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X-Men Claimed or Not Claimed  (12-21)

Posted by CerebroFor group 0
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Tue 25 Nov 2014
at 23:30
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X-Men Claimed or Not Claimed  (12-21)

Professor X and Magneto are off the list as playable Characters.

Claimed X-Men
Megan Gwynn - Pixie
Anna Marie - Rogue
Hank Mccoy - Beast
Evangeline - Vange - Dragon
Kitty Pryde - Shadow Cat
Remy LeBeau - Gambit
Logan - Wolverine
Peter - Colosuss

Created X-Men
Crystal Michelle - Suna No Kouin (Airokinetic, Telepath, and temporal control)
Darren - Waverunner (Sound waves)
Gypsy - Reishi (mushroom girl)
Penny Armbruster - Dust Bunny (Dust cloud)
Melissa Jean - Moonlight (Hypnokinetic, telekinesis, telepathic, healer)
Sylvain Dupree- Summanus (electrokinetic)
Yuliy Ivanovich Aleksandr - Caesar
Johnny Cosmo - Hot Rod (Speedster)

The following characters are open to be claimed even though a few of them are currently NPCs.

Jean Grey (Pre-Phoenix)
Bobby Drake - Ice Man
Ororo - Storm
Kurt Wagner - Nightcrawler
Terra Lynn - Tierra Aguas (Hydrokinetic)
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Wed 22 Apr 2015
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Villains Claimed

Cybernetica (cybernetic manipulation and illusions)
Flashback (age reversal)
Lifeforce (age advance)
Myrkr (God of the void)
Mecha Man (cybernetic manipulation and control)
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Sat 6 Jun 2015
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Abilities NOT allowed

The following abilities are currently NOT permitted for players:
- Regeneration
- Reincarnation
- World Warping/Bending
- Healing (played to death)
- Telepathy (played to death)
- Supers (Super strength, super agility, super speed... etc.)
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Mon 22 Jun 2015
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Characters NOT allowed

Characters that we will NOT allow.

Cable/Nate Grey
Rachael Summers
Ruby Summers
[Anyone else from another time or timeline]
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