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Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sun 14 Jul 2019
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Re: The Triangle

  Krantz felt the need for some blood wine, but he had to report, so report he did. " I found that in the enlisted quarters cover by bedding on a bunk. Perhaps the science officer might access any data it might contain, Captain."
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Tue 23 Jul 2019
at 14:27
Re: The Triangle
"A fine idea if we had one" Khaval said. "Ripper is a Destroyer, not a scout or cruiser sadly - we fight and kill, nothing more...Im going to have Kaj look over what on this data card - I know how you feel about him and security in general but he has the expertise of disseminating information."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sun 28 Jul 2019
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Re: The Triangle

 Krantz's face assumed a neutral expression, when the Captain spoke about the ship's Security officer.Less said about that topic, the better. So instead of Krantz indulging himself with an opinion about Imperial Security, he asked instead." What are your Orders, Captain?"
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Thu 1 Aug 2019
at 01:35
Re: The Triangle
"For now, man your station - Khlim has ordered the mining station the traitors used destroyed and our marine contingent is placing charges as we speak. His ship has suffered more damage than ours so he has ordered me to beam over Khant to assist with repairs", he said with an annoyed tone.

"Once Kaj has analyzed the data on the card you found, we will see where we go from there - hopefully there is something on it of use to us."

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Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sat 3 Aug 2019
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Re: The Triangle

 Krantz nodded, then turned to head for the Gunners chair and took his seat. He ran a low level diagnostic on the weapon systems, to make sure all was as it should be.

 If Krantz had the time, he would run a target program to practice his gunnery.
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Mon 12 Aug 2019
at 01:58
Re: The Triangle
Krantz busied himself at his station. Kaj arrived on the bridge and went straight to Khaval's office and after a few minutes left and exited the bridge. Khaval emerged from his office and sat on the command chair. After almost an hour, Kital reports that M'van has placed all charges and is ready for he and his men for beam out.

Khaval acknowledges and orders transporters to begin beaming Ripper's marine contingent back. Once done Khaval has Kital hail Onslaught - Khlim's face appeared on screen.

"Charges have been placed, Captain. We will detonate once we reach 100,000 Kelicams."

"Very well - prepare to get underway in 10 minutes."

"Captain, when will my Chief Engineer be returned to me? I have repairs on Ripper that need his attention."

Khlim's face turned into a scowl. "He will be returned when our damage is fully repaired, Captain", he said the last word with contempt as the viewscreen went back to its view of space.

"Charming", Khaval said.

After 10 minutes, bothe destroyers were underway and after they reached the appropriate distance, they detonated the explosives, destroying the old mining station. Both ships jumped to warp. After 20 minutes, Kaj came back to the bridge and came to Khaval's side.

"I have something", he said.

"Very good - my office. Krantz join us", Khaval said as both he and Kaj went to the Captain's office.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Sun 25 Aug 2019
at 10:32
Re: The Triangle

 The Weapons Officer got out of the Gunner chair, and followed his Captain into his office. Krantz wrinkled his nose, as he swore that a Security officer had a certain unpleasant odor to them.

 Once in Khaval's office, Krantz made sure he had a good position to watch Kaj, in case Kaj decided on treachery.
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Fri 6 Sep 2019
at 01:28
Re: The Triangle
Khaval walked behind his desk while Kaj took position adjacent to Krantz and offered the old style data card back to the captain.

"The data card was a copy of a junior officer's personal log - Kobar, formerly of House Subaiesh...Regardless, he boasts of a starting campaign that the IKS is attempting and the former mining station was to be a rallying point to attack Klingon targets on our side of he Triangle. He speaks of enjoying the springs of the independent world of Mevor so I have narrowed possible locales of IKS bases within the Triangle to 5 systems that the traitors would use as a supply base."

Khaval called up the planet Mevor and Kaj pointed to the systems that could harbor supply bases.

"If we can destroy one or more of those bases, we could cripple their entire offensive - set them back and perhaps have them abandon their little plan entirely", Khaval said, thinking out loud as he watched the map on the computer screen.

"We have destroyed the mining base - they have no staging area to launch an attack...Would they risk an attack now that we have tipped their hand?", Kaj said.

"They would either abandon or up their timetable and with the ship we faced at the station, I would enact the plan before we can sound an alarm to the Empire."

Khaval looked to Krantz. "Thoughts?"
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Fri 11 Oct 2019
at 18:58
Re: The Triangle
 After listening to his Captain. Krantz was thoughtful. “Perhaps we might disperse the squadron to these systems, launch a class five probe modified to only collect data in a passive mode to avoid detection better. We cover all five systems with probes, then monitor them by frequent trips to the outer edge of each system, to download the probes data it had collected.”

 Krantz half expected his captain to dismiss his idea out of hand. But the Great Game was not always warping into an enemy with Disruptors blazing. Stealth and guile had its place upon the game board, as well.
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Mon 28 Oct 2019
at 02:09
Re: The Triangle
"We are days away from these systems & have no Squadron as of yet, to say nothing of Khlim still leading this expedition", Khaval said to Krantz plainly. He rose from his seat .

"Good work - I will study this information and confer with Khlim on our findings - Stations!"

Krantz & Kaj went back to their stations while Khaval stayed in his office for the next hour.

After an hour had passed, Khaval returned to the bridge and sat at the command chair.

"Kagan, time to reach Ganarra III?"

"At current speed, 72 hours", the Navigator said.

Khaval let out an annoyed sigh. "Kital, hail Onslaught"

"Acting", Kital said as she hailed Khlim's destroyer.

After a few moments, Khlim's annoyed face appeared on the viewscreen. "What is it now Khaval? if this is about your engineer - "

"I have found information on this old data card about a possible attack by the IKS on our stations and outposts on our side of the Triangle", Khaval said as he held up the data card for Khlim to see.

Khlim raised an eyebrow. "Why was I not told of this information until now?"

"I needed to verify its authenticity before contacting you."

"Very well - transmit the information and I will determine its value."

Khaval walked over to the communications station and handed the data card to Kital and she slotted it into her console's many ports. After a few moments, she nodded to Khaval.

"Transmission complete", Khaval said.

Khlim said nothing as communications ceased with Onslaught.

"Charming" Khaval said in a low, annoyed voice as he took the datacard back from Kital and returned to the captain's chair and rubbed his chin in contemplation.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Thu 14 Nov 2019
at 02:35
Re: The Triangle

 Krantz returned to his station with a deep scowl. He his idea had not been well received, but he thought it had merit, still.

 He did as he always did,and ran a diagnostic upon the ship's weapons systems, then ran a gunnery practice program.
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Mon 25 Nov 2019
at 02:20
Re: The Triangle
Several minutes passed and suddenly, Krantz's console lights up. Checking the sensors, he reads power fluctuations coming from Onslaught. As he reads the incoming data, the D14 is slowly dropping out of warp.

(Roll Computer Ops & Starship Sensors ~Almighty GM)
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Wed 27 Nov 2019
at 02:22
Re: The Triangle
21:21, Today: Krantz tai Barshtoc rolled 8 using 1d20.  Star ship sensors. (Skill 20)

21:20, Today: Krantz tai Barshtoc rolled 49 using 1d100.  Computer ops (Skill) 37
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Tue 10 Dec 2019
at 06:19
Re: The Triangle
01:18, Today: Krantz tai Barshtoc rolled 44 using 1d100.  Star ship sensors.
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Sun 5 Jan 2020
at 17:29
Re: The Triangle
Onslaught drops out of warp and the helmsman Khadaan matches speed with the D14.

"What's happening?", Khaval asked but more with curiosity than concern.

"Onslaught has dropped out of warp and im reading power fluctuations from her engines...I think her engines are experiencing a breach", Kagan said at the navigation console.

"Hail them", he said, turning to Kital.

"They are not responding, Captain", she said.

Khaval hits a button on his chair. "Transporter room, beam Khant off of that ship and get us a safe distance once aboard."

After a few moments, Kital says, "Khant is onboard."

"Helm Execute"!, Khaval said with force.

"Acting", Khadaan said, his hands quickly tapping the controls on his console. Ripper pulled away from Onslaught as the D14's warp engines began to glow brightly. As Ripper reached a safe distance, Onslaught exploded.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Fri 10 Jan 2020
at 08:28
Re: The Triangle
 Kranzt remained alert, at his station, as he kept his eyes glued to the ship's sensors.

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Sat 8 Feb 2020
at 02:21
Re: The Triangle
Khaval got up from the Captain's chair.

"Krantz with me - let us meet our rescued Chief Engineer in the transporter room. He probably thinks he was transported to Sto-Vo-Kor & the Black Fleet", Khaval said with a wry grin as he made his way out of the bridge to the hallway that connected to the turbolift doors beyond.
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Fri 14 Feb 2020
at 03:50
Re: The Triangle

 Krantz, rose from the consule and walked over to join his Captain. " Perhaps he has intel o what happened over there."
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Thu 12 Mar 2020
at 20:03
Re: The Triangle
As both Captain & First Officer entered the Turbolift, Khaval said, "He might have an idea but I doubt he would have surmised the cause in such short a time before Onslaught detonated."

They both arrived at the transporter room where Khant stood at attention at seeing them both.

"This one is...Grateful for my rescue", the large engineering officer said.

"No need - just think it was only 5 months ago you broke my jaw and spent 3 days in an Agonizer booth when you were a just an enlisted and I Chief Helmsman...Now the Komorex Zha has given us new positions and purpose."

"I regret nothing...Sir", Khant said. "You deserved it for being a Khesting pain."

Khaval let out a laugh. "Perhaps I did but you will now serve a week or worse in the Agonizer Booth should you attempt it again."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Fri 13 Mar 2020
at 01:41
Re: The Triangle
  Upon hearing that their newly  commissioned engineering officer had struck the captain, Krantz went from a neutral expression, to a deep frown. He regarded Khant, giving him an up and down look with that frown.

“ My Captain, with your permission, as executive officer, moral and discipline fall within my area of duty.” Said as Krantz never took his mind off of the Engineer.

 Krantz walked right up to stand in front of Khantz.” The Captain is tolerant, more then I would be considering your infraction, Khantz. And I noticed a slight hesitation when you addressed the Captain with Sir. You report to me, and I report to the Captain, so in the future, you shall act like an officer in all things. You are no longer a rating. If you fail to impress me, time in an Agonizer booth will seem mild, to what I shall do to you. Understood?”

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Fri 13 Mar 2020
at 13:51
Re: The Triangle
Khant looked down at Krantz and after he spoke, Khant responded with the Imperial salute and an "Aye, sir".

"Station, Khant - I need maximum warp to get us back to Ganarra III and get Imperial Command to act on what we have discovered about the IKS."

Khant gave a nod to the Captain & simply said, "Acting" and left his two superiors to head to the engine room. After Khant left for Engineering, he turned to Krantz.

"Flexing those First Officer muscles I see - good", Khaval said. "We all need to be reminded of what new positions we have since the attempted taking of Ripper...Khant, Korg and a few others have been given field promotions because of it and are now officers and should act as such...The incident with Khant and I happened before you came aboard and truth be told I instigated him into striking me when I was just a Lieutenant & he a Sergeant."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Wed 27 May 2020
at 00:16
Re: The Triangle

  " Understood Captain. But I did not like his hesitation when he addressed you by your rank. It was without respect, due you and your station, If he does it again, in front of me, I will rip out his throat." Offered Krantz,and by his tone, he meant every word.
 GM, 155 posts
Fri 29 May 2020
at 01:17
Re: The Triangle
"I think the Agonizer Booth will suffice, Krantz...We'll lose less capable officers that way", Khaval said.

Khaval gestured for Krantz to follow him. As they left the transporter room, they headed to the Turbolifts & once they entered, Khaval spoke.

"With Khant back we can get the engines repaired and make haste to Ganarra & warn Imperial command to give us ships to deal with the IKS threat - I will need this crew to be ready when we strike these traitors down & send them back to what little planets they hold sway in whatever hole in the Triangle they call home."
Krantz tai Barshtoc
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Fri 5 Jun 2020
at 03:08
Re: The Triangle

 Krantz nodded. " I understand. With your permission, My Captain, I shall Commence with department drills, and see to the level of competence of each department, so we shall have a keen edge when we meet the traitors in battle."
 GM, 156 posts
Fri 14 Aug 2020
at 19:44
Re: The Triangle
"Permission granted", Khaval said. "With the loss of Khlim and Onslaught, perhaps Imperial Command will take the IKS threat more seriously and send more ships."

With Khant's returned presence on Ripper, repairs went quickly and they made all speed back to Ganarra III.

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