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 The Will of the Force
Sat 19 Dec 2015
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Itís about six months after the end of the Clone War, the heroes had left their ship on Bogden and were on Sel Zonn Station over Brental.  They saved a greasy mechanic from Stormtroopers and Imperial agents. Maya turned out to be an agent of Alderaanian Security working for Senator Organa personally. And she asked them to pick up some cargo for her that she now was too wounded to pick up herself.

They went to a level that supposedly was off limits to all but Imperial personnel, but that hadnít seen any maintenance in way too long. There they dealt with the droid Switch, paying for the shipment and getting some ale to deliver to Alderaan. Winter even offered to sell him information. But before they could leave, the heroes and Switch were attacked. But with the Force as Koroís ally, things ended quickly and peacefully.

Blue Deck was well maintained and littered with Imperial propaganda. In the massive hangar where both of their cargos were located, but Stormtroopers and an Imperial officer were already there to pick up the Alderaanian Security officer that had turned himself into carbonite. And again they had to fight the Empire.

Some dressed as Stormtroopers and they took some random crates together with the ale and the carbonite slab. They were then picked up by Captain Sirona Okeefe and taken to Alderaan. As Okeefe hadnít been paid to ship additional cargo, she made an arrangement with the heroes for 5% of the total value of what was in the crates.

On planet they were taken to see Senator Organa. He paid their expenses and gave them a mission to rescue a defected Imperial Admiral from a prison on Felucia. Offering 2,000 credits each. He would also arrange for the sale of the crates and paying Okeefe her fee.

And before the heroes left Alderaan on the same ship they arrived on, they made sure to instruct their droids to take their ships to Alderaan.

Switch was added as an Usually Reliable Contact for all of you.

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