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Thu 27 Nov 2014
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-Character sheets are editable and need to be updated on regular basis by players.

-Pick a color no one else is posting with. Anytime you talk out loud, use the color you've chosen using the "styled text" dialog menu in the bottom right hand corner or the 'compose' box. (you'll figure it out). Use italics + color to post what your character might be thinking...

Kelcin acknowledges the guard, "I don't think we've met." Kelcin get's in the guards face and shouts, "ARE YOU DEAF?!".

You receive XP for good and better posts:
The basic 5 point post = moving the story along and using/interacting with the world's descriptions i.e.:

Kelcin enters the hole in the ground "What am I getting into?!"

a 10 point post moves the story along, mentions the world around, interacts with other characters...

Kelcin enters the hole in the ground and grips the dirty clods of dirt in apprehension as he slides downward. "What am I getting into?!" he warns the others behind him, "Watch your step! It's slippery!"

-Current character stats - Advantage(adv), Life Points(LP), Faith Points(FP), weapon at ready + AtR + ammo, important info -  can be seen in the "UmberRac" character description (access by clicking on "UmberRac" name or picture)

For example (one player - Kelcin -  fighting 3 demons who all won advantage this round. It is gremlin2's turn)

CHAPTER: The Groaning Hole of Death Round 3
adv: (18) Manticore
adv: (11) gremlin1
adv: (5) gremlin2 broken leg
adv: (2)Kelcin: Spy: LP~12(21): FP~0(2): (daggers/-:1(1)) (+5 bonus to combat arms attack on next two attacks)

1. I will roll advantage for every round. So tell me before combat starts and the next round which weapon you are holding and or which combat skill you'll use. (it affects your bonus - pay attention to the stat block in the GM description to stay informed on whose turn it is)
1. We will post in order of advantage.
2. On your turn, keep in mind each round is 3 seconds (you may roll for skills at anytime while your swinging and kicking, because you notice things as you fight) So play the post by ear, have fun with the results... Post all combat rolls in prep for an attack or defend...

Kelcin steps forward to jab at the little green gremlin2 that fell off his leg on the ground.
(Att:12 Def:8 Perception: 16/8 Demonology: 13)

"Perception check is always roll first then stat needed to overcome"

1. OOC: Use the “Hello” thread to post “out of Character” chatter, use fb messaging, talk to each other about strategy, push each other to post, encourage one another to be awesome, dare each other if need be. I will force you to make hard choices if you aren’t already…
3. Game Book(s) - Currently using Holy Lands: Light Edition (and all the extra stuff that comes with the adventure Packs).
Writing - All posts should be written in 3rd person. No 1st person please. The story should read like a novel, not a diary.
Posting - This is tailored to each player's ability to post. But try to post at least once every 2 days when in combat. Or else I’ll pester you…
Rolling die – use the “Dice Roller” available here on Rpol, so we can see your rolls.
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Fri 28 Nov 2014
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Re: Rules
I call dibs on blue!  Or would dark-blue be better?
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Sun 30 Nov 2014
at 01:37
Re: Rules
And you mention to use third person, but in what tense?
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Sun 30 Nov 2014
at 14:22
Re: Rules
I suppose I'll be Red
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Sun 30 Nov 2014
at 14:23
Re: Rules
Also, if we go to character details, it says that we don't have permission to edit our character this a glitch and should we go ahead and do it or wait?
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 16:04
Re: Rules
okay, we've got a few kinks worked out. Talonar should be able to see and edit his character sheet (I'm wondering if this option is more of a headache than anything... testing it out)

Also, when posting, only put your character's "voice" in the color of your choice.
For example:

UmberRac shoves the whole tortilla in his mouth, before saying between bites, "Muh, Deesh wolt ve vetter vish shalsha!"