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IIC: Common Library
Imperial Information Council: Imperial Library
Access Level: Common

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Re: IIC: Common Library
{Unknown to the inhabitants in general is that this world is on the inside of a dyson sphere.}

There are no stars in the sky, save two that require a telescope. Though many myths and legends tell of all peoples coming from other worlds with star filled skies.

The sun, over the course of time about equal to a month, expands and dims into a dark nebulous cloud, then collects together and glows bright again.

The settled and explored lands rest around a large sea.

There is no discernable north, so navigation comes from a pair of truly massive towers in the sea (each has a massive beacon that can be seen for several thousand miles as stars on the horizon, one blue, the other red and slightly dimmer). The direction from the blue tower to the old imperial capital is considered North, with the other cardinal directions appropriately aligned.

There are several major regions.

The region around the capital, once known as the Basket, is now the Scarlands and is bordered on all sides by mountains, like a giant crater. In the middle of this region is a giant mountain with a city inside (open to the sky), that city is the old imperial capital. These were once open praire type lands and vast fields of crops, vineyards, and stonefarms. This was once the richest and most advanced region until the civil war led to rendering the region a wasteland full of taint, radiation, and other lingering dangers. Small patches remain mostly untouched, but these are few and far between. Only three official settlements remain, and all three are near the edges of the region. However, criminals, pirates, and bandits have taken to using hideouts in this region, though sometimes such a group is never heard from again.

West of the Scarlands are the Treelands, which are indeed covered by lots of trees of various sorts, though meadows and open fields are not hard to find. The famous Mushroom Forest is in the the northeastern part of this region. This is also the most densly populated region since the civil war, and the oldest home to the common races, with ruins spanning thousands of years.This is the western border of the empire, with many independant nations spreading throughout the western areas. Underneath this region lay most of the underkingdoms.

The underkingdoms are the oldest realms of the dwarven folk, the first people to be brought to this world. The general rarity of seismic activity in the explored world has allowed massive dwarven constructions to be built, and over the millenia it has become a maze that is not fully mapped.

North of the Treelands are the Crags.

bordered on the north by a region known as the Crags.

North of these regions is a vast desert separating the civilized lands from the realms of the dragons.

East of the Scarlands are the bamboo covered Broken Hills.

 Gostro Freada, another founding nation of the empire.

The traits are Spirit (which is dynamic but powers magic), algorithmic (high amounts is more orderly with more strict patterns and less erratic randomness), material (from empty voids to dimensions filled with stone or air), density (lighter materials like gases vs metal, stone, and crystal), energy (mundane energy like electricity), Ether (affects things like gravity, magnetics, and reach of various effects as they echo more or less strongly).

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