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The Rules.

Posted by CerebroFor group 0
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Sun 23 Nov 2014
at 21:02
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The Rules


Within the game, the following rules are in effect.

1 - Players MUST comply with Rpol requirements at all times.
2 - Players are expected to treat their fellow players and the GM with a reasonable degree of courtesy.  We are here to have fun, so lets play nice.
3 - No Godmodding, You are responsible only for the actions of your characters.  Do not determine the actions/reactions for other characters or NPCs without the expressed permission of whomever normally controls them.
4 - The GM reserves the right to remove 'troublemakers', but only as a last resort.
5 - If players want to edit a post to change some spelling or a minor detail that is fine.  If they wish to remove dialogue/actions, please do not render another player's post moot without checking with them via a PM.
6 - Post as much and as often as you can. Please let us know if you will absence or have real life issues so we can keep the game moving.
7 - The Thread Leader and the GMs have the final authority in any given situation.  If you disagree with their rulings, please contact them in a PM and discuss your perspective in a calm, polite manner.  They are strongly encouraged to take such information into consideration, but please understand that they have the final say in any matter.

Posting Etiquette

Always be kind and courteous when speaking to others. The game is posted as Mature, NOT Adult, so keep sexual and obscene language to a minimum.

Posts are expected to be in third-person format.  When your character speaks, include quotation marks.  When your character is thinking, include apostrophes and put the thought text in italics.  Highlighting spoken or thought text with other colors is optional and to the player's preference.
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Enhances Telepathic
Mon 6 Apr 2015
at 04:19
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Re: The Rules

8) If you don't post for a week and have not posted in the absence thread that you will be gone, I will PM you to see how things are going. If I get no response from the PM after a few days pass I will Rmail you. If I get no response from you within a few days of the Rmail you will be booted from the game and your character given to someone else. (Unless the character is made up, in that case they will be written off.) With the speed of this game I can't afford to hold things up for one person.

Edit: Please note, this rule is very important. If you do not post in the absence thread, and do not respond to PMs or Rmails, you WILL be booted from the game.
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Sat 7 Nov 2015
at 17:38
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Re: The Rules

9) If I find out, after you have been accepted to the game, that you have been in trouble with any of the site admins OR been booted from any other games, for any reason, you WILL be removed immediately from this game.

I'm getting tired of people being argumentative with GMs and then finding out that they were booted from another game for arguments with those GMs or even worse being in trouble with the site admins for one reason or another.
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