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, welcome to X-Men: Worlds Collide

11:24, 26th February 2024 (GMT+0)


Posted by CerebroFor group 0
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Sun 23 Nov 2014
at 20:59
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So you want to join the game?  Great!  Please read over the Rules thread. In addition, here are the things you'll need to submit.

1 - Supply this statement to participate in an mature game. I am just being sure here.

I, <Rpol username> am <your age> years old. It is legal for me to view adult content in my current place of residence. (This is mainly for maturity reasons)

2 - Confirm that you have read the rules & agree to play by them.

3 - Submit a character using the follow template;

Game name (the name that will display in posts and the name or alias):
Character Name:
Character Aliases (if applicable):
Age Bracket (Teen, Twenty Something, Early/Mid/Late Twenties, etc):

Cast Description (detail hair style, physical features, clothing style, etc):  4+ sentences

Personality (character traits, likes, attitude, misconceptions, etc): 4+ sentences

Mutant Powers (include things like range, potency, and other relevant factors. The following abilities are currently not permitted for players:- Regeneration, - Reincarnation, and - World Warping/Bending): 4+ sentences

Non Mutant abilities (skills, education, or interests): 4+ sentences

Weaknesses (power limitations, character flaws, social disadvantages, etc): 4+ sentences

Equipment (tools, weapons, gadgets, specialized clothing, vanity items, etc):

Previous History (feel free to be brief & cover just the important events):

Character Goals, Aspirations, & an interpretation of your faction's dogma: 4+ sentences

What themes and plots are you hoping to experience in the game:

Writing Sample (a meeting with Professor X on a topic of your choice maybe): 10 sentences

4 - Await a reply.  Depending upon the workload and my availability it could take a day or two to contact you (even to say that I've received your application and am reviewing it).  If you haven't heard anything in 3 days, reply with the word "bump".  Your patience is appreciated.
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GM, 15 posts
Mon 24 Nov 2014
at 06:45
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If you were part of the original game please let me know then copy and paste your RTJ from the other game.

Thank You
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Enhances Telepathic
Wed 27 May 2015
at 05:04
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We are currently searching for mutants age 15 to 18 years of age. It doesn't mean the we won't accept older students, that's just the preferable age we are looking for.
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