minds. Shielded minds are undetectable (whether the shield is natural or artificial in origin). If an individual whom the telepath knows is ‘life detected’ he or she will be recognised.
Telepathy, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Easy (+4). Costs 1+Range.
The communication of emotions and basic feelings is accomplished by telempathy. This ability serves well in the handling of animals and beasts of burden but may also be applied as a psychological weapon against humans. Sending of emotions such as love, hate, fear, and others may influence other beings (although not necessarily in the manner desired). Telempathy also allows the emotions and feelings of others to be read by a character. The Effect of the check determines the strength of the projected emotion.Telepaths will always recognise when someone is using telempathy to bend their emotions but others will not. The change in mood may be dramatic and inexplicable but most people will simply ascribe it to the mercurial nature of human emotions. Shielded individuals are immune to telempathy as they are all other Telepathy powers.
Telepathy, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Routine (+2). Costs 1+Range

The most widely known feature of Telepathy is the ability to read the
thoughts of other individuals. Only active, current thoughts are read
by this ability, with the subject (if himself not a telepath) unaware
of the activity. Individuals with telepathic ability cannot be read due
to the presence of their natural shields, unless they willingly lower
their shielding. The Effect of the check determines the clarity of the
telepath’s perceptions.
Telepathy,  Psionic Strength,  10–60 seconds,  Aver age ( +0) .
Costs 2+Range.
Complementary to the ability to read surface thoughts is the ability
to send thoughts to others. Such individuals need not themselves
be telepathic to receive such thoughts. Telepathic individuals are
normally open to such transmissions, but may close their shields
against them if they become bothersome or threatening.
Telepathy,  Psionic Strength,  10–60 seconds,  Difficult  ( –2) .
Costs 2+Range.

The application of great psionic strength will enable a telepath to
delve deep into the mind of a subject and to then read his innermost
thoughts. Questioning can be used in the procedure to force the
subject to divulge specifi c information. The prober can easily
determine deliberate untruths told (thought) by the subject. Probe
cannot be used against a shielded mind. Again, the Effect of the
check determines the clarity of the telepath’s perceptions.
Telepathy,  Psionic Strength,  1–6 minutes,  Very Difficult  ( –4) .
Costs 4+Range.

Violence may be dealt by a telepath. An unshielded mind, when
assaulted telepathically, is rendered unconscious immediately and
the character suffers 2d6 + Effect damage. Unlike normal damage,
assault damage is applied to Psionic Strength (if the victim has it),
then Intelligence, then Endurance. Psionic Strength and Endurance
return as normal (see pages 152 and 74 respectively). Intelligence
returns at the rate of one point per day.
When a shielded mind is assaulted the two telepaths make opposed
Telepathy checks.  If  the attacker  wins,  the victim suffers damage
as normal.
Telepathy,  Psionic Strength,  1–6 seconds,  Formidable ( –6) .
Costs 8+Range.

All telepathically able characters learn how to create a mental shield
which protects the mind against unwanted telepathic interference.
Shield is automatically in force at all times and requires no Psionic
Strength point expenditure to maintain. However, while a telepath
has his shield up he cannot use any telepathic powers either. Shield
can be lowered to allow telepathic contact or to use telepathic
powers – this takes a mere thought (a free action in combat).
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Re: Psionics Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance is the general talent which allows a person to sense
events at some location displaced from the viewer. There are several
levels of clairvoyant ability. Clairvoyance abilities allow eavesdropping
activities as well as spying and detection-free exploration of
situations. While telepathic life detection will determine the presence
of living minds in a closed room, for example, sense will determine
if a room is occupied or empty. Clairvoyant activity cannot be sensed
by others, including by other psionic individuals.
The basic ability to sense things at some point in the distance. A
character will become aware of the most rudimentary characteristics
of a location when applying this ability. For example, the Referee
will give a basic description, without detail: ‘a room containing four
dogs’ or ‘an open plain with a tree, and no animals or men present’.

The clairvoyant character must state the range at which he is
applying his talent, and will generally sense the most interesting or
important feature at that range. The Effect of the check determines
the level of accuracy and clarity.
Clairvoyance, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Routine (+2).
Costs 1+Range.

With this ability, the character can perceive dangers and foes around
him using his clairvoyant abilities. This enhanced spatial perception
allows him to ignore the effects of darkness, smoke, fog or other
environmental effects that impede vision. He may also detect hidden
foes within range. The Effect of the check how long the enhanced
awareness lasts in rounds.
Clairvoyance, Psionic Strength, 1–6 seconds, Average (+0).
Costs 2+Range
This specifi c ability allows actual remote viewing of a situation
at some displaced point. Rather than the ‘snapshot’ that sense
gives, clairvoyance allows the psion to observe as if he was there
in person. The clairvoyant character must state the range at which
he is applying his talent. The Effect of the check determines the
level of detail perceived and the duration in rounds the vision
can be maintained for.
Clairvoyance, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Average (+0).
Costs 2+Range.

This ability is identical to clairvoyance, with the exception that it
allows hearing instead of seeing.
Clairvoyance, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Average (+0).
Costs 2+Range.
This power combines the effects of clairvoyance and clairaudience.
The character is capable of both seeing and hearing a specific
Clairvoyance, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Diffi cult (–2).
Costs 3+Range.
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Re: Psionics Telikenisis
Telekinesis is the talent  which allows objects to be manipulated
without physically touching them. Any manipulation is treated
as if the person was physically handling the item but physical
danger, pain, or other stimuli are not present. Telekinesis includes
a limited amount of sensory awareness, sufficient to allow actual
intelligent manipulation.
This basic form of the talent allows the character to move objects
at range. The Effect of the check determines the duration of the
telekinesis in rounds. The number of points spent determines the
Strength of the Telekinesis.
Telekinesis,  Psionic Strengt h,  1–6 seconds,  Aver age ( +0) .
Costs Strength+Range.
By applying telekinesis to his own body the character can ?y, or
at least levitate over short distances. The character can ?y for a
number of rounds equal to the Effect of the check at a speed of six
metres per round.
Telekinesis,  Psionic Strength,  1–6 seconds,  Aver age ( +0) .
Costs 5.
Telekinesis can be used as a direct  attack,  smashing the foe with a
blast of telekinetic force. The damage in?icted is 2d6 + the Effect
of the check.
Telekinesis,  Psionic Strength,  1–6 seconds,  Aver age ( +0) .
Costs 1+Range.
This more challenging form of telekinesis allows for one manipulation
of very small or even microscopic objects. A telekinetic can use this
power to pick locks, perform microsurgery, sabotage a computer
system and so forth. The range is always Personal.
Telekinesis,  Psionic Strength,  10–60 seconds,  Difficult  ( –2) .
Costs 3.
By exciting the substance of an object the character can raise its
temperature, possibly even causing it to burst into flames. Roll 1d6
and add the Effect of the check.

Pyrokinesis Effect
0–4 Becomes warmer, but is undamaged.
5–8 Is burned, suffering 1d6 damage.
9+ Suffers 2d6 damage and may burst into flame if flammable.

Telekinesis,  Psionic Strengt h,  10–60 seconds,  Difficul t  ( –2) .
Costs 3+Range.
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Re: Psionics Awareess
Awareness is the psionic talent which allows control of one’s
own body. Awareness powers never have a range – they are used
only on yourself.

Personal body activity may be suspended for varying periods of time.
A character with Awareness may enter a suspended animation state
(similar to cold sleep but without the intrinsic danger of death) by
willing himself into it. Such a state continues for 7 days without need
for food or water and with minimal air needs. Such a person could
effectively travel in a low passage berth without actually undergoing
cold sleep and its dangers. Suspended animation may be stopped at
any time previous to its duration expiring, provided external stimulus is
given to awaken the sleeper (such as a friend or a mechanical alarm).
Awareness, Psionic Strength, 1–6 minutes, Average (+0).
Costs 3.

By focussing his mind, the character can improve his concentration
and ability to perform complex tasks. While under the effects of
enhanced awareness, the character may add his Psionic Strength
DM (if positive) to any skill checks. Enhanced awareness lasts until
the character fails a skill check or sleeps.
Awareness, Psionic Strength, 1–6 seconds, Average (+0).
Costs 1.

Psionic Strength points may be converted to normal Strength points
on a temporary basis. The character makes the commitment, reduces
his Psionic Strength by a specific number of points, and increases
his physical Strength characteristic by that number. In no case may
the number of Strength points gained exceed the character’s current
level in Awareness, and Strength may not be increased beyond the
character’s racial maximum. Psionically enhanced strength reaches
its new level immediately, remains at that peak for ten minutes, and
then declines at the rate of 1 Strength point per minute until the
normal Strength level is reached. This power works as normal on
wounded characters but their Strength returns to the wounded level
rather than the normal value. It cannot be used as a ‘quick heal’.
Awareness, Psionic Strength, 1–6 seconds, Average (+0).
Costs boosted Strength.( number of endurance points added)

Psionically enhanced endurance works in exactly the same way as
psionically enhanced strength except the characteristic boosted is
Endurance rather than Strength, including its lack of healing ability.
Awareness, Psionic Strength, 1–6 seconds, Average (+0).
Costs boosted Endurance.( number of endurance points added)

Wounds and injuries may be heal ed rapidl y. Strength, Dexterityand Endurance lost to injury, disease, poison or other trauma may
be healed by the application of this ability, exchanging one Psionic
Strength point to regenerate one characteristic point. Any amount of
Psionic Strength may be expended with a single use of regeneration but it may not be used again until all expended Psionic Strength is
recovered. Regeneration may also be applied to the growing of new
limbs or organs to replace lost ones or to heal unrecovered old
wounds suffered prior to psionic training. Regeneration may not be
used to counteract aging. Awareness is not capable of affecting others
and may not be used for healing or enhancing other characters.
Awareness, Psionic Strength, 10–60 seconds, Very Difficult (–4).
Costs amount healed.

By channelling psionic strength to his skeletal structure and
boosting his healing rate, the character can enhance his ability to
absorb damage. Body armour lasts for a number of rounds equal to
the Effect of the check and provides an armour rating equal to the
number of Psionic Strength points expended. This armour stacks
with worn armour as normal.
Awareness, Psionic Strength, 1–6 seconds, Very Diffi cult (–4).
Costs amount healed.( number of armor points added)
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Re: Psionics Psi-tech
The ban on psionics within the Imperium means that most of these
technologies are illegal. The exception is anti-psionic devices like
the psionic shield or inhibitor drugs.
 Psi-Drugs (TL 8+): Psi-Drugs (TL 8+): These drugs restore Psionic Strength if taken
when the character has already spent Psionic Strength points, or
temporarily increase the character’s Psionic Strength if taken when
he is at full Psionic Strength.

A character who takes more than one dose of Standard or Double
Psi-Drug, or a single dose of the Special drug must make an
Endurance check, with a –1 DM per dose of psi-drug taken in the
last week (not including the one just taken). If the check is failed
the character falls ill with a serious fever, suffering 3d6 damage and
permanently reducing his Psionic Strength by one.
 Inhibitor Drug (TL 9): Inhibitor Drug (TL 9): Psionic inhibitors dampen the brain’s ability
to generate psychic effects. A character who takes (or, more often, is
forcibly injected with) an inhibitor drug suffers a –4 DM to all Psionic
Strength checks and cannot regain Psionic Strength points. Each
hour the character may make an Endurance check to throw off the
effects of the drug with a +1 DM for every previous check. Inhibitor
drugs have no effect on non-psionic individuals. The drugs cost
Cr. 500 per dose.
 Psionic Shield (TL 12): Psionic Shield (TL 12): Any armour incorporating a helmet or hood
can be outfi tted with a psionic shield, blocking Telepathy. Unlike
the Telepathy power
shield a technological shield is invulnerable
to assault and blocks send thoughts. It cannot be lowered without
removing the helmet or hood containing the shield. Cr. 40,000.
Buildings and vehicles can also be psionically shielded, but this is
much more costly, increasing the cost by 10%.

 Psionic Interface (TL 14): Psionic Interface (TL 14): Any weapon or technological device canbe outfi tted with a psionic interface. A character using a device
with a psionic interface can use his Psionic Strength DM instead
of his Dexterity DM when using the weapon or device; a character
without psionic ability cannot use the device. The character must
either touch the device or usetelekinesis to interact with it at range.

Adding a psionic interface increases the cost of the device by 20%.
A character may only attempt to enter the Psion career with the
permission of the Referee. One life event (see page 34) allows a
character to fi nd a Psionics Institute and begin his training during
character generation; some campaigns may allow access to psionics
for any character.
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Re: Psionics Psi-tech
Psonic Careers:Qualification: Psionic Strength 6+
–1 DM for every previous career.
Basic Training: Basic Training: Unlike other careers, a Psion gains level
0 skills from the appropriate Specialist table instead of
the Service Skills table in basic training.

Choose one of the following:
You developed your  powers without  formal  training.
You are a scholar  of  the psionic disciplines.A career for characters who deliberately choose to focus on their psionic potential instead of more conventional lifestyles
You combine combat  training with psionic warfare.

Qualification: Psionic Strength 6+
–1 DM for every previous career.
Basic Training: Basic Training: Unlike other careers, a Psion gains level
0 skills from the appropriate Specialist table instead of
the Service Skills table in basic training.


Roll      Personal Development  Service Skills  Advanced   Education
                                              ( Minimum Edu 8)
1        +1 Edu               Telepathy        Comms
2        +1 Int               Clairvoyance     Computers
3        +1 Str               Telekinesis      Language (any)
4        +1 Dex               Awareness        Medic
5        +1 End               Awareness        Sciences ( any)
6        +1 Psi               Any skill        Space Sciences (any)

Roll   Wild Talent     AdeptSpecialist:      Psi-WarriorSpecialist:
1      Telepathy       Telepathy             Telepathy
2      Telekinesis     Clairvoyance         Awareness
3      Deception       Awareness            Teleportation
4      Stealth         Medic Gun            Combat (any)
5      Streetwise      Persuade             Battle Dress
6      Melee (any) or  Social Sciences      Recon
       Gun Combat(any)

RankRank Wild TalentWild Talent Skill or Benefi tSkill or Benefi t AdeptAdept Skill or Benefi tSkill or Benefi t
1 Survivor Survival 1 or
Streetwise 1
Initiate Life Science
(psionology) 1
3 Witch Deception 1 Acolyte Any psionic talent 1
6 Master Any psionic talent 1
Psi-warriorPsi-warrior Skill or BenefitSkill or Benefi t
Gun Combat (any) 1
Captain Leadership 1
Force Commander Tactics (any) 1