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Character Apps and Guidelines
This is basically all I need for those playing blackbox games. Those building via the rules should start with this, and then we'll handle the finer points in pm.

Questions to answer,
1. Name. Obvious I would hope. The empire generally uses names of things, adjectives, or phrases, such Harsh Boulder or Feathertail, but this is hardly universal as the empire has many cultures. The Underkingdoms generally have simple but harsh sounding names. The non-empire nations in the far west usually have names similar to ancient cultures like Egyptian, Hindi, or Greek.

2. Species/race; Details on races will be posted in the library threads.

3. Basic attributes. These range from Pathetic, Dreadful, Average, Exceptional, Superior, Olympian, to Unrivaled (beyond natural capability).

The attributes are
Endurance/Constitution (physical resistance to problems like sickness and the stamina to keep going),
Intellect (logic, analysis),
Creativity (problem solving, creative ability),
Awareness (not just senses, but awareness of patterns within the world. Also memory and willpower),
Soul (energy level and raw magic power),
Aura (low score is good at small and physical and close, melee or small detail work, high score is good at ranged and interacting at distance and with non-physical),
Charisma (handling social/emotional interaction)

4, pick the character's best skills, fewer for more specialized, or more for a more balanced skill set.

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