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RTJ and Welcome
RTJs just need a name, basic character concept, and whether you have heard of the song Black Paper Moon (just a yes or no. I'd just like to know whether someone actually reads this or ignores it).

For a better informed player, my game has the following characteristics, and two important notices.

>First notice, I'm looking for players to be proactive in driving the story forward. Ask questions. Primarily this becomes an issue when players expect me to push things forward without being clear that they are ready to push forward (or in what direction they want to go), then they just wait for me to push things forward and things stall.

I'm a reactive gm, and good at it. I can spontaneously and creatively handle anything the players throw my way on the fly, and that is my strength. My weakness is not always catching when I need to push things forward (and it seems that pbp makes it worse as most of the signs that tell me I need to push things, aren't present in a pure text medium). Thus players need to not wait on me if they feel things have slowed down or they feel it is time to end the scene or move onward. That said, it is something I'm working on improving.

>Second notice, ask before adding something to the history or world. Most of the time it will be fine to add something, but I do have an existing canon in my head and I intend to keep it intact. That also means anything added to the world, including your characters, becomes part of the canon, and while I won't publish your characters without permission, the consequences of their actions may be published or your characters referenced indirectly.

>Plot? Railroaded vs sandbox,
      This will be sandbox. I treat the world as a character and have it react to the players.

      Moderate, death is a real possibility, but not so much so that you need to have an extra character prepared. Also, resurrection is easy if the body is fairly intact and healed fairly quick, though if it takes too long, the soul becomes unrecoverable.

>RP? Roleplay vs Rollplay
      Roleplay. Blackbox mostly. For those that do want to interact with the system, the point isn't to make choices based on the system mechanics. The mechanics are based on a naturalistic balance instead of gaming balance and are intended to provide a structure modelling the game world.

     As a GM, I tend to balance the players against each other. Stats will matter, but having that extra +1 probably won't be noticed compared to other players of your group. Going for heavy optimization is a no-go, as it works against my style and the playstyle I want to cultivate among my players, it also implies a lack of understanding of the desired playstyle which is fixable (or a lack of caring which isn't fixable).

>Plausibility (aka realism)
      Expect NPCs to respond realistically. I.E. having "fun" in the corner of the throne room won't be ignored by the king. Also, leadership isn't a feat, it is something characters do. You can't do some things just because of high scores I.E. no matter how high you roll, you won't be stealing pants off of bar patrons (at least not without their noticing). Also, the economy can affected by PC actions. Criminal PCs will be hunted by the police (which, in the empire, is one of the military's duties during peacetime, or militia during wartime, so police are tough guys in most places, with heavy hitters on call.).

I also treat the functioning of the world like sci-fi (just with fantasy physics). Things work, or don't work for a reason, and even magic is never handwaved as "it works because magic," that does not mean the characters (or even the players) always understand why, but I will.

      I'm running solo games primarily, though I might run a large group if enough folks want to, though I won't run small groups (those games tend to die the fastest). That said, having companion characters is perfectly fine.

This is a very expansive world. It is on a dyson sphere (a constructed sphere around a sun), though the inhabitants generally don't realize this. It does however affect what can be seen in the sky, as well as the horizon. I explain this so the players know more about what their characters see.

The sun has a cycle. The sun burns bright, expands into a faint cloud, then shrinks back into a ball that burns brightly again. The cycle takes about a month.

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