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Character Creation/RTJ

1.0 Character Creation

The SBURB version of the game has one race: humans. The humans are kids starting out at the age of 13. To start with you should decide on a name. The human names are generally 4 characters long and one syllable, the last name is 6-7 characters long. For instance, the first character to be introduced is "John Egbert" (4/6), one of his friends is named "Rose Lalonde" (4/7).

-Choose a main interest

Your character should have an interest unique to them, this can vaguely sum up their personalities or can just influence their general behaviours. For instance, John particularly likes Pranks and things associated with them, his friend Rose has an interest in Lovecraftian horror.

-Choose a desired Class/Aspect

Classes dictate how you can use your powers, whereas Aspects decide what your powers are based around. Classes are also either Passive (+) or Active (-). Passive Classes concentrate on being defended/controlled/affected by their aspect whereas Active Classes concentrate on attacking/employing/affecting with their aspect.

For instance Rogues and Thieves both steal [their aspect], however Rogues (+) concentrate on stealing [their aspect] for the good of the team whereas Thieves (-) concentrate on stealing [their aspect] for the good of themselves.

Note: Choosing a desired class/aspect may not guarantee you the class/aspect, I may assign aspects and classes depending on the character or what the session needs. This is mostly just a guide-line for me to see what kind of character you will be running. You may opt to just have a random class/aspect.

Classes/Aspects are Covered in this thread: link to a message in this game

-Distribute Stats

There are 5 main stats:

Mangrit:Physical activity, Strength
Attunement:Ability to use magical power
Imagination:Puzzle solving, intelligence, skills
Pulchritude:Charisma, personality, appearance
Vim:Health, Endurance

You have 20 points to distribute amongst the 5 stats at first level, no stat may have less than 1 and none may have more than 8.


Your character's appearance can be as simple as what they wear/what their shirt symbol is. Generally the characters in Homestuck are racially ambiguous and left in a sort of "template" colour; this is not a requirement and if you would like to describe your characters race feel free. Note: We will not be using character profile pictures in this game, so appearance will be only described through the character biographies.

2.0 Alternate Character Creation

There are other playable races in the game, although they play their own versions of the game. If you are familiar with Homestuck and would like to play a Troll of Cherub you may PM me with specifics and we can talk about how we will introduce your character to the SBURB game. Trolls/Cherubs will get 2 extra points to distribute in stats.

3.0 Pesterchum/Trollian Screen Name

Characters not in the same area will communicate via a chat program. Screen names can be anything, for instance my personal screen name is nightClown (NC). The username must be split into two parts, the first is not capitalized the second part is capitalized. When chatting your screen name is made into an acronym using the two letters of the two parts. Like nightClown is NC (n-ight, C-lown).

4.0 Submitting your RTJ

After you have decided on everything, send your RTJ with all the information. You will then be accepted or told what needs to be changed. Character sheets will not be editable so be sure to have all your stats sorted out exactly how you want them when you send a RTJ. After you have been accepted you may check out the RULES thread or chat with other players in the OOC thread.

We will be starting the SBURB session once we have 4 humans. Trolls and Cherubs can enter the mix later.