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 The Will of the Force
Thu 30 Oct 2014
at 16:42
I want this to be a fast paced game, much like the movies, so daily posts would be preferred, though I'm not here on Sundays and I don't expect anyone else to post on Sundays either.

Out of Character Comments in In Character Threads
Clearly mark any Out of Character comments in In Character threads so that there is no confusion about what is what. I prefer the [OOC: Text] format, but as long as it is clear what is what, it should be fine.

Every time you use a trait, you need to describe the use IC and make an OOC comment about what trait you are using and how. If you want to make the roll yourself, you can in most cases. Please copy/paste all info from the dice roller and include all necessary details so I know exactly what is happening. If you roll in a situation when you shouldn't know the result of the roll, I will ignore your roll and reroll in secret. If you want me to make all rolls, i can do that too.

Character Status
At the bottom of each IC post, include your current status in one line, using small bold, with the following information:
* HP: (Total/Current)
* FP (Total/Current)
* ER (Total/Current), if any
* DP (Total/Current)
* Buffs: Any current temporary beneficial effects, e.g. Force Agility DX +2, Force Blessing
* Debuffs: Any current temporary detrimental effects, e.g. Unconscious 4 seconds, poisoned

HP: 10/10     FP 10/10     No Buffs or Debuffs

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