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Map 0: The Greenbelt Region

Red Pin = Party's Location
Colors = probable terrain type based on old maps.
Dark Green = Woods
Teal = Marshy lands (not appearing on this map)
Yellowish-green = Plains
Brown = Hilly lands
Blue = Water

Average Party Speed: 40ft (horses and cart)
Travel Times (times to cross x1 hex)
Party SpeedPlainsOther Terrain
40 ft4 hours (4 hexes per day)6 hours (3 hexes per day)

Exploration (time to fully explore 1 hex)
Party SpeedEverything but MountainsMountains
40 ft1 day2 days

  • Landmarks - Automatically discovered when traveling through or exploring a hex.
  • Standard - Not discovered when traveling through unless destination already known. Automatically discovered when exploring a hex.
  • Hidden - Not discovered when traveling through a hex. Must pass a skill check (typically perception) to discover when exploring a hex.

Locations Found:

Possible Locations:
Deadly Dealers HQ
Bokken's Hut
Twin Axe HQ

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