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The GM
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Tue 17 Feb 2015
at 03:21
Chapter 2: Total War
The Jedi camp was in chaos. Republic troops were running across the open ice-fields setting up anti-aircraft laser cannons, Jedi masters were gathering their young padawan students.
Anjali Vriksha
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Tue 17 Feb 2015
at 05:28
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
Though the camp was in chaos, Anjali required more than a moment to shake the failure of his actions from his mind; the young Neti surveyed the scene to uncover where it was they were meant to be in the midst of this catastrophic mess.

Lifting his comlink to his mouth, Anjali reported their arrival to command. "JSG 421 to Command, JSG 421 to Command. We've returned to basecamp. What are our orders given the current circumstance?"

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Kateri Vendalion
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Tue 17 Feb 2015
at 15:38
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
Kateri stood in shock, as people ran frantically around her. One of them bumped into her roughly, shoving her sideways, but she hardly seemed to notice.

"The Sith..." she whispered, a tremor in her voice. She looked up at Jace. "What have we done?"
The GM
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Sat 28 Feb 2015
at 02:27
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
Master Othone came racing up to them. "Padawans... Thank Ashla. I have been looking everywhere. We have been discovered. Somehow, the Sith know we are here." He looked them over, pausing. "Where on earth have you been?"

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Jace Antilles
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Sun 1 Mar 2015
at 17:28
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
Jace tried to ignore the questions. "Master, what can we do to help?"

He tried to ignore the gnawing guilt in his stomach. His fault. This was all his fault.
Thain Vendalion
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Sun 8 Mar 2015
at 01:36
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
Thain hung toward the back of the group. His heart was still pounding. More than anything, he was shocked he was still alive--that they were all still alive.
The GM
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Tue 10 Mar 2015
at 02:13
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
"The Sith fleet has entered the system," the Jedi master said. "We haven't even had time to construct the energy shield generators... I don't know how they found us so quickly..."

He shook his head.

"We need air support. If we can keep the sith armies from landing... we may have a chance." He pointed over to the covered hangar. "Some of you are needed there. Others can provide ground support should you fail."
Draken Limos
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Mon 4 May 2015
at 15:08
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
"Master, I can fly and I will do what I can," Draken said as he already began to move toward the hangar, even before hearing the master's response.

"Time to get into the war..."
The GM
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Sun 15 Jan 2017
at 15:44
Re: Chapter 2: Total War
The battle was catastrophic. Explosions ripped through the Republic base as Sith starfighters rained down torpedoes and cannon fire. Republic starfighters spiraled out of the sky as pilots died. Troop transports unloaded Sith ground troops onto the battlefield. Devastation was everywhere.