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Sun 23 Nov 2014
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The Empire is at a stalemate...

Several years ago, the Four Years War was fought between the Klingon Empire & the Federation which ended with the UFP victory at Axanar. Admiral Kamato attempted a coup against Emperor Karhammur shortly after the war & failed, taking those loyat to him into the Triangle, founding the Imperial Klingon States, the self-proclaimed Klingon empire in exile. Despite the coup, Karhammur abdicates the throne

A few years later, the incident at Organia deals a shameful blow to the empire, Emperor Kassa committing suicide shortly after the Organian representative appeared before the high council in session declaring the Organian Treaty Zone.

Where once brute force was used, sublety was needed against the Federation. Treaty negotiations were arranged with the Romulans to mutual benefit against the Federation, resulting in exchanges of technologies & territory between the two powers.

Imperial family lines now dominate the empire while those of the fusion lines, although still powerful must bow to their greater influence & numbers. Border skirmishes now are beginning along the Neutral Zone away from the Organian zone as well as testing romulan boundaries as well.

Through this uncertain time, lies the story of a lone Klingon warrior - disgraced but determined to throw in his turn at the Komerex Zha - the perpetual game of the empire.