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Wed 12 Nov 2014
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Character Creation
Bios and pictures here!
Draken Limos
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Wed 12 Nov 2014
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Re: Character Creation
Draken Limos

His past is a shroud of mystery, even to him. What he and his fellow Jedi do know; someone raised him up teaching the ways of the force, a powerful master. However, his memories of his childhood were lost to him or as some master's believe, were taken from him.

He was found in a single escape pod beyond the outer rim by deep space traders at 12 years old. He was in a coma, severely injured, nearly dead with a severed cauterized right arm.

The traders found him with a pair of lightsabers, battered padawan robes, and an irreparable holocron. Unable to revive him, the crew took him to the Jedi temple. The Order took him and treated him physically, but despite their best efforts could not restore his memories.

After debating young Draken's future, the council agreed that it would be far more dangerous to end his training. Filled with anger and uncertainty about his past they knew he'd need the structure of their Order or he could fall down a dark path.

As Draken continued to learn the skills of the Jedi, he continued in secret taking the resources of Jedi to fuel the obsession of uncovering his lost past.

He has a unparalleled mastery of manipulating objects of great size with the force.

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Thain Vendalion
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Thu 13 Nov 2014
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Re: Character Creation
Initial character ideas:

Thain Vendalion

Thain is a young Jedi padawan. He's grown up under the shadow of war, but largely sheltered from its direct effects. Born on Corellia, and trained at the Temple on Coruscant, Thain's knowledge of the galaxy is mostly inherited from holos, the extranet and the oral tradition of his teachers.

While many of his friends spent time honing their dueling skills, Thain could often be found in the library thumbing through holodiscs for something to catch his interest. Not that martial training wasn't important to him--far from it--but he learned these skills to please his masters and flesh out his abilities. He favors the balanced and simple Form VI of lightsaber combat, and is far more skilled in the use of the Force (though his knowledge is still more theoretical than experiential).

Thain has spent hundreds of hours digging into the knowledge of the old jedi masters. He began stumbling upon the writings of jedi from a time before the Jedi Council became the most powerful group in the order--before all jedi lived under a single interpretation of the code. Increasingly, he found himself drawn to a unified view of the Force. Now he sees the Force as a single entity that does not judge its practitioners based on the powers they use but instead on how they use them. He has kept his views secret from his masters and from most of his friends, afraid that he might be labeled a gray jedi and expelled from the order.

Partially because of his philosophical views, Thain is idealistic and highly interested in the concept of destiny. He firmly believes his own destiny lies within the jedi order. While he may disagree with some conventional jedi ideas, he loves the order and wants to do his part to end the conflict with the sith.

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Alara Skye
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Sat 15 Nov 2014
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Re: Character Creation
Alara's father was a spice dealer, who fled the planet shortly before she was born. Her mother was unable to raise her, so she was given to her uncle Garen, a galaxy-renowned armormech on Coruscant. Alara grew up helping him in his shop, learning the weight and balance of a good plate of armor - the quality of which could often mean the difference between life and death. Upon learning that she was force-sensitive, Garen enrolled his niece in the Jedi Academy at a young age.

Alara sometimes felt that the Jedi's peacekeeping propensities were at odds with her uncle's line of work, of which she thought very highly. Until the day the Jedi enlisted Garen to serve as chief armor-maker for the newly-formed Army of Light...

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Anjali Vriksha
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Mon 17 Nov 2014
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Re: Character Creation
Anjali Vriksha
Type: Neti Jedi Apprentice
Brawling Parry: The Way of Harmonious Spirit 2D, Dodge 2D, Lightsaber 2D, Melee Combat, Melee Parry
Scholar: Jedi Lore 2D
Beast Riding 1D
Hide: Camouflage 2D
STRENGTH [2D/4D+1] 2D+2
Brawling: The Way of Harmonious Spirit 2D
TECHNICAL [1D/4D+1] 2D+2
Lightsaber Repair: Great Lightsaber 2D

Special Abilities:
Metamorph: Neti can alter their size and shape considerably, though this has little game effect. This includes the ability to change form into a rough humanoid shape, a squat quadruped shape, or a solid, tree-like shape. In quadruped form, Neti receive a +1D bonus to Brawling Parry skill rolls made to resist trips and tackles, but it can neither run nor charge. This bonus is increased to +4D to Brawling Parry when the Neti is in a stationary tree-like form. Changing shape takes a full round.
Photosynthesis: Neti are plants and have no need for food as long as they have regular access to broad-spectrum light.
Camouflage: In tree-like form, Neti gain +2D circumstance bonus on Hide checks among similar trees and foliage.
Force Skills: Control 1D+2, Sense 1D+2, Alter 1D+2
Control: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Heal Self, Concentration, Hibernation Trance
Sense: Beast Languages, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Magnify Senses, Weather Sense
Alter: Telekinesis
Control and Sense: Lightsaber Combat
Control and Alter: Heal Another, Place Another in Hibernation Trance, Plant Surge
Sense and Alter: Lesser Force Shield

This character is Force-sensitive
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 5
Move: 10
Equipment: Dual-phase Long-Handled Great Lightsaber (5D), Armored Forehead Plate (+2D against attacks to the calvarium/crown)


Anjali Vriksha’s first memory, which still haunts him to this day, is that of his birth

His appendages reached briskly toward the firmament above Myrkyr as his senses emerged from the charred remains of what he would one day learn was his mother. As the bright morning sunlight caused him to wince and turn in shocking awe, before him he beheld the remains of a terribly scorched valley - blackened stumps of trees and earth surrounded him for kilometers in every direction. In the midst of this horrifying awareness, he remembers himself drifting back to black unconsciousness as if it were yesterday.

Unknown years would pass before his senses returned to him again. He found himself to have grown in both height and diameter, so much so that the remains of his mother had cracked, broken, and seemingly disappeared from around him, yet her presence could still be felt all around him. For the first time, Anjali moved of his own volition; more so as if by memory rather than something learned, the young Neti circumambulated about himself to sense the equally youthful forest that had replaced the fire-scarred taiga of his prior memory. At his feet, Anjali beheld a very strangely glowing flying insect, which, as he bent to take it into his hands, began to glow with increasing brilliance. Soon Anjali was enveloped in radiant light as a somehow familiar voice spoke to him as an image, not wholly unlike himself, appeared before him.


Having now spent years among his peers at the Jedi Temple, Anjali had learned so much. Despite still being the only one of his kind that he had ever truly met, the masters had taught him how to better control his metamorphic transfiguration and with much greater precision, while at the same time encouraging and amplifying certain innate talents that seemed to come so naturally to the Neti. Though Anjali also chose to train with weapons deemed unorthodox by his instructors (see image above), he fell in love with the fluidity and precision of defensive lightsaber techniques, and became a renowned tutor of Soresu (Form III) lightsaber combat among his peers. In creating his first personal lightsaber, Anjali was encouraged to create a dual-phase, long-handled, great lightsaber that could be wielded by both his medium and large transformations.

Often self-isolated from his peers, when not in formal training Anjali served in both the library and archives between shifts in the now increasingly beauteous Temple gardens. Though generous and gregarious when invited, Anjali mostly kept to himself.

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Jace Antilles
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Mon 17 Nov 2014
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Re: Character Creation
Jace Antilles of Corellia

Jace is the son of noble birth. The Antilles of Corellia are known for their Force-Sensitive families. Often, the second-born son is sent off to the Jedi Temple on Tython. With the War of Light and Darkness raging on for decades, the Antilles sent their oldest son, Jace, to Tython for training. He was sent at the age of six, rather than birth, so he is older than the other Jedi in his class.
Jace accompanied his master, Ki Runa, to Korriban, where the Jedi attempted a massive invasion. Planetside, every single Jedi was butchered and killed. Jace was forced to remain in orbit during the battle, and watched the destruction of the Jedi army. The few remaining Jedi fled, taking him to Coruscant, where he would continue his training. He was mentally scarred from the incident, but has worked diligently to purge the feelings of remorse and loss.
His master left his lightsaber with Jace, claiming he wouldn't need it, that the use of a lightsaber meant that a Jedi's greatest weapon, unity with the Force, had failed. He keeps the lightsaber on his belt now, unignited, in memory of his master.
Ready to take the trials, Jace looks hopefully toward the future, and to the end of the Sith Empire.

Kateri Vendalion
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Mon 17 Nov 2014
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Re: Character Creation

Kateri Vendalion was born to a wealthy family on Corellia. Her only sibling, her brother Thain, was given to the Jedi Academy at birth, to train and hone his Force-sensitivity. But unlike her brother, she was deemed not to be Force-sensitive, and so she remained at home with her father and mother.

Since the aristocracy tended to band together, the Vendalions were good friends with the Antilles', whose son Jace was a year older than herself. Jace was her childhood playmate, all that her brother might have been, until at the age of six he too was sent to train with the Jedi. And so Kateri continued in her day-to-day life as the daughter of a noble family, sheltered from the darkness in the galaxy around her. She dutifully occupied herself with studies; her chief joy was fencing - at which she showed preternatural talent, causing her instructors some puzzlement. But whenever alone, she had to fight to suppress the constant feeling of having been left behind, having been found wanting.

Then, twelve years later, Jace returned to Corellia, stopping to visit his family before heading to Coruscant. Upon spending time with Kateri once again, he realized that she too was Force-sensitive; it had just lain dormant for many years. Even though she was considered too old, Jace convinced the Council to allow her to join himself and her brother in training. Jace had already been placed as mentor to her brother Thain, and the Council allowed him to take on Kateri's training as well.

At the Temple, she became instant friends with her dorm-mate, Alara Skye, as well as with Jace's two closest friends, Draken, and Anjali - when he could actually be found. For the past three years, Kateri has worked herself to near-exhaustion, constantly striving to live up to her mentor's standards, and to not let him down. Through dedication to her training and unquestioning loyalty to the Jedi Code, she tries to make up for the time that was lost...