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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
With his bed close by, David successfully makes a nice warm fire on the bluff, as Ivrodel watches from her bed. Judah turns away from the dark forest and approaches the fire and  enjoys the warmth with David and Ivrodel. Judah shares his story, and everyone can hear it, before slowing laying down drifting off to sleep on the uneven ground beside the fire. Ivordel and David continue to make small talk, with Talonar keeping an eye on the surrounding forest.

OOC to Talonar: No. Health regen comes from miracles, medical skill, or bedrest @1LP per hour. Clerics & Saints restore Faith @ 1FP per hour, but other characters gain FULL FP per 8 hours sleep. Faith is also regenerated by using the meditation skill, holy water, or some herbal remedies.

Keep playing it out.

It is now 10:00pm - (ongoing bonus: +4 to 2 endurance rolls)

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Sat 16 Dec 2017
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
*Talonar uses group heal on party*

He prays a prayer, Lord, thank you for the power to strengthen my allies, to prepare us for battle.

He pulls out his whetstone and sharpens his scimitar

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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
As Talonar prays, a healing warmth can be felt in everybody in the group.

OOC: All characters heal 10 life, I've adjusted your sheets. Do Ivrodel and David sleep? You don't have to, now, if you don't sleep for two days straight, I'll start penalizing actions and stuff, but missing one night of sleep won't hurt. much.

(ongoing bonus: +4 to 2 endurance rolls)

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Sun 24 Dec 2017
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
David was already preparing to sleep, he was saying his prayers at the same time as talonar. Suddenly, he felt something different and he was less tired, more comfortable and he realized the power of a miracle. He then gets on his knees, looks at the others and he can see the dark elf also praying.
He lays down again in silence and thanks the Lord for one more experience of His power. One more thing that makes he remember his parents stories, of healing, comfort and renewing.

He turns to talonar, in a volume that the others can hear "God bless u my brother. Don't forget to wake me for the next shift. Good night!" Right after that, be turns to the side and almost immediately falls asleep.

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Thu 4 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
Ivrodel too beds down also, her cat snuggles in next to her, and Ivrodel is soon snoring.

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Thu 4 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!

Two hours pass in peace and quiet. It is now past 12:00am

Talonar needs to roll for endurance to stay awake.
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Sat 6 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
As his party settles down behind him, and the fire dies, Talonar settles in for the first watch.

Talonar promptly falls asleep sitting upright, with his chin resting on his chest. He was more tired than he thought he as.

09:47, Today: UmberRac, on behalf of Talonar, rolled 9 using 1d12 ((9)).
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Sun 7 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
Ivrodel sleeps soundly and awakes at dawn (getting 6 hours rest), as her strong training in the King's Rangers makes sleeping in hard to do. Looking around at the still dark forest with a hint of sun coming up in the dark velvet blue east horizon. Thick fog envelopes the land, making the huge trees around them dark and majestic. She glances over at Talonar, who apparently fell asleep quite by accident, as his body is in a weird position as he still sleeps. She decides it safe enough to start a small fire to warm herself and her companions when they wake. As the fire starts crackling to life, she sits back and relaxes, enjoying it's small bit of warmth on this chilly morning and offers up the habitual prayer of thanksgiving and praise that the King's Rangers recite every morning. (OOC: Ivrodel gains full health from good rest, and reduces ration by 1)

The rest of the characters might smell the smoke of the fire and are roused...

OOC: All characters heal to full health and faith for a good night's rest. Even Talonar, ho slept without wanting to. I've updated everyone's character sheets to reflect that you've eaten and are in good health.

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David Jones-Chan
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Mon 8 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
For a moment it was all calm, nice and easy. Slowly getting aware of waking up, even before opening his eyes, listening to the forest sounds, feeling the smooth breeze, thanking to God for another good night of rest, smelling the smoke nearby...

All of sudden everything comes at once to him. Going to sleep at the forest, he was the one who should take the second shift, talonar would wake him up and... what happened to the dark elf? Smoke?! Have they been attacked?

He was thinking about all of it at the same time he woke up and stood at a jump, not standing at all, but immediatelly ducking, guard raised, prepared for any odd situation.

As he looks around, without making any other sound  than of his movements to stand. He first sees talonar still sleeping in a crooked and kind funny way. That was just a glance on his mind and in no time heīs again searching for any danger, so he sees Judah also at a deep sleep and then ivrodel, just sitting and relaxing by the small fire, probably looking at him now.

He straightens up, fully stands, walks to the lady - still looking around in precaution, but for the first time realizing the beautiful picture of the dawn - and says in a low voice, so he wonīt wake up the other two:

"Good morning, milady. God bless us in this beatiful dawning. Hmm... Are you awake for a long time? I guess i... we... iīve lost my shift. Did you replace mr. talonar in his task?"

He said this between the thoughts in his head: heavily accusing himself of irresponsibility, he was the one who should have awake to replace talonar, this was not the womanīs task, she should be sleeping now, how can the others count on him for safety if he canīt even wake up in the night, can anyone imagine his father sleeping over while his soldiers were under his protection? Probably he should go back home, for the others would be better without him...

Containing this wave of thoughts for a while he looks at ivrodel again and asks: "Should we wake up the others? We have a walk to go and work to do...".
The martialist can feel his energies renewed, heīs prepared for anything after a good night of sleep, but it also makes his consciece stricken for not to take his duties.
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Wed 10 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
The sound of voices stirs Judah's mind. His eyes peek open to the next day. "Why is the morning here already?" Pushing up with his hands, Judah rights himself slowly and begins to fumble to life.

Seeing Ivrodel and David already awake, he nods to them groggily.

"Good Moaaaaaahhhrrning"
David Jones-Chan
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Tue 23 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
As he was finishing his sentence, david listens to judah moving and speaking. "Good morning, brother. May god bless our day" is his answer.

Looking again at ivrodel, then to talonar - still in his odd and probably uncomfortable position - then to ivrodel again, he says "Well, i guess i should wake him, so we can move on. And this was my task, hours ago..."

The young martialist walks slowly up the way to the sleeping dark elf, says in a low voice, totally embarassed: "Hmmm... brother... mr. Talonar... errrr itīs time to wake up." Then, getting a litte closer and speaking a little louder, but still not touching his companion "Brother talonar, iīm sorry. I lost my shift, i wasnīt able to wake up and take my turn replacing you. Itīs already morning, we should go ahead to our destination. Once again, sorry".

He says all this without exactly look at talonar, but facing the ground most of the time, really ashamed of his lack.
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Wed 24 Jan 2018
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Re: Chapter 1a: Onward to Schrat's!
Talonar jerks awake, surprised not only at his own inability to stay awake but also at how quickly morning seemed to come. Before him stands the young martialist, the grogginess of his mind blurring his first set of words. His second set of words ringer truer and Talonar pushes himself up to stand, securing his waste belt and grabbing his smaller water skin off is belt to take a drink.

He takes a mouthful of water, swishes it around and spits it out before gulping down a few mouthful. He returns his water skin to his belt and looks up at his companion. Talonar wipes the beads of water from the corner of his lips with his sleeve before patting him on the shoulder. "Don't worry about it, your body must have known you needed the rest. We did walk quiet a while yesterday, and chasing that goblin was a bit draining. Just keep your chin up, we'll need you're strength some time today, I'm sure."

With that, he slides down the bluff to rejoin the rest of his companions looking towards the campfire.

"Eh, no breakfast?"

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Sat 10 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
The group gathers their belongings as the sun rises in the east, put out the fire, and starts following the southern trail toward Schrat's Stop. (7:30am) They are uneasy, as the Dark Umber Hills carry a foreboding stench of decay and evil, even though the sun shines brightly through the heavy foliage overhead. They chat easily with one another as they walk, growing confident with one another's abilities and skills.

The tall weeds choke the overgrown trail they follow south, and they all note the signs of the passage of the horse drawn cart that went ahead of them some time ago. An hour passes as they continue at a moderate pace, thoughts on the evil group of people or demons they might meet around Schrat's Stop. (8:30am) From the signs in the long grass on the trail, the horse cart appeared to hasten it's speed considerably at this point. Looking around, the group can tell this spot is ripe for some sort of ambush, with two very old large rotting trees laying down parallel to the trail they are on. Everything seems silent and still. They keep walking feel safe enough to do so, and stumble upon the body of a large human, the corpse has been ravaged and is torn to bits. All signs point to Grimwolves. It appears that the speed of the cart and the attack of the Grimwolves made this heavy set unfortunate male topple out the card and was beset upon by the wolves of death. Talonar recognizes the human remains as the lazy grumpy guard in Raven's Scorn that gave him quite a rough time because of a pendant. This event happened more than a day ago.
You spot a the man's bloody boots, coin purse, and a dagger.

OOC: Post what you might want to take. You are safe, there is no need to do perception checks or any need to do any scouting. As the Grimwolves are now fed and this event happened more than a day ago.
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Sun 11 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
Talonar bends over the body, and grabs the coin purse and the dagger. He tucks the dagger in his boot, saving it for when the situation is dire and he needs it. He tosses the coin purse back to his companions and stands up, bowing his head.
"Please, Lord forgive him and receive his spirit."
He looks around at the bloody scene, finding a long sheet of cloth. Talonar lays out the cloth next to the to body, covering it up and wrapping up the remains.
"He looks over at his companions. We should bury him, it is the only proper thing to do."

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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
As Talonar starts gathering the corpse's mangled body, he barely is able to keep from retching because of the smell of the rot. David straight away runs 10 feet away and throws up along side the trail, his senses not able to take the sight or smell of the corpse. Upon seeing David's reaction and subsequent nauseous spill. Ivrodel backs Desert up a few paces and leans over to the other side of the trail and vomits as well.

Seeing Talonar struggle with wrapping the body, Judah covers his face partially with his hood, holds his breath, and keeps his wits about him and he helps Talonar moved the wrapped body to a depression alongside the trail.

As Talonar attempts to find rocks, limbs, and large leaves to cover the body, Judah lifts his palms toward heaven. "Incline Thine ear, O Lord, unto our prayers, wherein we humbly pray Thee to show Thy mercy upon the soul of Thy servant N., whom Thou hast commanded to pass out of this world, that Thou wouldst place him in the region of peace and light, and bid him be a partaker with Thy Saints. Through Christ our Lord. Amen." The rest of the group pauses in prayer with hands over mouths and nose as Judah completes the blessing.

(9:00am) The group feels the Spirit nudging them forward, onward toward Schrat's Stop, where more urgent problems are pressing. This nudging promptly, without a word, increases the urgency at which the group travels.

Talonar and Ivrodel notice, as they follow the trail, the cart tracks appear to pick up speed along the shady forest trail. (11:00am) After about 2 more hours of steady walking, they come upon another mangled almost indiscernible human female body and a noticeable dark depression in the grass, as if something had been laying on the grasses, 'a grimwolf was killed' is your immediate thought. (once dead, grimwolves return to dust) Signs point to another attack, this one was a bit more brutal. The horse cart appeared to make it through the attack, as you see the cart trail continue past the bodies through the heavy grasses along the trail to the south.

There is a large burlap bag, it's fabric contents strewn about the long grasses. You spot 3 small battle axes, 2 spears, and another coin purse.

OOC: Post what you might want to take. You are safe, there is no need to do perception checks or any need to do any scouting. As the Grimwolves are now fed and this event happened more than a day ago.

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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
Talonar makes his way over to the remains. He wants to bury this body as well but he gets the feeling that they would be burying bodies all day, and he knows that they need to find the source to stop the killing.
However, the fact that unchecked evil claimed these lives bothers and emboldens him.
He gathers what he wants, a battle ax and the coin purse, before saying a quick prayer.
grant them rest, Lord.
Standing, he turns to his companions.
there are still weapons here if you would have them. we need to go stop whatever is causing this.

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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
OOC: I've update Talonar's character sheet. he is a battle axe and 15 gold coins richer.
David Jones-Chan
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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
After finding the first body, when he couldnīt help at all, David was once again ashamed of his inability to face the situation and help. That made him once again sad and silent for a long while. After sometime and long walk, he forgets about it all and joins the light conversation. As they find other signs of danger along the way, he gets serious and concerned again and when they find the second incident place and the dead bodies he looks around and raises a quick prayer to God, asking for protection for anyone who might still be on the cart and hoping the others who fell and passed away had their chance to meet Jesus.

He listens to Talonar and agrees, saying "I guess we can even leave the bodies here for a little more here, so we can avoid the body count to increase. Letīs move forward to our destination, to stop whatever we have to face!"

As he moves ahead he speaks low to talonar, so that only the dark elf can hear this: "Brother, if we wonīt give these belongings back to the deceased families, iīd like to have some of the spoils in these purses. In fact, we should split it all among the four of us. I have no use for the weapons ".

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Thu 15 Feb 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
 As the group pushes past the first corpse, Judah cannot help but ponder what would have happened had he chose to stay at the abbey. Shrugging off the turmoil of thoughts, he continues forward.

 When David starts up in light conversation, Judah pokes and prods the conversation just enough to keep the light heartened tone going.

As they approach the next scene of terror, Judah mourns quietly as the body comes into view. The sight is enough to press his mind forward,

"This evil has to end. If not us to end it, then who? I believe God put this task before us for this reason."

As the group presses forward, Judah is lost in thought. (Perception:1)  His mind keeps racing with the thoughts of people who have lost their lives. Did they have a chance to know about the Father's love? Did they suffer a long time? Did they get a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones? Did they enjoy a good meal before this incident?

Judah's mind wonders off into oblivion....
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Thu 15 Mar 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
The group hastens it's speed as they make their way south toward Schrat. The large trees in the forest seem to get bigger as they continue walking, the canopy above leaving little room for the sun, which is very much unclouded, to shine it's bright rays into the under story. As 12:00pm approaches, the blotted sun reaching the peak of it's rotation, Hunger gnaws. They continue walking as the group eats. Feeling refreshed, the continue walking without incident for about 6 more hours, getting really close to Schrat until they come upon another bigger fight scene/mess. Black soot covers the ground suggesting a number of demons have been killed. Crudely made weapons litter the ground, along with some traveling equipment and a few pieces of clothing are strewn about. As you continue to walk through the mess, taking a mental inventory, you spy the cart tipped to it's side, a dead horse, ravaged and killed lie a few yards away in the shallow ditch beside the trail.

ooc: It is now 6:00pm in the evening, the sun you can see seems to be lower on the horizon, you feel like you're in a valley. You feel Hungry again, I deducted 2 rations from your character sheets.
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Wed 6 Jun 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
Ivrodel holds the Deserts reigns tightly in her grip and allows her keen eyes to scan the surrounding battlefield. As she does she looks for any sign of survivors, both good and evil and any directions where human survivors may have gone.

Perception: 19

(OOC: Don't have the character sheet with me so not sure on bonuses or on other abilities...)
David Jones-Chan
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Thu 21 Jun 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
After a small conversation, David turns his attention inwards, to his wandering thoughts, as they keep taking their way ahead. But his mind doesnīt wander in vain: he takes sometime in mental training, remembering lessons learned since the first things he can remember. Moves, strikes and philosophies taught by his mother, strategies, advices and stories told by his father. He knows from his early childhood that a strong mind is a ready mind. Once in a while  he feints some movements, a punch or raises his leg as  in a kick, sometimes stepping asides as evading or attacking in different angles. As he realizes that his companions may find this strange, he turns his thoughts to a silent prayer, starting a long time of meditation as they go on their path.

As they see the signs of fight, his senses  stir and he scans the surroundings (HP Sight: 17). He then checks the scatterd things trying to find anything useful.

After they complete the checking, he tells to the rest of the group: "I suggest we should move further ahead, to find a higher and safe place to rest, so we can reach our target fully recovered and prepared to whatever we can find. Do you all agree?"
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
Talonar agrees with his martialist companion and begins looking for a place to set up camp.
camp: 20
After preparing camp, he looks around at his companions and realizes, perhaps for the first time that he doesnt know much about these people he has fought with. Deliberately fighting against his isolationist personality, he blurts out before he can talk himself out of speaking, "we have journeyed together, but I hardly know any of you. Tell me about yourselves."
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 14:55
Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
Ivrodel scans the area

David scans the area OOC: As David looks upon the ground, he counts 5 broad swords, 5 spears,  2 battleaxes, 5 lanterns, 1 clay jar (look to be oil for lanterns), 2 waterskins, 2 gold and 12 silver pieces strewn about, 2 well worn sword scabbards, leather straps, twine, 3 rough smaller crossbow bolt quivers, 2 wooden tankards, 2 wooden bowls, 2 small pairs of low quality leather bracers, 3 small leather skull caps, 2 small leather jerkins, 4 small bucklers...

Talonar can plainly see that the only place to camp would be on the path itself.

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David Jones-Chan
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Wed 5 Sep 2018
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Re: Chapter 1b: After camping!
David was checking around as he waited for his partners answers. As the dark elf was talking, he sees more signs out of the messy scenario. He barely could think of talonarīs question, īcause his mind was taken by possibilities and perspective of more fighting on their way.

"Sorry Talonar, i suggested us to rest and iīve heard your question, but iīve just seen something that needs attention now. I saw some stains on the grass ahead and they seem like blood to me and it makes clear that someone or something is wounded, made it through the fight, and is traveling south! I say we should follow this now and rest later. Can we do like this?" He looks at the others as he puts his bellongings straight  and starts to move on "Shall we?"

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