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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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Ganarra III
The Klingon planet Ganarra III is a system that lies a half a parsec from the infamous "Triangle". It is a planet with a star fortress in orbit and minor base planetside.

Krantz tai Barshtoc finds himself on the base, taking the open position of customs agent to the alien ships that frequent the base at Khaval's insistence. It is a menial position but his friend had informed him that although menial, it would give him the opportunity to join the crew of the Ripper by the Fusion's words.

So far he spent a week learning his duties and another performing them. On the beginning of the 3rd week, after a day of more meaningless customs work, he gets a communique from Khaval to meet what passes for the the local drinking establishment.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Wed 31 Dec 2014
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Re: Ganarra III

 The transfer to this backwards place had not made Krantz's heart sing with joy. But he trusted his friend,as much as a Klingon might trust a non-Line brother. He would have done almost anything for a chance to get a position on a war ship. So, with the promise of better things, he girded his loins, embraced the position of customs agent,and did his duty.

 When Krantz received the communique, it was all he could do not to release a shout of joy. But he was Klingon, and such an open show of emotion was not for the eyes of Security, that watched him always, or such was is opinion. He headed to the Entertainment place. AKA dive, after he made sure his Disruptor was fully charged,and his blades sharp.
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Thu 1 Jan 2015
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Re: Ganarra III
Khaval walked in with 3 other warriors - two navy & a marine. As they came in, Khaval looked your way but said or did nothing to acknowledge you. They all took a seat 15' away from Krantz.

Khaval gets up from his seat and goes to the bar and speaks to the Tellarite barkeep. After a few moments, the barkeep gives the fusion 4 mugs. He returns to the group but still not acknowledging Krantz presence. A few minutes pass.

The barkeep comes to Krantz's table with a mug of blood wine.

"On the house for a great warrior of the empire", he says in a low voice.

Before Krantz can make sense of the barkeep's words, he saw the note attached to the bottom of the mug.

Taking the note & reading it, it says...

Be ready, my friend - your chance to join Ripper's crew is at hand

...No doubt written by Khaval.
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Fri 2 Jan 2015
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Re: Ganarra III

  Krantz sat at the bar, he was about to order another fruit juice,when a goblet of blood wine was sat before him. The note was from his comrade, and was read,then destroyed. He raised the Blood wine,and a silent toast was made to the Komerex Zha,and he drained half of the wine, then made ready for whatever was to come.