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Sun 16 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
 Krantz was just beginning to enjoy a tankard of war nog, when he heard his rank spoken. He turned to see the acting Communication officer standing next to him, and telling him he had to report to the Khaval. Krantz frowned. “I understand and shall report. But before you go, it seems I need to remind you of something. Until we are assigned a new Captain, you shall say Captain Khaval, when you speak of him. You may go." Krantz then ignored her, and concentrated on drinking his war nog.

 When he had taken only a few sips, the Weapons Officer got to his feet and headed out of the Officers Club. He booted feet moved him towards where the Ripper was berthed.
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
Kital nodded in deference and left the weapons officer.

Moving from star fortress to his destroyer in little time, he made his way past technicians and assisting servitors repairing the ship and arrived at the Captain's room.

The door opened and Khaval was looking at the monitor. He looked up and grinned.

"Come in, Krantz - I have news and need to discuss things of import with you."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III

 Krantz walked  into the Captain's ready room,and stood at attention for a brief moment,then relaxed. "The question that needs to be asked of me,are you to be made Captain of Ripper,Khaval?"
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
"Yes...And no."

Khaval got up from his seat and paced.

"Another destroyer - the Onslaught is coming to meet us. Captain Khlim is to lead us into the Triangle to attack the base."

Khaval's face took on the look of one annoyed. "I'm to guess they would trust an Imperial to lead the attack than a Fusion...No offense to the one before me, of course."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Mon 17 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
 The Weapons Officer regarded his Captain. “This one must speak his mind in this matter, with all respect. my Captain. If Imperial Fleet Command has decided to send another ship, and have its Captain led the punitive expedition…What of it? As long as you are made Captain of the Ripper, your future is as bright as a nova. And so what if this other Captain seeks to claim the glory of the expedition? We have retaken a ship for the Empire, and killed the traitors. Command knows these things, and even if they decide not to do what is wise, the Naked Stars know.”

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Mon 17 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
Khaval turns to Krantz and regards him for a moment.

"This one knows you speak truthfully - it does not mean I have to like it however. In light of my field promotion, I am naming you my 1st officer - you will still keep your position as Weapons Officer...There is also another matter of need to discuss with you - your little threat on Kaj after retaking the ship."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Tue 18 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
 Krantz could not help but smile when his captain named him Executive officer to the Ripper. But alas, the smile quickly faded when Khaval made mention of the Kaj, and what Krantz had done. “It made sense to me, Khaval. Kaj is the only security officer that sided with us. Why did he not take his suspicions to the head of security on Ripper? I am wondering if he was part of the plot, and he had a change of heart. Something does not smell right about that one.”

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Mon 24 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
"I spoke to him at length in Sickbay about that - most of the security force sided with the traitors and you also killed the head and his second with your 'Gambit' on the bridge. Coming to me was his only option - seeing that I am allies with a 'Security risk'."

Khaval walked back to his desk and took the computer monitor there and spun it to face Krantz, showing transfer orders of some kind.

"Kaj was going to report you to IS about your 'Disagreement' earier - I talked him out of it...In exchange for a promotion & transferring his Linemate marine captain as part of the new marine contingent. A new piece has been added to the board because of your actions - it was either that or you having another mark on your record and possibly being removed from Ripper altogether", Khaval said with an inflection of annoyance.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Tue 25 Oct 2016
at 00:42
Re: Ganarra III
 Krantz felt his stomach turn over when the Captain told him about the “arrangement” made with Kaj. He looked at Khaval with a neutral expression. “This one regrets that you where place at a disadvantage in the game. I shall strive to make sure your position is not lessened by the addition of the new piece.”

 Krantz came then to attention. " This one his honored by the confidence place in him by his Captain. My oath, I shall not make him regret his decision."
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Wed 26 Oct 2016
at 10:22
Re: Ganarra III
"Im sure you wont...Once Onslaught arrives and delivers our new Marines, we will be on our way. I do not know much of Capt. Khlim but I will take his measure of him when he gets here - I will just have to research him in the meantime."

It was only a matter of days before Onslaught arrived. It was a D14 class Destroyer. After delivering its Marines and their Captain, M'van, Khlim called all of Ripper's bridge crew to meet on the Star Fortress's conference rooms to lay out his battle plan on attacking the IKS base in the Triangle.

Khaval and his contingent were there at the appointed time but waited for Khlim and his people.

"Khlim is running a little late", Khaval said. "Lets sit then", he said and took a chair.

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Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sat 29 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III

When the appointed time came, the new task force commander was late, never a good sign. When Khaval took a seat, only then did Krantz. He watched the senior officers, taking pains to keep his expression neutral, when he looked at Kaj.
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Mon 31 Oct 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
Kital & Korg spoke at the other end of the table. Khant large form tried to sit on one of the chairs but decided to stand after deciding - rightly - that it would not support him with comfort.

Kaj sat with eyes straight ahead, in his own thoughts.

They only waited for a minute then the doors opened to reveal Captain Khlim of Onslaught.

Khaval and his crew stood at his entrance.

"Captain Khlim I am Captain Khaval of Ripper - it is my - "

"Spare me your half human platitudes, captain", Khlim said sneering his position. "You have gotten lucky against the traitors...Commendable. Make no mistake, however - I am to lead this expedition to the IKS Base and destroy it...You will assist me in that endeavor."

"I understand. I have read the orders, captain...Ripper and her crew stand ready to serve the empire", Khaval said.

"Indeed...We depart in 24 hours. Repair whatever damage you have...I leave you."

Khlim turned and left as quickly as he came in.

"Charming", Khaval said rather grimly, after the doors closed.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Mon 31 Oct 2016
at 01:12
Re: Ganarra III
  Krantz took the measure of the new Squadren commander,and he was not impressed. Captain Khlim should not show contempt to ones subordinates. Or at least, not so openly, it was poor gamesmanship.

" He setup his pieces and opened with a strong move,Captain. Perhaps you should respond with the reflective game." Offered Krantz in way of advice.

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Fri 4 Nov 2016
at 10:04
Re: Ganarra III
"Ive read his service record - in his captaincy he has served 2 years along the Kinshaya border and patrol duties for the last year near the Orion colonies - he is a good and intelligent captain despite the fact he is...Misguided in his views on Fusions. Those opening retorts at me were merely to show me who's in charge of the mission", Khaval said.

He turned to his fellow officers. "Infirmary", he said, looking at Korg.

"Ready to receive wounded & get them back to duty",, Korg replied.


"Warp power 90% restored - fully before we leave Ganarra", Khant said.

Khaval looked at Krantz next. "Weapons."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Fri 4 Nov 2016
at 23:34
Re: Ganarra III
When Krantz's department was asked its status, the Weapon officer spoke up. “Disruptor and Photon torpedo systems, operating at full efficiency, Captain."
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Tue 8 Nov 2016
at 11:11
Re: Ganarra III
"Alright, lets head back to Ripper - we have preparations to make and traitors to terminate" Khaval said as he led his crew back to their ship.

The next 24 hours had Ripper ready for duty & battle. Upon clearance from the Star Fortress, both Ripper & Onslaught detached moorings and left for the Triangle at warp speed.

After the first few minutes, Kital broke into a war song. It was picked up by the others on the bridge. Even Khaval was singing now with a smile on his face and stone-faced Kaj as well was adding his voice to the war chant.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sat 12 Nov 2016
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Re: Ganarra III
 Krantz coud not help himself, he joined in the song that he had known since he had been a boy. His spirits soared with the song and the thought of battle and glory to come. His fist hammered the weapons consul in time to the singing.

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Fri 14 Aug 2020
at 20:17
Re: Ganarra III
Ripper returned to Ganarra III and its orbiting Star Fortress. Once the destroyer was docked, repair tenders went to work as they moved into position to repair Ripper's hull damage while Fortress engineers coordinated with Khant's engineers to repair ship systems.

Khaval sent word to Imperial High Command concerning the IKS threat and they in turn sent 4 destroyers - two D-18b Destroyers named Fury & Terror - and two D4 Destroyers called Carnage and Talon.

Khaval and Krantz were on their way to meet with their captains on board the Star Fortress. As they walked the corridors, Khaval said to Krantz, "High Command has charged me with leading the mission this time...The two D2s will be especially useful as they are armed with 4 torpedo tubes facing forward - a nice surprise for the traitors when we find them."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sun 16 Aug 2020
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Re: Ganarra III
 Krantz followed his Captain to the meeting, perhaps a strange sight, an Imperial Klingon, serving a Fusion.Such was not unknown, but avoided by the powers that be, within the Empire when possible.

 The First officer frowned when his Captain mentioned the IKS. “ I serve the Empire, and you,  my Captain. But what I now say,  is to my friend, not my Captain. I would rather do battle with the Romulans, or even the Humaaans, then the scraps of the IKV. Traitors need to exterminated, but there is little glory in such.”

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Mon 14 Sep 2020
at 01:18
Re: Ganarra III
Khaval nodded.

"They are enemies of the Empire - the klingons that chose to join the IKS are a bitter lot who felt the Emperor led us to defeat during the war against the Federation and fled to the Triangle after Kamato's failed coup. Now do i enjoy attacking those who who would be our fellow warriors? No - but we must for if we let them gain strength by recruiting from our own forces with their message of a new way, we will be fighting them constantly until we as an empire become weak and leave ourselves open to invasion from the Romulans or negotiating our territory away to the Federation."

As they rounded the corner & entered the Turbolift, Khaval continued.

"Despite the...Distaste of hunting traitors, every chance for glory - no matter how small or distasteful - are moves on the board in the Komorex Zha...Take solace in that when you target the enemy traitors."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sat 26 Dec 2020
at 19:12
Re: Ganarra III
 Krantz slowly nodded in response to his Captain’s words." You speak truth. May this one know what the coming plan is, for dealing with our misguided kin,my Captain?”
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Tue 16 Mar 2021
at 22:33
Re: Ganarra III
"Khant has a brilliant idea - that one has a large mind to match his size, it seems & it combines your plan of probes to scout ahead. Since the probes are equip only with sublight drives, Khant is upgrading a few probes with small micro-warp engines...Nothing fast - capable of warp 1 and the dilithium fuel will not last long but just enough to reach the systems we suspect and their inertia should be enough to scan the system and let us know which one has the base."

The Turbolift opened and as they exited, Khaval continued.

"Once we know which of the suspected systems has the IKS base, we will enter the system and destroy the base - hopefully before they get a chance to launch their attack - i just hope that it is just one base and not 2 or more staging areas...The IKS traitors can be so Khesting resourceful."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Wed 21 Jul 2021
at 16:20
Re: Ganarra III

 " You speak the truth, My Captain. When ew locate the enemy, there will be a battle, the likes, that perhaps even the spirit of Khaless will take note of. Kai the Komerex!"

 When the turbo lift opened, Krantz was first off, not in a gesture of disrespected to Khant, but out of old tradition, in case of  an attempted assassination on a ships Captain.
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Sun 10 Oct 2021
at 22:10
Re: Ganarra III
Khaval let Krantz ahead, aware of his motive for doing so. After a few seconds, he exited the Turbolift & they continued on and entered a conference room where the 4 captains waited. One was a Romulan Fusion who had a thin moustache & goatee which gave him a devious appearance while the other was a Human Fusion but kept his hair and appearance in line more with an Imperial. The last two were Imperial Klingons - one wore his hair short and left his arms sleeveless while the other wore his hair long and wore a sash with his House emblem displayed prominently - Pallara, a well known house of the Imperial line.

They all saluted Khaval and as the Romuln Fusion was about to say something, the Human Fusion stepped forward & spoke first.

"Kentex, captain of the Fury", he said. "Ready to serve the Empire!"

The Romulan Fusion rolled his eyes at the Human Fusion stepping forward before he could speak.

"Kazar of the Destroyer Terror", the one Imperial said.

"Kuldair, Captain of the Torpedo Destroyer Talon", the other Imperial said.

"Kelmvor, Captain of Carnage, the Le'vek of the Empire", the Romulan Fusion said.

Khaval nodded. "Khaval of Ripper. This is my First Officer, Krantz", he said and gestured for all to be seated. As they sat, Khaval said, "You all have been briefed on the situation?"

"We all have", Kuldair of House Pallara said. "And your plan - sending single ships to collect probe data on the chance the traitors will be in one of these systems - "

"Yes, MY plan", Khaval said with forcefulness in his voice, "I am in command of this expedition to stop the IKS from gaining a foothold in in this sector & it is the plan we will execute."

Kuldair stopped speaking & was looked more in surprise than anger & let out a toothy grin and nodded in deference. "Of course."

"Each of your ships will be outfitted with one of our modified probes and go to the edge of the system - you will launch it and it will head into the system and scan for signs of ships or bases and once it finds such will sent its telemetry back...Sould your probe find the IKS presence, you will signal the rest of the fleet and we will destroy them and send them to Gre'thor or their hiding holes in the Triangle", Khaval said.

"Can the probes be detected?", Kelmvor asked.

"No - their sensors will be passive & they are small enough in size and power signature to remain undetected", Khaval answered.

"What of the strange IKS ship you encountered", Kuldair asked.

"I believe it is a new class the traitors cobbled together - perhaps the flagship of their offensive. I am confident we can destroy it & any other monstrosities they built with the fleet we have at our disposal", Khaval answered.

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Thu 14 Oct 2021
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Re: Ganarra III
Roll Percentiles - your target # is your INT, LUC & Your Skill in Klingon History added together, divided by 3 and round up.

~ Almighty GM